Friday, February 10, 2012

Progress In The Kitchen

Yesterday was a big day.
The backsplash was completed just in time, because today is an even bigger day!

This morning, the new stove will be delivered and set in place against the the tiled wall.
All 900 pounds of it! I'm so excited!

Until it gets here, I'm pacing and puttering and typing away.
Removing all the stuff off the dining room table...

... and finally putting it back in the kitchen.

Bob the Cabinetmaker has been working hard restoring the cabinets where the trash compactor was removed.

Trash compactors are a thing of the past around here as we have to sort our garbage into three categories. Recycle, compost or just garbage. So now we will have two pull out bins with a compost pail under the sink.

When the double ovens were removed, the hole had to be patched also.
Bob is building shelves for my cookware with double doors, matching the other doors on this cabinet wall. Which brings me to paint.

Another example of a green cabinet. I'm loving this color!
Uh oh, they're here with the delivery!
To be continued....


  1. What color is the green on the island? Love it. I love your coffee bar and want jealous of your new kitchen but I am getting ideas for when we do ours.

  2. I am so excited for you...oh happy day!

  3. Exciting day! Can't wait to see the next phase. ~ sarah

  4. How exciting for you , I love the green color. I love seeing the pictures as the kitchen progesses

    Happy Valentines Day

  5. I love, love your new kitchen progress and am so excited to see the next edition!!

    Art by Karena

  6. How very exciting! I love the color you are thinking about too!

  7. Love it all and can't wait to see the rest come together!!

  8. Delores, the kitchen is looking wonderful!! I'm excited to see the rest!! I know you are just thrilled!

  9. ...lovely ...lovely...lovely...

  10. Waaah! Don't leave us hanging!!! I can't wait to see the stove!

  11. Absolutely beautiful very inspiring! Happy to have found another like-minded spirit...visit mine if you get a chance! (And in the meantime, I'm "taking" yours with me, for easy access!)

  12. Oh my gosh!!! How exciting...I can hardly wait to see it!! Don't keep us hanging for too long :o)
    Have a great weekend!!

    PS. I am now following you on Google...hope you will follow me back :o)

  13. I want to know what is for dinner?

  14. So exciting, Delores. Post a picture of that stove as soon as you can.

  15. Hi Delores, Your kitchen is looking beautiful. Looking forward to seeing it when it is all completed. My kitchen cabinets are celedon in color and I have loved them since day one.

  16. This is so exciting!!! The tile looks perfect and Bob is doing a great job on the cupboards. Loving the green I think you are on a roll, my dear and it is a very good roll, happy Weekend, Kathysue
    You got your stove and I found my bed, we are very lucky ladies!

  17. Nice....look forward to see the stove:))

  18. I'm feeling it!! I can't wait to see the stove.


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