Friday, October 18, 2013

The Oh So Cool Fiddle Leaf Fig

The fiddle leaf fig tree seems to be the cool, hip house plant these days.
It even made the cover of Veranda!

In this home designed by Windsor Smith, the fiddle leaf fig sits in the background and brings a breath of fresh air to the room.

I'm crushing on this dining room designed by Betsy Burnham and how the oh so cool fiddle leaf fig is sitting in the corner being oh so cool!

I love their large, sculptural leaves and how they are perfect for filling that empty corner.
They do seem to be everywhere these days!
From Elle Decor... Traditional Home.

From House Beautiful...

...and now my home!
Yep, I found a fiddle leaf fig at the wholesale nursery last week and bought it for a corner in the living room.

Then, I found a Palecek bamboo and grasscloth planter at a consignment store while visiting a friend in Santa Cruz this week.  
I couldn't wait to get it home and see if the fiddle leaf fig would be perfect for it.

I love it!

Fiddle leaf figs, also known as Ficus Lyrata are from western African and are supposed to be easy to grow, as long as they have good light and you don't over water them.  I just hope I don't kill this oh so cool houseplant!

So what do you think of these popular house plants?
Could you see a fiddle leaf fig in your home?


  1. I have two now and love them. So easy to grow. I love your planter.

  2. It's a beautiful plant. I have a large one in the living room and smile every time I see a picture of one in a magazine. That planter is awesome!

  3. I love them and have been on the hunt for one! Love that planter!

  4. I used to have a fiddle leaf fig, but don't have a spot for one in our current home. Love the Palecek planter. What a great find!
    Happy Weekend, Delores! ~Sarah

  5. Love it, love the planter too. They are hard to find in SW Florida.
    XO, Victoria

  6. Love your fiddle leaf fig and your planter. I don't get much light in my living room, so I'm afraid I won't be able to have one..sigh.


  7. Proud owner of 3 FL Figs! and I had a branch I needed to cut, placed it in water and the cutting has lived in the water for 2 months!

  8. I've never had a fiddle leaf fig. I love your container. I will have to check out how much light they need. Plants add so much life to a room.

    I enjoyed traveling with you to Italy when you went and I finally got to go. I've posted Rome and Venice so far.

  9. The gardener in me wars with the decorator. Note that the photos you've been drawn to have standard trees that are "limbed up" . Consider clearing out the lower branches to showcase both the tree and the super cute box.

  10. We got our "Mr. Fiddles" on Easter weekend & he is doing great! The nursery where we bought him suggested that we first water him outside to see how many cups of water it takes to run out of his original container. That is then the quantity of water they suggested we water once a week so he is not overwatered. We have ours in a large basket with a protective saucer inside, filled with some pebbles. He gets great light & is growing by leaps & bounds. While we still can, we take him outside ev. few weeks for a shower! We were told they are like "pets" & we treat ours just like one. Good luck with your beautiful Fiddleleaf Ficus!

    Kathy Bunge

  11. Very nice...I love fiddleleaf figs though I do not have one. Might I make a suggestion with end results looking like sugarcreek above is trying to obtain. Instead of removing bottom leaves you might put something in the bottom of the planter that when you put the potted plant on top of it, it would bring the plant up higher to the top of the planter. I believe this would be more aesthetically pleasing....I learned a long time ago that it makes quite a difference. (The plant looks too far down in the planter.) Love to follow your blog Delores!

  12. I love them! Yours looks great in your planter. I don't have one, but now I am looking around my house to see if I have a corner to put one in!

  13. What's not to love? The planter you found looks perfect for your house.

  14. Been trying for a year to get a decent sized one in Australia. Will keep trying.

  15. I have been trying to grow one of these for the past two years. I have killed 6, SIX, of them!!!!! I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I've tried all the different watering suggestions and no, still kill them. My husband even banned them, but I tried one more time. So sad!!!

  16. Our new house gets tons of light so I've been wanting to get one or two - now I just have to find them! I love your planter.


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