Monday, October 27, 2014

City Dogs

We aren't the only ones adjusting to city life.  So are the dogs!

Since they can't run in the backyard anymore to get their exercise, we now have to take them to a park or at least one or two walks a day, which is also good for us!

Oscar is fascinated by his new city life.
So many people walking by, so much to see!
He loves to sit on his perch and keep track of it all.

Just down the street is his favorite place to run with Bear off-leash at Marina Green.
I would say the dogs are now officially "City Dogs!"


  1. Yay! They need to meet Chief. But he's in Southern Cal. for a while as we have some trips planned. Perhaps we can meet you at the marina in Dec!

  2. Dogs can adapt so easily as long as it involves food or playing. Kinda like me.

  3. Looks like everyone is settling in to city life. ;-)

  4. ich liebe ihre hunde!!! liebe grüße und einen schönen dienstag von angie aus deutschland

  5. How adorable is Oscar watching the world go by! I'm sure they will adjust to city life beautifully!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  6. The dogs appear very happy with their new spaces.
    Again, your decorating talent is just amazing!
    I so enjoy your blog and use some of your design ideas in our home.
    Could you please share the manufacturer of you lovely linen sofa?
    Thank you and best wishes on your big adventure!!!

  7. City life is so different for dogs glad your guys are adjusted ,anyway Oscar has a great window to look out

  8. I bet it is an adjustment for those little guys. I hope all is well!

  9. Delores, please! We are all sitting around in anxious anticipation to see the progress of the new digs.... Please let us along for the ride!!!

  10. How adorable...they must have so much to look at now! My dog loves sitting at the window but there is not much to look at here in the country ...just birds and deer!

  11. Hi Tricia,
    My linen sofas are from Crate and Barrel!
    xo, Delores


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