Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dog Day Afternoon

The Dog Days of summer are finally here, and Dexter was definitely feeling the heat yesterday.

The term "Dog Days" comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, the dog star is in close proximity to the sun at this time of year, and responsible for the hot weather.

After a friend of mine recently lost her dog to heat stroke and dehydration, I'm being very cautious.
That's why Dexter is in the pool. He has his very own life jacket and is looking cool in Chanel sunglasses!

After cooling down in the pool, he was quite content to nap in the shade.

Since hot weather can be dangerous for pets, here are a few tips to keep them cool:

Obviously, keep cool, fresh water available at all times.
Provide shelter from the sun. On very hot days, keep them inside.
Do not leave your dog in the car, even for a minute.
A kiddie wading pool can help cool down your dog, but supervise, please.
Consider a cooling dog bed which uses gel or water.

As mentioned, my friend recently lost her dog. She wrote about it here in an attempt to alert other dog owners to the dangers of extreme heat for pets.
Warning: you're going to need tissues....


  1. Such an adorable dog. Very helpful info. They do rely on us.

  2. That is really good advice Delores. It gets so blasted hot here, I think we forget about the sweet animals left outside. I don't have any pets, ubut I would try my best to keep my pet cool and hydrated like you said. Good reminder. Happy 4th tomorrow!! xo Kathysue

  3. Haloli,der Hund ist der Hammer,hihi.
    Schöne Woche wünsche ich dir.Bussi.Lu

  4. With this 103 temp here, mine are always inside! Sometimes, they will go to the door to potty, but when I open the door, they turn around and run to their cages. LOL. We laugh at them, because we don't want to go out there ourselves!
    Your fur-baby is so adorable in his sun glasses and L-jacket. Thanks for some good tips! Hugs!

  5. After 13 wonderful years I lost my sweet dog (queensland/border collie mix) 2 years ago. Seeing your Dexter living "the Dog's life" made me smile. Our dog Mick was truly part of the family this post brought back many wonderful memories.

    Thank you!

  6. Delores Dexter is so cute and these pictures are adorable!! Wonderful advice!! Martina

  7. Dexter is adorable in his little life jacket! Around here a big concern is not only heat but also people with dogs on boats! It makes me so nervous when I see one standing on the deck without the life vest on. Have a wonderful 4th--it's kind of rainy and a little humid here, but not like other parts of the country. My dog hijacked my blog today and posted for me so I could have a little relax time. Linda

  8. Good points Delores. I took in a heat exhausted stray chocolate lab last year. On the advice of the humane society, I covered him in wet towels, sponged his chest, head and neck, gave him water with ice, fed him and when he was all better her rewarded me by peeing on my Indian carpet.

    Love the photo of your dog with the glasses.

  9. Dexter looks like he's having a fun and SAFE summer! So darling. My guys stay indoors -- I couldn't read the post, but I'm certainly sorry about your friends loss.

  10. Oh-I don't think I can go read is so sad. We don't have dogs anymore..but I have loved many in my life. Hugs to your friend- Diana

  11. This is a great public serice post! What a darling dog! We all need to keep our four legged family members safe this summer.
    Happy 4th!

  12. Well, I learnt something today! This is why I love blogging. I didn't know where "dog days" originated. We are getting a new puppy in 4 days time so all these tips will come in handy. Have a great 4th. x Sharon

  13. I know in NY State it is against the law to leave pets or children in a locked car...and yet I saw it happen all the time! No, maybe not in very hot weather, but as we know, it doesn't take much to dehydrate and overheat. I used to leave notes on people's windshields...
    Dexter is so adorable, esp. in those sunglasses. Glad he likes to cool off in the pool! Enjoy your 4th Delores.

  14. You should enter that first picture in a photo contest. It would win hands down. LOL! Wish everyone would treat their pets that well. After all, they are a part of the family!
    Happy Fourth to you and your's..

  15. Oh Dexter, you melt me in your life vest. Your parents love you so much.I bet you had a good nap after your swim.
    Love your friend in fur ,
    Murpy Harber

  16. This is the cutest thing ever... I'm giggling and I love it!
    Happy 4th Dolores

  17. Dexter is lucky to have you as his Mommy! The life jacket is so cute. My son had one for his dog too. Love the sunglasses!!! XO, Pinky

  18. Dexter is so cute. Love the shades!
    Great advice, Delores. It's miserably hot here this summer. We've already passed the record on triple digit days. :-(
    ~ Sarah

  19. Adorable!
    Love ur whimsical sense of humor...
    Thought of u as I was looky-loo'ing around the web tonight.


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