Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration: Kitchen Vignettes

I like creating little vignettes in the kitchen, a still life, if you will. Whether it's just a vase of flowers on the island, a pair of topiaries flanking the sink, or an empty corner showcasing a collection, it's fun to change things up in the kitchen, creating a little eye candy.
Above, is my latest vignette featuring the two ironstone pitchers and French basket from the flea market.

On the other side of the sink, another vignette, featuring my new transferware pitcher lamp.

The same corner, another vignette featuring majolica pots filled with plants.

The kitchen island in Asti is another place to arrange some eye candy.
Looking around blogland, I found some great kitchen vignette inspiration.

For the Love of a House
I love this vignette! In fact it was the inspiration for my first photo!


Adventures in Decorating

Good Life of Design

The Old Painted Cottage

Miss Mustard Seed

Little Church Interiors

Art and Decoration

Jennifer Rizzo
I love how this entire kitchen is one big vignette!

This one too!

Can you tell I've had kitchens on the brain lately?


  1. These vignettes really add some beauty to the kitchen. Even with small counter space I think I might pull off one!

  2. Love this post and all the beautiful vignettes. Yours are some of my favorites. It is just so warm and inviting. I want to sit in your kitchen and visit with you, that means you have done an amazing job in your decorating and designing. You have such a wonderful touch. Also thank you for including my bright touch of color in my kitchen. I too love a good kitchen vignette. they truly do look like a still life especially with our wonderful produce we have this time of year. Have a great day, Delores, Kathysue

  3. I love your beautiful kitchen my dear Dolores... everything!! You have a wonderful home...

  4. I love vignettes. Thanks for the inspiration!

    My mom was big on them and I loved them growing up. I also am a sucker for kitchens. Ours is in the remodeling stage and I can't wait to pull out all of the things I have been saving!

  5. Dolores, I am head over heels in love with your blog. Addicted, if you will!
    I just have to know where to find the "pure butter" platter, I've been coveting it since I first spotted it in pictures last week, now I see you have two, round and rectangular.... I need one! Thanks and thank you for all the gorgeous inspiration.

  6. These beautiful kitchen have given me so much inspiration! I have a white kitchen so anything white is so attractive to me!
    I am wild about your two vignettes also! The cute french basket and that brown ironstone tea/coffee pot lamp! Now that would look fabulous in my kitchen!
    It is really the personal touches that give life to our surroundings.

  7. Oh Delores, I lkove all the vignettes! Your kitchen is so beautiful to me! Maybe one day I will have a new kitchen. Love your new French basket and the new lamp! Love, love! Hope you are having a great day! XO, Pinky

  8. Fabulous vignettes Delores! I love your kitchen and how you've displayed such terrific things. Love the French basket and the ironstone lamp, such beauties! That pure butter platter is gorgeous, and all the displays of candle sticks. Lots of hugs. FABBY

  9. Hi Delores! Oh, you really do put together some lovely vignettes! Your transferware lamp is so charming! I want one, too! ;) Love seeing all of these lovely kitchens. I do love poking around in other folks kitchens.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Beautiful vignettes, Delores. Kitchen vignettes warm up the space and make it inviting. Like Kathysue, I'd love to spend time sitting around your table in this wonderful space.

  11. Magnificent!! Yours are my favorite, you have exquisite taste!! I love the Jennifer Rizzo kitchen too..all so beautiful and inspirational!

  12. It would be nice to sit at your table, Deloris! You have such good taste and great ideas. I look forward to each new post and am always impressed.

  13. Beautiful vignettes! I am always looking for a way to switch a bit of this or that around in the kitchen. It's fun to see how even small changes can make an impact~ xo Diana

  14. Deloris, so sorry to have misspelled your name in the previous comment! Just wanted you to know that I cleared out my huge Kitchenaid, Cuisinart, and Vita-mix to make room for vignettes in my kitchen today, so happy! Don't know how long it will last, since I'm a chef, I need those machines at easy access on my counter, but it looks beautiful (for now) thanks to YOU!

  15. An empty corner showcasing a collection, it is fun to change things up in the kitchen, creating a little eye candy. It is very fun work and super collection of vintage.

  16. I love your vignette with the BUTTER slab. I have wanted one of those all summer but trying not to spend a fortune on new dishes.

    I love your header and kitchen


  17. Delores,
    You never cease to inspire me. I love the idea of kitchen vignettes and I have a space that I needed some serious inspiration for. Thank you.

  18. Delores, Just popped over from Kathysue's blog and so glad that I did. Love all you vignettes. You've used so many rustic elements that I love. Gorgeous flowers too. I really want one of those Pure Butter Dishes. Have a great day. Mona

  19. In response to the questions about my butter/cheese slabs, I have collected them over the years from various home interior stores, antique stores and ebay. However, here is a site that sells a very nice butter slab: http://www.joannehudson.com/english-butter-platter.html

  20. All beautiful including your lovely kitchens. My mother-in-law had a fabulous collection of antique ironstone that my FIL is now the caretaker of - so classic!!

  21. newest follower here :) just wanted to let you know how excited I was to find your blog, an entire space designated to vignettes!! love the post about the kitchen vignettes :) especially lovely!


  22. I just noticed that you have the same fauchon vinegar bottle that I found recently! I love it! Did you purchase yours in France?
    All lovely vignettes you've shown, especially Lisa's!


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