Monday, January 24, 2011

Light Filled Rooms with a Rustic Touch

Do you have the January blahs?
Here are some light filled rooms to brighten up your day.
Since this is when we can end up with "cabin fever," these rooms also have a slight rustic touch.

I love this potting room with its confit pot collection and wonderful natural light. The butter colored subway tile was the inspiration for my kitchen backsplash.

White walls and white slipcovers brighten this room with rustic elements.
It's all about the light!

More rustic here with the twig beds, yet still bright and cheerful.
Love the paint-by-number collection on the wall!

As light filled as can be, this room is sure to beat the January blahs!


  1. OMGoodness, I LOOOOVE that sunroom and the pots! I want that room, just as it is, I really do!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing that. Can you tell me the source? XO, Pinky

  2. Thanks for sharing those pretty pictures. Makes me want to paint all my walls white! lol

  3. Delores,I love the first room. You know how I love light and bright, have to have my sunlight. These rooms all fit the bill, great selection of images. Kathysue

  4. a lovely quirky selection Delores - certainly brightens my evening!

  5. A great collection of images, Delores. I love the first with the horizontal wall boards...I wanted to do one of our baths like this but hubby's plan prevailed!! I own the next project!


  6. Oh what lovely pictures. I was so glad to see the white linen slipcovers on the sofa used with an oriental rug...I am sick of white and seagrass and no color. Everyone's house looks alike. These choices were perfect.

  7. These are great inspiration photos. Beautiful rooms!

  8. Dearest Delores,

    Glad you served these 'Tira-mi-su' style images. They truly are a 'Pick-me-up'!
    Believe it or not, when we bought our property, we drove out in the afternoon, looking for a lot that that would have the sun in the right direction. All our guests and customers alike are always amazed at the abundance of light we have in our home. Well, after living three winters in the tropics right on the belt of the equator, you NEED that...

    Lovely post; thanks!


  9. I love them all...but that little potting room has won my heart. I could just sit there and sip my coffee and feel sun-infused! Hugs- Diana

  10. I could move right in to several of these spaces. The bedroom looks wonderful. ~ sarah

  11. Oh my, I love them!!! It's for sure what I like in a house!!!
    You have style darling!

  12. Delores,
    I'm smitten with the pottery collection in the sunroom with it's yellows and bits of green! Gorgeous views! Thanks for uplifting our spirits today!

  13. hi Delores!
    love each and every one of these photos!
    I have several confit jars that are still packed away.... I hope to add them in the barn !


  14. {lOvE!} "your" sunroom, "your" subway-tiled room and the red toiled-chair room. Oh my heart goes pitter-patter!

  15. Wonderful pictures! My favorite is toward the bottom; the white room with the black rustic fireplace. It's a classic look and I love how the whole look comes together with the antique dresser and the leather chair. I'm going to get some inspiration from it for my own living room. Thanks!

  16. So beautiful - and you're right, light makes all the difference!! The fabulous eclectic mix in the 2nd and 3rd shots are my favorites!

  17. Love these white rooms,,,great pics thanks for brightening up January for us :)

  18. Could you please tell me where you found the subway tile? Whos line is it? I've been looking everywhere for a butter yellw subway tile!


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