Thursday, July 7, 2011

Garden Vignettes

As promised, here are a few vignettes from our garden at home.
Why all the garden interest? I'm hosting a garden party in October and am already thinking that some improvements are in order!

This area in particular could use some help. I haven't touched it in five years. Somehow, it has been on "automatic pilot!"

I'm not talking about a serious over-haul...

but adding a few plants here and there as needed.

In front, alongside the driveway, the 100 year old redwood holding court.

The hydrangeas are thriving underneath.

My favorite St. Francis watches over the squirrels that live above.

Opposite the redwood, the other side of the driveway is all white roses!

Yes, landscape design is on my mind. Not only am I hosting a garden party in October, I'm also designing a complete rehab for my friend Maureen's yard. Oh, and there is a surprise in store regarding our wine country home and garden.....To be announced soon!

I'm joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.
I'm also joining Courtney at French Country Cottage for the first time, for Feathered Nest Friday.


  1. Lovely lovely lovely!! My faves are the Rose trellis and the Hydrangea bed. The Redwood is not too shabby either..heehee

    Wyatt's Mom

  2. I cannot wait to see your surprise.. Your garden is fabulous. I envy your luck with the succulents.. I do hope you will share photos of the garden party! You inspire me in so many ways! many blessings marlis

  3. Perfect, as usual. Are those New Dawn roses on your arbor? I am envious of your hydrangeas. For some reason I CANNOT get mine to bloom . The plant itself seems to thrive, but it won't bloom. I've tried several locations in my yard. No luck. The new one I tried this year : blooms died right on the vine. Yikes !! Any ideas?

  4. Your rose trellis is like a dream! I can only imagine how fragrant it is when you walk by...Love it!

  5. Hi Dolores,
    What a beautiful pictures of your garden!! I enjoyed this post a lot!

  6. Delores, I'll be eager to see what you do both at home and at Asti. A garden party in October will be lovely, and I know it will be something to behold with your creative skills. I'm hosting my garden club in November. I, too, am beginning to think about what I need to do now to get things in order. ;-)

  7. oh my goodness, your garden is a dream!!! I would love to come to see it in person, I'm sure its even more beautiful, Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Nothing like inviting people over to get us busy in our homes and gardens.
    I chuckled at the "garden party in October" part. Only in California or maybe Florida lol.
    Up here in B.C. we will be bundled up and Fall will have come in full force.

  9. Oh how lovely - I see strings and strings of white lights or even paper lanterns around the garden party. I'm looking forward to seeing those October photo's ... but maybe you'll have a run thru pre-party first!

    Happy planning, happy gardening and all the best,
    Katie from

  10. Just beautiful. That redwood tree is amazing!

  11. You rock my world every post!!! Your garden vignettes are gorgeous--what a magical green area you have!

    And your recent post on the plants that thrive in the Med climate...that was beautiful, too, and oh-so-Italian.

    That fountain in the first pic of the garden vignettes post is calling my name--I'm hunting for a "not too large" one to ship home!!!!

    Hugs/have a fantastic day,

  12. Looks just fine the way it is Delores!

    And your garden in Asti is amazing too....xo kelley

  13. The garden is dreamy!!!!!! So beautiful.....must be such a treat to stroll amongst all the lushishness!

  14. Your garden is just fabulous, lavish, full of beautiful plants, flowers and trees! Absolutelly, stunning! Can't wait for the surprise! Good luck with your friends garden, I'm sure you will do a terrific job! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, FABBY

  15. Hi Delores,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with us. I hope to see pictures from your party in the fall. What type of roses are on your trellis, and also will you share the name of the white roses? Thank you again.

  16. Oh my what a divine garden! I adore the first vignette and the last!!!!!! I have a thing for 'little hedges'!!!! So, so beautiful! Warmest wishes from a farmhouse in England!

  17. What a beautiful garden. I love the roses. They are my fave. Thanks for that lovely walk. Loretta

  18. Oh goodness, be still my heart...breathtaking!!!!!!!!!

  19. Delores,
    If I win the lottery will you come design/fix my garden? I love your white roses so much, and I love the cupid wall/fountain in the first picture. Having a section of land that is another level is a dream of mine. I need help!

  20. Beautiful garden Delores, it looks quite English style to me - not the redwood of course! Though in London my neighbour had smuggled back some seed and planted sequoia sempervirens right down the boundary line...
    Have I ever wistfully mentioned Margaret Merril rose to you? As prolific as Iceberg, but with a heavenly scent, and each rose has the classic tearose form. I have seen it only once in California.

  21. The white roses in the driveway are "Iceberg" and the roses climbing on the arbor are "New Dawn."

  22. Delores, seeing your gardens makes me SMILE and warms my heart!!!! As a former florist it breaks my heart living in the woods and not being able to grow so many things. It is hard. I can't wait to see what you do. Your friend sure selected the PERFECT person to design her new garden!!!! My hydrangeas are doing beautifully too! They are all blue so I may add something to the soil to change a few to PINK!!!!! XO, Pinky

  23. Well, I do believe I'll have to change my own blog post on "What Soothes Your Soul?" to YOUR home and garden! Wow...a slice of heaven in CA! A-ma-zing!!!

  24. Beautiful, beautiful D!!! I lvoe your yard here and at your Asti home. YOu are going to be one busy lady, but you are doing what you love so I know you will Enjoy the Process!!xo

  25. Your garden is spectacular! I had to scroll through several times, like one does in any good garden, just to see all there was.

    Is that a New Dawn rose on the arbor? and, oh my, those white roses must be a heavenly scent at night.

    Thank you.

  26. My garden doesn't
    have an auto-pilot
    switch, so lucky you
    that yours can thrive
    this's simply
    xx Suzanne

  27. Oh Delores, your garden looks like pictures from a movie! Everything is beautiful. Can't wait to see the surprise at your other house. laurie

  28. Absolutely GORGEOUS Delores!! Just beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing at my party this week :)

  29. What a lovely yard, it is hard to imagine any improvements. I love how Mr. Squirrel posed just perfectly!

  30. I hope you are kidding because your yard is perfection!

  31. Where to start...I love the garden that you don;t pay attention to! wow, I wish mine would look like that. Also trying to build an arbor right now, and yours is stunning and loaded with gorgeous blooms. I planted white dawn climber, and hope it will be as pretty. Lastly love the brick walk...just really pretty!

  32. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous - right out of a story book! please share this week at Cottage Flora Thursday's Garden Party!!!!! xoxo, tracie


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