Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The New Deck, Before and After

Our evenings on the deck, enjoying al fresco dinners or a glass of wine are about to end for a while as fall is in the air and the time change around the corner.

It has made sheltering in place a lot easier to have this extra space to enjoy.

When we bought the house two years ago, this was the deck.
It was clearly in need of a redo.

Overall, the footprint remained the same.  
I knew I definitely wanted to keep the privacy wall.
Basically, I wanted an updated and modern approach to the deck.

My contractor, Paul replaced the floor with a composite material that will never warp or rot.
We chose cedar for the privacy wall and the railing.  
Horizontal boards replaced the lattice privacy wall.

As for the railing, at first it was going to be hogwire--a contemporary look that many are going for.
But in the middle of the night, it came to me that I wanted a classic look, so pencil to paper, I designed the X-shaped rail.  

Here's what it looked like before the pergola was installed.

Here is what it looks like now with the new pergola.
Mr. A and I put up string lights the other day, which gave the whole area a romantic glow.

I'm really sorry to have our summer evening time come to a close.
But on a cool fall evening, we'll just put on our coats, sit out here and look at the stars.


  1. Your new deck is stunning. I love that privacy wall too.

  2. What a lovely space and your garden view is breath taking. Such wonderful inspiration. Love all your pillows on your couch.

    Carolyn/A Southerner's Notebook

  3. This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Very nice.

  4. What a lovely spot! Where is your wicker furniture from?

    1. Hi Rosa,
      The wicker furniture is from Pottery Barn

  5. Brilliant idea on the composite material for the floor, and I’m so glad you stuck to the classics with the fence. I think you would’ve gotten tired of the hog wire fence very quickly. What a welcoming space!

  6. Lovely as always! I so enjoy your posts. Enjoy your beautiful outdoor space, even if you have to put on an extra sweater, or drag out a cute throw!

  7. I always enjoy your posts and have similar taste in colors, etc. I don’t even know where you live now though. Lost touch after you left SF city life. Also, is your deck railing to your area code? We have to have boards pretty close together to protect kiddos.

    1. Hi Marsha,
      We live in San Mateo, just down the street from our old house.
      Our deck rail is not to code. No littles here, so I made a decision to go with that design. Also the deck is not too high. Thanks for following my blog all these years. -Delores

  8. Love your gorgeous new deck ... and the round table. I adore composite decking ... no splinters! With the time change coming - along with cooler temps - our outdoor dining days are numbered ... but the forecast says there are some warm days ahead and I'll be lunching al fresco! xo

  9. I’m inspired! Redoing a deck soon and I’d love it to be half as beautiful as yours!!

  10. The X-shaped rail definitely is a better design. I can spend the whole day in such a pretty deck. Regards, Naomi Dreams


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