Monday, January 10, 2011

Somebody Was Paying Attention!

Look what Number 1 Daughter gave me for Christmas! Does she know me or what?
Not only are these Toms shoes made out of burlap...

...but they're lined in plaid too!

They are so comfortable! I can't wait until warmer days so I can wear these shoes!
They're the perfect gift - for me!

She also gave me this book, "New Cottage Style."
It is such a treasure. Beautifully photographed with decorating advise, it's a great reference for those who love an updated cottage style.

There's lots of eye candy here, like this photo.

And this one too. How gorgeous is this!

I love how this room is a mix of patterns; stripes, paisley and leopard.

The mix of zebra, needlepoint, blue porcelain and wicker, all work together beautifully to create that lived in cottage style I love.

This skirted table looks even better with the paisley top layered over. I seriously need that paisley tablecloth!

Both old fashioned and up to date, this living room looks great with it's neutral scheme of painted tables, linen slipcovers and hooked rug.

This pine display cabinet is full of gathered sea shells.
This photo doesn't do it justice, you have to get this book!

Everything I'm loving right now is in this book. Check out the paisley and toile combo with a touch of leopard.

"Somebody" was definitely paying attention to what I'm into these days!
Every Christmas my family asks me what I want. I usually say "surprise me," and I end up with a gift that isn't really me. This year, I suspect a few in my family started reading my blog and took notes. They figured out just the right gifts for ole Mom!

Thank you for such perfect gifts Melissa!

I've added this book to my Amazon "doohicky" if you feel compelled to order it.
Just one of the many conveniences I offer.....!


  1. Oh my Delores...I think the people at Toms had you in mind when they made those shoes...sooooo you;)! The book is perfection too...I am adding it to my list!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Those shoes are adorable!! And I realize that I need that book. Such beautiful rich varied images...Just what I like! Somebody sure does know you...What a blessing. Vanna

  3. Dearest Delores,

    Glad to read that Melissa hit it big with those shoes! Your previous blog is also very much to my liking. Funny, without reading it, yesterday I wore my velvet and red tartan plaid dress with long jacket from Apriori Sette. It makes me feel happy, especially when cold it warms the spirit.

    Have a great week. We're having a white and icy world. Just posted my blog about the Snowstorm Slams South...

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  4. I'm loving both of your book recommendations and the shoes! Hummm, might have to add all three to my ever growing wish list.

  5. Yes- I have that book~ and love it!

    Don't forget to spray you new burlap shoes with shoe protectant before you wear them the first time! I SOAK mine with the repellant and they stay new looking forever...and you can't tell you used it. I do the insides too! LOVE those shoes! xxoo Diana

  6. What a perfect gift! The Toms shoes are terrific. The pictures in your book are fascinating, I especially liked the Paisley/Toile combo with the touch of cool is that!

  7. I think you hit the jackpot. . .
    Your Tom's shoes are perfect!
    The book looks so delicious,
    makes me wish I had one to curl
    up with now!
    Kudos for the people in your life
    that PAY ATTENTION !!!

  8. My daughter has those same Toms shoes and loves them! The book your daughter gave you is wonderful!

  9. What a thoughtful daughter!! My daughter loves her Toms - says they are the most comfortable shoes EVER! And the book looks fabulous - lucky you!!

  10. *** Sooooo great when you receive something you really LIKE, annnnd can actually USE, annnnd be fashionable n' comfy too! Smart girl, that Melissa!!!

    Book looks deeeelish!!!

    Linda *

  11. I get the same question. I give them the name of a certain store and say go to their gift department and you will know what to buy me because they have really good taste there and I like everything. So what did I get? Gift certificates for the store. Lol.
    Oh those photos are so pretty. I love each one.

  12. This book looks WONDERFUL!!! I will be getting it soon, I hope!!! I, too love the mix of blue and white with leopard and a plaid or paisley! Loved all these pictures, delores!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!! XO, Pinky

  13. Are they as comfortable as everyone says they are?

    I might need a pair.

  14. Isn't it just fabulous when your family is actually listening. I'm still waitning myself, however, I did get a new lens for my new camera (b'day in Nov.) so DH was at least listening. About the book, I just happen to have an order from Amazon minimized on my computer. You have convinced me, I NEED that book. I do have BH&G Cottage Style, the first one they put out so I figure I should have this one too. BTW, the book in your last post, Tartan, oh my but I think I need that one too. If only I was a little thinner I would wear the dress and plaid stockings on the cover, WOW factor. LOVE it.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  15. My daughter and her boyfriend have been buying Toms lately and telling me that I just have to try them, but they never told me they came in burlap!!

  16. Have been watching your blog for
    a month or two, and you can't imagine my surprise when I saw the
    pics from the book. Pics 3, 4 and
    the last one are my home in Minnesota! That home was so much
    fun to live in. I totally remodeled it, and since I work as
    an Editor for Meredith Publishing,
    I got the call..."can we photograph
    your home for this book" and I
    jumped at the chance. The pic of
    the shell-filled cabinet is a friend of mine, in North Carolina.
    Am always looking for great houses
    for magazines. Lots of gals on
    your blog list know me...I have yet
    to have a blog...but will email you
    my email address, if someone wants
    to reach me. Bonnie Broten

  17. Love your gifts. A very insightful daughter you have! And, of course, I AM compelled. That book looks far too delicous to pass up. Thanks for the eye candy again!

  18. Hi Delores, Your daughter did really good this Christmas. The shoes are adorable. I have this book and also love it.

  19. Great gifts, Delores. I need to get that book. Awesome photos in it.

  20. Delores, You've raised a thoughtful daughter. I just love when a gift is something that shows that someone has been paying attention to what I love. Those shoes are so great, and I love the photos from the book. Your daughter sure has your stylish self figured out! laurie

  21. Don't you just love it when someone takes the time to think about what you would really like. I love both your gifts too. As for your note on my blog... you , dated, NEVER!

  22. Delores,
    Isn't it amazing when you get a wonderful unsuspecting surprise! On my latest post are the salt cellars I'd been coveting. "Mr. Ed" actually went to one of my favorite shops and purchased them all by himself.Enjoy the gifts from your daughter. I'm sure that book will be used many times over in the future. I'll be waiting for some new decor thoughts from you soon!

  23. Lucky you! Great gifts. And I absolutely adore Bonnie Broten's lakeside cottage in Minnesota. It was also featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine for Christmas one year.

  24. Delores, I LOVE the cute shoes! You will have a sassy step in those.

    And thank you so much for sharing the beauty inside your new book. I just about fell out of my chair when I saw the room with stripes, tapestry and animal print... rich and gorgeous!
    It makes me want to decorate a room!
    xo Yvonne

  25. What a fabulous book, I love the neutral shades in the living room photograph.
    Pretty shoes too!

  26. Delores, love the burlap shoes and the book. I'm going to order myself a copy. I picked up a pair of plaid flats at Neimans this afternoon. Guess who I thought of?
    ~ Sarah

  27. Delores:

    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. You definately deserve gifts that are just "you"!

    - The Tablescaper

  28. LOVE your your books...what great gifts!


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