Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Living Large

At 2200 square feet, our new home lives large, thanks to an "open concept" floor plan.
There is no formal entry, however, there is kind of a sense of entry.  
Upon entering, you're in the living/dining room.

The living room side features a fireplace with tongue and groove clad wall above the mantel.

Looking toward the front door from the dining area.
The seaglass chandelier came with the house and I'm loving it.

The kitchen opens to the family room.

The family room opens to the backyard and enclosed patio.
Perfect for entertaining in the summer.

I'm struggling with the leather sofa though.
It just seems too heavy and doesn't fit the style of the house.

The patio area is just outside the kitchen and family room
The garden is beyond and the garage is to the left.

There is so much I want to do, but am taking my time.
Instead, we are enjoying our first Christmas in our new home.
Stay tuned for my to do list and our cottage decorated for the holidays.


  1. I have enjoyed following your blog for years. While I cannot see the entire room for perspective, from this picture your leather sofa looks to fit right in.

  2. Love the urn shaped baskets and boxwoods on either side of the fireplace. Are those real? And would you mind sharing the source of the planters? Your home is so beautiful.:)

  3. That leather sofa is beautiful and looks fine from the pictures you have shared. I look forward to seeing your Christmas d├ęcor. I have followed you for years and always enjoyed your sense of style.

  4. Such a beautiful home and I am so glad you are blogging more!

  5. So happy you are sharing with us once again. I can relate to what you are saying about the leather sofa. We recently moved into a new home and brought along our leather furniture. I agree, it just doesn't fit in with this new house, but I'm stuck with it as long as I have my cat. She doesn't use the leather as a scratching post like she has every other piece of upholstered furniture I have.....:) Leather can be overwhelming in some instances. I love my kitty and accept her little idiosyncrasies, but I dream of the day I can buy new cloth furniture!

  6. I feel your pain regarding the leather sofa! Ugh I have one as well....want to throw it off the side of a cliff!
    Love that you are back in the game.

  7. What a difference from your City home but it is still charming. I think a smaller couch would look better them the large leather couch in the space. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  8. Thank you for your posts on your new home. It is just lovely.

  9. Yours is the very first blog I followed. I found you because of the fleur de lis on your header. So glad you're back, you were missed!

  10. Loving your new home. We just moved into our new home we had built a few weeks ago. Our home is 2300 square feet. Small is good :-)

  11. Wow, so nice! The doors and windows are soooo pretty. Sigh...

  12. I came across your blog while searching Pinterest for vintage Christmas dinnerware for a series of posts I'm doing on my blog. I can't wait to look around your blog some more; I see "Tablescapes in Review" in the sidebar and that's totally my jam (even though I don't participate anymore due to no time and a a too-messy house). Your home is so lovely!

    Kim @ The ReInVintaged Life

  13. Very nice! I too am struggling with our leather sofas. They're so comfy but like you said...heavy. Wishing you a Merry Christmas in your (big) new beautiful home. :) ~Miranda

  14. I see what you mean, Dolores, about the leather sofa. Perhaps if you got a regular leather couch instead of a sectional . . . You are right to take your time and let the new house speak to you. Btw, I adore you Living Room coffee table!

  15. been worried about you. hope your home in Napa Valley is okay. been praying all is well for you and your family. your new place is gorgeous.


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