Monday, January 30, 2012

The Bedside Table

Since my last post about "what's on my bedside table," I thought it would be fun to actually take a look at some fun nightstands.
Lamps, books, photos and alarm clocks are just a few of the items that we have to have next to our beds. The bedside table, or nightstand is there to hold them in style.

A vintage faux bamboo table is one of my first choices for a nightstand. The one above works perfectly between the twin beds.

I prefer the look of mismatched tables, even pressing into service a chest of drawers.

I like the height of the table to be even with the mattress, but it's a matter of personal preference.

Astoria Guest Retreat eclectic bedroom

Although cute, this darling red table is just a little too low for my taste.

Another mis-matched pair of tables. I love this room for its black faux bamboo bed and blue walls. Looks like another chest of drawers on the left is doing double duty.

Love this idea too of just stacking vintage suitcases.

At first glance, this seems like the perfect setup since I like to read in bed.
But where are the lamps?

Sometimes a group of small tables will work well together.

My personal favorite bedside table is in the guest room in Asti. It is a Victorian seagrass table with lots of room on the shelf below for books.

Our master bedroom.
The table on the left is my side with all the books.
The table on the right is Mr. A's. His books are behind the doors of the cabinet that was given to us by his mom. Totally mis-matched!

My side, circa 2010. I was reading Anna Karenina at the time!

Mr. A's side, circa 2010. Trust me, it never looks like this!
He is a book and magazine stacker--sometimes a foot high!
And, the alarm clock is usually on his side...

My bedside table as it looks today. New wedding photos have been added to the collection. Oh, and the book, "The Space Between Us."

Talk to me. What kind of bedside table do you prefer and what do you currently have on it?
Better yet, if you are a bookworm, what book is on your nightstand!?


  1. I love the look of mismatched tables too, but currently have matching night stands. We have had our bedroom set for over 30 years! I would really like to replace the nightstands but we don't have neough room on either side of the bed for something bigger:( LOVE your master. XO, Pinky

  2. I love all these inspiration photos! We have small matching tables, but I really love that mismatched look! A stack of magazines and "The Resolution for Women" is on my stand.

  3. I have matching nightstands, but if I was doing it again I'd try to mix it up a bit too. I don't like the tops to be too low either. I'm not a before to bed reader so no books, just an alarm clock radio, phone and lamp....your current book looks interesting!!

  4. OURS have a couple of drawers for junk and basket trays for magazines, etc. I love for flowers, too.

  5. Oh I have a mishmash myself ;) An antique French commode on one side (mine) and a shabby darling dresser on the other side (his). I love to mix it up! Great post!! :)

  6. ours match in the wood tone,but mine is a one drawer with a shelf on the bottom and hubby's is a small bachelor's chest with three drawers. I like a mix and match look. I don't read in bed so no books, but we each have matching lamps a phone on one a clock on the other and we have clear glass spheres with bubble in them. Simple and uncluttered. Kathysue

  7. I like mismatched bedside tables, too, but I like them to be the same height so I leave all my options open when it comes to lighting. I like them to be mattress height or a little taller -- definitely no lower than the mattress.

  8. I get very into little vignettes on the nightstand and like to change it up, adding small bud vases with flowers, maybe a candle, a book or two, always have magaznies....some great ideas here!

  9. Mine don't match. One draped round one and one an old repainted sewing machine table. That book, the space between us is on my nook wish book. My next read. The chest of drawers idea is growing on me. Hmmmm.....

  10. I love mismatched side tables, the height of the mattress, but I have an affliction that makes this sooo difficult - the lamps have to be at the same height.. just a stupid personal quirk.. I am a stacker.. lots on the side of the bed.. xo marlis - great great photos..

  11. Mismatched in our room at home and the lake. One guest room at home has matched and one has mismatched. Both guest rooms at the lake have one bedside table each, due to space limitations.

    I prefer mismatched. Our room has a chest on one side and a round pedestal table on the other. The round table is mattress hgt and the chest a bit higher.

  12. How interesting! I have a chest of drawers on my side and an old treadle sewing machine cabinet on my husbands side. Both are painted black. At this time I'm reading Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin. I bought her collection of books on Amazon after Christmas and this is the third one I've read so far and they've all been a fun read.

  13. I have a semi-matched set of nightstands in the master bedroom--same collection but one with drawers and the other with doors. I like the symmetry and I must have matching lamps! Or at least complementary and the same height. And I just finished, believe it or not, a Frances Hodgson Burnett book, The Making of a Marchioness (not a book for children like The Secret Garden). Very moving. I was crying! That is not like me. But, back to tables--I am in serious love with the seagrass table in your Asti house. It would be perfect in our second guest room, the one with the sleeper sofa which also seems to act as the catch all room for college books and other goodies we can't part with! Linda

  14. No lamps - but I'll bet there's little can lights wired into the alcove. I LOVE all those shelves...

    My nightstands are matchy-matchy. Put them in before I decided to be a little more creative... The best part about them, though, is that they have a hidden drawer my toddlers don't know about...

  15. I have a large bedroom with a rather high bed, so my beside tables are mismatched, large scale marble top dressers. On one, I have a silver tray holding family pictures and a Murano pear, a clock and a phone hidden behind a framed picture. There are similar items on the other. I don't read in bed anymore. At my age, I fall asleep when I read in bed. My latest books are Joan Didion's "Blue Nights" a poignant story of the life and death of her daughter, and "Jack Kennedy - Elusive Hero" by Chris Matthews.
    XOXO Victoria

  16. First of all I loved the image of the bed with the antique oil paintings above it. Gorgeous! I, too, preferred mismatched nightstands and things that are not typically nightstands like small chests. I have a two drawer campaign chest that needs to be painted next to my bed with a lamp and books. Pretty simple but functional.

  17. I have 2 different pieces but from the same collection for our bedroom. My husband has a 3 drawer chest and I have what is really an end table on casters with a cane shelf. The tops are not even so I was hesitant to use table lamps,although I do have them. I need to actually add lamp sconces on the wall behind our bed. I'm usually reading on my nook, so it can be anything from a romance to a home mag.

  18. The second room was fantastic! Everything about it! I prefer mismatched bedside tables and at the same height as the mattress. We finally found the right combo after 7 years and now we are ready to move. The bed is jacked up on blocks so it is extra high. My side is an old oak sewing table from my great grandmother. His side is a four drawer dresser we got from his grandmother and I painted it white with yellow inside the drawers. Perfect

  19. They are all very inspiring, however, I love the ones that show two different ones on each side of the bed. I love balance...Thanks!

  20. ...mismatched for sure...only one rule for each...they must have a drawer...for all the unlovely things...because i do love lovely things next to the bed...laney

  21. Delores,
    I like mis-matched bedside tables as well, but since storage is a premium in our house, they must have drawers for storage. I loved the images you showed us this morning.
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party dot com

  22. I never really cared for the mismatched tables but as long as they're the same finish, I think they're starting to grow on me. And I love the picture of the end tables that's built into the bookshelf. Perhaps the lights are right underneath the upper shelf so it aligns with where you would be reading? Regardless, very cool.

  23. I prefer mis-matched also! My side is an old antique chest, and my husband's is a round table.

    I also agree with you regarding the perfect height. They need to be as close to the same height as the mattress as possible.

    Love your master! It looks great.

    I just painted new lamps on my night stands, and played with some accessories today as well!

    Your blog is always so inspiring!

  24. Love, love your Seagrass nightstand...that is my ideal! My nightstand is currently a 30" round covered in black gingham, I miss having a shelf to stash all the books, but it is great for hiding junk under! My nightstand always has a stack of books(current read Wisdom of the Last Farmer), my little lamp, a couple special photographs, a coaster and.....Kleenex!

  25. I love when night stands don't match! I also love mine to have books on it - the one I am reading now and the next one in line. Yes, I read in bed also. Is there any other way?

  26. I don't understand when people say they don't read in bed. I like a large bedside table and often have a console table or desk next to my bed. I need all sorts of things, so I have a power strip taped to the leg of the table. I need a phone, lamp, magnifying lighted mirror, CPAP machine, heating pad, charger for my laptop, space for my laptop when I go to sleep, charger for my Kindle, pens for writing, Kleenex, flashlight (we live in the country), hand lotion, a bottle of water and lots of books. I also have to have space for anything I don't want the dogs to get. In one room I have matching tables, but in other rooms I like to mix it up. Shelves and drawers are good also. Ann

  27. Marble topped antique chest of drawers on Hubs side; antique ladies writing desk on my side. Books, magazines, catalogs, cookbooks, Bible, plant, glass heart shaped paper weight, a little thrift store lamb, photo of my Lunch Bunch girls - on my table. Hubs has books, Bible, two baseballs, photo of us taken at my Grandpa's pond.

  28. Just found your blog last night- I have just started my Master Bedroom Suite and the bedside tables, photos of lovely bedding have inspired me to get it going.
    Tired of walking in to boxes ( still after 9 months) and not having any organization.
    I had already mention to my darling that matching nightstands was not in the plan...

    Thanks for the beautiful blog.

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