Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What A Year!

It's amazing the quotes one can find on Pinterest.  Sometimes they just hit you right between the eyes like this one did.

2014 began with the most amazing trip to Paris in February to celebrate my "big" birthday.

It was there that our new company, Les Méchantes was born.

We came home and went to work making our dream a reality.
Les Méchantes launched in November!

On top of starting a business, we decided to sell our home and move to San Francisco.

I went to work getting our home ready for market.

It took at least four months of painting, repairing and staging.

The hard part was deciding what to do with all our stuff that has accumulated for 15 years!

The house sold in September, and I try not to look back!

We bought a house in San Francisco that needed to be remodeled.

As 2014 comes to a close, our new home looks like this.
It's like I have a new "blog muse" now!  So many decisions to make and progress to follow.
This is the biggest project I've ever taken on and I'm definitely going to need to blog about it!

In the meantime, we are crammed in our rental with two dogs, a cat and my mother who I moved here this month.  The rental is also command central for the remodel and new business.
Yes, it's been quite a year!

 So, my New Year's resolution is to blog more, so hopefully I can re-commit to Vignette Design in 2015!


  1. Oh my dear, your plate is truly full right now! I literally cannot wait to see how awesome your new house will be!

  2. Dear Delores you are truly making your dreams come true! How exciting that is, and what an adventure!

    Wishing you and yours All the Best in 2015!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. A VERY full year indeed, but all GOOD!! I have missed our talks. I will enjoy following along with this new and exciting adventure. All the BEST to you and yours for the upcoming new year, xoxo Kathysue

  4. Delores, it has been a busy year for you, but one full of exciting new opportunities. I know your new SF home is going to be stunning. I'm eager to follow along as you blog about the progress, your ideas, and the finished abode. All the best for 2015!

  5. You are so busy! I don't know how you are doing it all.... I'm retiring in a couple months and I am looking forward to not doing anything at all..... I don't know if I could handle all you are doing right now... You are definitely Wonder Woman! Can't wait for the new year!

  6. That is a lot! Looking forward to seeing and hearing about the progress in your new home.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  7. dear delores!!! a wish you a happy new year!!!!!!! angie from germany

  8. Delores, you have certainly had a busy 2014. I cannot wait to see the progress on the new home. Happy New Year! Cheers! xo

  9. Your new home is stunning! I loved the old one but the new one - WOW! I'm looking forward to seeing more… Happy 2015!

  10. Goodness what a year packed full of life changing decisions!! How fun!The nice thing about getting older is with less kid responsibilities you can really do whatever you can dream! Best to you with all your changes and wonderful new adventures!! xo Leslie

  11. All so, so exciting and fun!!! Will enjoy the "story" unfold!

  12. Glad to hear it!! Love your blog.


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