Thursday, July 24, 2014

Before And After: A Family Room Update

 This family room gets a lot of wear and tear.  It is comfy and lived in, but in need of an update.

Since I was the design consultant for this room ten years ago, I was happy to recently take on this project to freshen it up for my clients.
The first thing we decided to do:  paint the brick fireplace and add a mantel.
 The walls are beautifully paneled in tongue and groove.  A lighter, neutral coat of paint was in order, replacing the heavy gold color.

We decided to replace the slipcovered sofa and chairs too.
They wanted comfort, but also to be able to seat more guests.
I suggested a sofa and a loveseat combination with a club chair as an accent.

The wall to wall carpeting needed updating.  I wanted them to replace it with seagrass.
See the sample on the floor?

 It's a beautiful, high quality sea grass in a taupe color.  Very soft!

Here's the new white fireplace with its new mantel.
Notice the paneling with the new off-white coat of paint?  It made the fireplace really pop!

Here's an after photo of the finished room with its new linen sofa and loveseat and a leather chair.

I suggested an animal hide rug, but was secretly envisioning a zebra rug.
To my surprise, my clients loved the idea, as long as it wasn't an actual zebra with a head and tail!
This rug is a stenciled cowhide that they found on eBay!

The floral oil painting over the sofa was replaced with a series of vintage photos depicting San Francisco.
The lamps were also updated.

I re-styled the bookcase for a more cohesive, updated look.

I have to say, I love the new look!
It's their go-to, put your feet up and be comfortable room.
Now that this room is finished, the plan is to update their living room next.
"Give a mouse a cookie....."


  1. I love the new look, so pretty and elegant and I adore the color palette. Great job! xo, Liz

  2. I love what you did with the fireplace! Wow, it looks so good!

  3. Looks amazing! Great job updating and refreshing this space!

  4. So much lighter and brighter! Fresh and updated, Great Job D!!

  5. awesome transformation...diggin the zebra rug! Chrsitine from Little Brags

  6. What a gorgeous room, I love all of the updates! Can't wait to see the living room!

  7. Sooooo happy to see a new post from one of my favorite bloggers! Love the room re-do!

  8. It looks fantastic! It's amazing how fast 10 years can go by... Your updates were perfect!

  9. Love it! Can you share the new wall paint color?

  10. Love it! Fabulous makeover.

  11. Impressive! You did a fine job. I can't imagine it's easy to design a room with a fireplace that isn't the focal point and is so huge. Really nice work!

  12. I love the new look! It's amazing how tired things can look, even when they are in perfectly good condition! I'm in the same boat with my family room -- it is so in need of freshening. What a lovely room this continues to be for your client!!

  13. The light, fresher look certainly does update this room. It's very inviting and comfy looking with the linen sofa and love seat, and the leather chair really makes a statement. Everything looks terrific and pulled together, Delores. Well done!

  14. What a great family room. You did a wonderful job of updating and freshening. I really like the carpet. Could you share the brand?

  15. That seagrass carpeting is just about the best part, I think! Funny, someone was just asking about that on Instagram yesterday: I'll send her your link.
    Nice update!

  16. Wow! Love the new sofas and the seagrass carpeting! But the transformation on that fireplace is truly outstanding! What a difference! The room still looks cozy but has a fresher look!

  17. That is a beautiful design and tremendous update. I like that you kept the bead-panels. Thank you for sharing. I do hope you will stop by and visit my blog to see some of my oil paintings, as I wish to try to return the favor. Kindest regards, Carolina Elizabeth

  18. Brillant advice…especially painting the brick and walls. Very nice!!!

  19. The couch, awesome! I love that you paint the fireplace a more stunning and clean Delores. The transformation is seen with beauty!

    Deborah Koval

  20. So fresh and fun...the painted fireplace did wonders! Great job!

  21. I love this room, job well done - congratulations! I painted my brick corner fireplace recently, too, and have been mulling over options for adding some trim. Thank you for sharing this lovely idea!

  22. I love the painted fireplace. I have some bricks that are like the "old" ones in this segment. I have been toying with painting them either black or white. Now that I have seen your white I think that is my choice! Would you mind telling me what type of paint you bought? thanks color would be helpful as well. thanks Liz

  23. Hi Dolores,

    I was getting caught up on your comings and goings. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! Good Luck with your move to SF. I was wondering if you could forward me the info on the seagrass installer you used on this update. I'd really appreciate it!


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