Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hanging Art Over the Bed

Hanging art over a headboard can be a little tricky. There are always concerns about something heavy or breakable should it fall, especially where we live. That pretty much eliminates mirrors and heavy ornate frames.

So, when I recently found these three little prints of trees, I thought they would be perfect over the headboard in our guesthouse.

The prints, mounted on burlap and distressed, are very lightweight. Which is great, because if we have an earthquake, we won't get hurt if they fall on our heads!

Just outside the french doors there are many majestic heritage oaks. This is our view when we are lying in bed.

Notice the reflection of the oak trees in the glass which is then repeated in the prints.

It took two years to find something I like that would work above the bed, and I'm glad I waited. I think these relatively inexpensive prints really warmed up the room.

So, what do you have hanging over your head!


  1. Woow beautiful bed...!
    Kisses dear:)
    Zondra Art

  2. Oooooh! I want to stay in your guest house!!

  3. The prints look fabulous, we do not have anything hanging over our bed as we have a very large and very ornate headboard which I am planning on painting a taupe colour so it does not look quite so big :-)

    A tres bientot,

    Leeann x

  4. Delores, I love those tree prints. They look perfect over that gorgeous bed. I just have a small mirror over my head, but no earthquakes here thank goodness.

  5. Definitely worth the wait! Gorgeous!


  6. Dearest Delores,

    That is such a perfect set of prints; with the true heritage oak being outside - within view! Super find!!!
    What do we have above our heads? Angels... and an oak shelf too. Here there is no danger for earthquakes so that will not hurt us. In Italy where we lived; yes that was an earthquake region so we know about it. Even though, the ONLY earthquake I ever lived through was at my Parents' home. We made a stopover from Indonesia and the first night, in my own room (former) we woke up when everything was shaking terribly. Nothing fell or damaged but in the region old Churches and such had severe damage.

    Greetings from Georgia,


  7. We have a fake tree with white lights that are hooked up to a timer. They twinkle very slow like stars and is very calming. I love those pictures and I thought you had made them so I was hoping for a tutorial. Shucks! Your room is gorgeous and your so lucky to have a view like that.

  8. Delores, It was worth the long wait for these prints. They look wonderful in the room. I have a long metal tray hanging over our bed. It's really not very heavy but I still have it attached securely to the wall. Hugs, Sherry

  9. These were the perfect solution! The room is just heaven!!!

  10. I agree Dolores, you found the perfect thing! I really do believe if you are patient it will pay off and in this case it certainly did!
    I'm in the patience stage now... still nothing over our bed :)

  11. How lovely! Love your linens and your new prints. Like the idea of relating the prints to your beautiful view. I can feel the fresh air and light breeze and your curtains lightly swaying. Ethereal is the word that comes to mind.

  12. the prints are just perfect. Being a calif. girl transplanted to Texas, and living through many an earthquake, I still won't put anything over the bed. Always enjoy your blog and wish I could live in your world.

  13. I love these prints, especially the three together, they fit in perfectly with the colour scheme of your lovely room.
    Thanks for stopping by, I'm pleased to have discovered vignette design.
    My French Country Home

  14. Delores, I think those prints were waiting for you to find them!! They could not be more perfect if you had commissioned someone to paint them for you. I love Oak trees and around here they are very special. Our hills have lots of huge old Oaks.In Walnut Creek the old Oaks are actually protected by the city. Even if it is on your own property you are not allowed to do anything to them without city intervention. I like that they are protected. Your guest room is beyond inviting, so lovely and decorated perfectly!! Kathysue

  15. That bedroom is beautiful!!! I love that bed, makes me want to crawl in and enjoy the cool night breeze coming in through those beautiful doors! The prints are AMAZING! I love pictures like that! So beautiful! We have a wreath made from my bridal flowers...they were calalilies, great big leaves, berries, etc...all fall colors. It was the most beautiful bouquet, and all the flowers dried different shades of brown and green. It really is lovely!

  16. Delores, this is absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful retreat. I don't think anything would have looked better above this bed. Great choice. I love your blog- thanks for the inspiration every day:)

  17. The prints have a lot of charm and really fit in well not only with the room but they seem to reflect the countryside also. What really pulled me in though was that bed. Love it. You have a real eye and a lovely home.

  18. Absolutely perfect! Just the right amount of color and goes well with the room.

  19. Hi Delores,
    The Oak Tree prints are lovey and the perfect touch for your guest room, it really looks pretty.
    Above our bed we have a shelve that supports a hand painted wooden sign with our names and the day we were married and a hand made heart that holds love notes...
    Have a sweet day, hugs~Elizabeth

  20. I love a bed all dressed in white!

  21. A very creative idea to match prints and scenery outside! Love the subdued tones in the whole decor with white to give it all some light! Beautiful!

  22. What do I have hanging over my head????LOL - too much to do!

    These prints are BEAUTIFUL! They hit me just right! When I saw them, I thought, "oh! They have the color and feel of central CA landscape and those beautiful oaks!" How I miss them! I have them associated with the best of times and a truly holiday feeling since that's what I would see when I went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house in San Luis Obispo. The room is just really wonderful. Actually, I'm wanting to emulate this and wondering if I could make it fit in my home. =]

    Love, Katy

  23. No earthquakes here, but we don't have anything hanging over our bed as the ceiling line slants down at an angle to the headboard. Your prints look perfect for this space. I like the dream like look of your bed. The three linen shams are gorgeous. Are they antique textiles? White linens on a bed are my favorite look. ~ Sarah
    Great view from that room.

  24. Hi Delores,
    You're right, it's good you waited. You found the perfect look for that beautiful room. The view is breathtaking and I love the look in with the magnificent trees reflections just glowing back at us. Have a beautiful weekend, hear it's going to be cool.

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  26. Those prints are gorgeous and a nice option for hanging something over your bed when you have to consider certain factors {such as you do}. I only recently saw prints on burlap when I was shopping with a client at a new to me store in our area. I just loved them and we wound up getting a few for her powder room. I have fern prints in frames hanging above my bed ~ a series of 6.

  27. It is so funny, I was just reading on Tara Dillard's "Vanishing Threshold" blog about tying the outdoors and the indoors together to create that vanishing treshold. Then I come over here to see you have executed the same concept perfectly. Excellent!


  28. Can you tell me who painted these prints? or possibly where they came from? Did you create it yourself?
    Thanks so much!


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