Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday in the garden

Saturday was gardening day. I stopped at the nursery in Healdsburg on my way to Asti and purchased soil and plants. This is my favorite nursery as it has everything a gardener could ever need and more.

Like chickens! Chickens roam around the nursery among the plants. They are for sale, and so are their eggs. Unfortunately, I can't have chickens yet. Someday though....

The plan was to spend the whole day gardening in Asti. The Anduze pots needed to be filled, tomatoes and herbs needed planting. I even had plans to redo the window boxes. Mr. A had other plans, so it was just Dexter and I with the whole afternoon to garden and spruce up.

I soon realized planting these Anduze pots required professional help! I called Ventura, my gardener, who sent in reinforcements. These guys had it done in no time.

Oh, I love it! So much better than the old cement urns.

I like how the green Anduze pots compliment the green stripe fabric on the furniture. The red geraniums just "pop" now!

With that project over, the gardeners left and I got busy planting more succulents.
They are the perfect plant for a weekend house, since they don't require a lot of water. I'm so glad I "discovered" them.

Dexter provided moral support!

Besides all the planting, the lanterns needed washing from being left out all winter. They are ready for the summer with new candles.

I hung my new Pottery Barn candle jars from the mulberry tree.

Another couple of weekends, and it will be warm enough to eat dinner under the tree with all the candles lit! I can't wait!

All in all, I ended up replanting 6 window boxes and 4 clay pots with red geraniums and white Bacopa.

Moving over to the vegetable garden, I planted basil to go with the tomatoes for our favorite summer salad: Insalata Caprese.

Speaking of tomatoes, these heirloom tomatoes have doubled in size.

My back hurts and my hands are destroyed (I never wear gloves), but it was a very productive day!

I'm linking up to Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.
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  1. Everything looks so beautiful!! I really love the texture of the planters on your table. The picture of Dexter cracks me up. It looks like he has a cigar in his mouth! (I know it's really a dog treat)

  2. Beautiful job! i do like your new urns and the red geraniums look wonderful in them. And the view from under your mulberry tree is gorgeous!!


  3. The urns look marvelous filled with those red geraniums. Your view is really spectacular, the perfect spot for alfresco dining.

  4. Such beautiful scenery Delores! I am in awe. Would you mind if I lived vicariously through your blog? Ha! I was just showing hubby your post as he just walked through the door while I was reading it. He thought it was from HGTV's website! Told ya you should have your own show!

  5. That view is to die for... and the garden that you have created matches perfectly! Terri

  6. Delores, those pots look great. I wish I had gardeners to call and help. Thank goodness we did pay someone to put out the pinestraw in all the beds this year.

  7. Just gorgerous!
    The view from your dining area is breathtaking. I had to show my husband as he is so in love with California!
    For now it's the Canadian West Coast Island!

  8. Your garden is amazing...and your new green pots add just the right amount of color...perfect!

  9. Lovely photos, love the candles on the patio and the gorgeous background! The doggie is cute too!

  10. Dinner outdoors would be lovely!

    Mine's up!

  11. That view from the table is spectacular, just amazing-enjoy!

  12. You have got to be kidding me! I have never seen a view like that it is breathtaking!


  13. How gorgeous and wonderful!
    Happy outdoor.

  14. Hi Delores,
    Gloves are for sissies!! The green pots are fabulous, love the red geraniums. You must get a lot of sun there, everything looks terrific. One question, what time is dinner and should I bring anything? (I know, I'm very funny....)
    Glad you had a good, productive weekend!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  15. It all turned out really beautiful. Love the colors and, like everyone else, the view! I've been drawn to succulents this year, too. They seem to do really well in the Oklahoma heat.

  16. Delores, thank you for this nice photos. I love how the chickens live in this garden center. They are very useful there, too. They kill all the insects. Your garden is marvellous. I love the urns and they look very nice with the flowers. Now I wish you lots of nice days and evenings to enjoy your terrace.And please scratch this nice dog.
    Greetings, Johanna.

  17. Beautifully done. Seems to me you were one busy woman.. Happy Gardening

  18. You have been one busy gal and the results are stunning! Love the pop of color in your pots.

    Enjoyed seeing the chickens running around the nursery. I love just a couple of hours from Fitzgerald, Georgia where my daddy was born. For the last 35 years there have been wild chickens roaming the streets of this small town from an experiment that got out of control. They have a Wild Chicken Festival every Spring, such fun!

  19. Delores every time I see that view my heart sighs!! I love your homes. You have a way of making them so warm and inviting, truly. The Anduze pots look great with the red geraniums, I just knew they woul. They cried out for red geraniums. What a beautiful setting it all makes. The hanging candles are going to look so wonderful this summer in the evenings. I love candles outside. Happy Wednesday,Kathysue
    PS My cushions come today, I can hardly wait!!

  20. I came via "A Southern Daydreamer" Love ALl your landscaping & plants. Dexter can live with us anytime. Please enter my name in the Giveaway. I will be back often. Min. ptetzlaff@sbcglobal.net

  21. Absolutely beautiful! The view is amazing! Thanks for sharing, enjoy the summer ~ Cindy

  22. I am laughing at the chicken/hen at the garden center. Have you tried a pair of gardening gloves lately? They have amazing ones on the market that are like a second skin and not at all bulky and they do not get soggy. Check them out in your area. Hi to Maureen too!

  23. Hello! I just added succulents for the first time this year and I adore them. Your green pot red flowers are gorgeous. Your blog is truly amazing. Love it all! I'll be back again.

    Blessings to you sweet friend.
    ~Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  24. Hi Delores!

    Beautiful gardening. However, the pool and that view are just so-so. As a new friend, I would be willing to take this eye sore property off your hands. I'll be holding my breath.


  25. Absolutely loved all the pictures. I don't think I could take my son Lucas to your nursery...he wouldn't want to leave, he loves chickens. I bought my sister Natasha those jar candle holders for Christmas last year, she absolutely loves hers. You have a beautiful outside area - something to be very proud of.

    Have a great day!

    From the 3 sisters 365.

    Natasha, Stacey and Holly

  26. Wow, your garden is Gorgeous! Love the new urns! Red geraniums are my favorite!! Dexter is beyond cute!!
    happy gardening!

  27. Love the chickens. I would love to have some too. DH, not so much! Nice pots!


  28. Delores, we have three chooks (chickens) and they are a real delight to watch wandering in the garden. Love all of your projects there...always good to have a critter to lend some moral support too!

  29. Can I come and live with you? I love that view of your table outside.

  30. love the pictures you brought a bit of a memory of my grandmother and my childhood with the chickens and the wonderful plants

  31. Delores, those green urns look gorgeous planted with the red geraniums. You've been working hard and it shows. Everything looks so pretty. What fun to shop with the chickens! laurie


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