Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Harvest Wreath

The harvest wreath, a symbol of fertility, growth and celebration has a long history that goes back to ancient Western civilization.
It represents the bounty of the harvest during the autumn months.

Typically, you won't find a wreath hanging on our door until fall.  
That's when I like hang a special harvest wreath, representing the abundance of autumn in all its glory.

This year I found our fall wreath at Uniquely Chic in Healdsburg.
I love it for its wonderful combination of dried hydrangeas, autumn leaves and pomegranates.

To me it says welcome.
"Welcome to our home!"

I'll be sad when I'm forced to replace it during the holidays with an evergreen wreath...
So for now, I'm enjoying this warmly abundant wreath for the remaining autumn months.

I'm linking to Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Inspire Me Tuesday.


  1. Oh this is such a beautiful wreath and such a creative idea. Love the colors. Stunning. Hugs, Marty P.S. I would love to have you link up to my Inspire Me party that goes live Monday afternoon.

  2. It's beautiful,Delores! Looks wonderful on your glass door.

  3. I couldn't help myself popping in when I spied your gorgeous doorway in my newsfeed. An absolutely wonderful wreath Delores. You have encapsulated the feeling of Autumn perfectly. I love the Pomegranates, such a lovely touch. Happy Fall.

  4. What a beautiful wreath! I love your little pooch in the doorway too :-)

  5. I love it too! Those hydrangea mixed with the fruits are just beautiful.

  6. beautiful, I always love an Autumn wreath with Hydrangeas!

  7. Gorgeous! It's the perfect wreath for your home! And can you tell us about that lovely planter in the corner in picture #4! You have so many treasures that I spy by looking carefully at your photographs!

  8. What a perfect addition to your already warm and welcoming home. Love it.

  9. That is beautiful! I may have to make one of these!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  10. Lovely wreath! I love the combo of items used. Very pretty!

  11. That is a beautiful wreath. I love your part of the country. I spent a week there in June and cannot wait to visit again. I can only imagine how it is to live there and to wake up with such beautiful surroundings. We live on the east coast, but threaten our children that we are moving to the California wine country as soon as our last one is in college! One more year and we may be neighbors!

  12. Oh my word! This is truly the most beautiful wreath I've seen in ages! I typically do not like wreaths until Christmas unless they are beautiful dried wreaths inside. This one is spectacular! Do they ship? I would love some more info! I will google the company! Your door is gorgeous as well!

  13. What a beautiful mix for a wreath. Your front door is gorgeous with or without a wreath. '-)

  14. Stunning. And you're right it does....welcome!!

  15. Love the mix of hydrangea,leaves and pomegranates. Great choice, Delores. It's gorgeous.


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