Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Furniture Shopping Online

I'm in love with this chest from Horchow.  In many ways, it is my jumping off point and the inspiration for how I want to decorate our new house.
I love the natural wood for its organic aesthetic.  It's unpretentious and yet I would probably hang an ornate gilded mirror over it to meet and greet guests in the entry.
The good news, it's on sale.
The bad news, it could be a little too big for the entry with its 24" depth.
I don't think I care!

Moving to the kitchen, I have a challenge working with a small space that I want to carve out for a small kitchen eat-in area.  
Originally, I was going to put a hutch, plus a round table in this small area, but there just isn't enough room for both.  Then I found this banquette at Ballard Designs which is perfect to place against the wall.  I love that I can customize it with camel check and brass nailheads.
At 48" wide, it's perfect with a round table the same size.  

There are a lot of options for round tables online.
I found this one at Restoration Hardware and like it for its stained black wood--also organic and in the color family that I'm planning for the kitchen and whole house.
Black, white with accents of camel.

Another, less expensive option is this 42" round table from World Market.  
I love the metal studded top, but not the base.  But at $250, I could paint the base black and would save a lot of money!

I already have these burlap unholstered chairs.
Placing just two of them on the other side of the table and hanging a pendent or small chandelier over the table will complete the breakfast area.  I also plan on hanging the six vegetable botanicals I found at the Paris Flea Market on the wall behind the banquette.

For seating at the kitchen island, I'm considering these counter stools from Ballard Designs.  Once again, I like them for their black legs, but more importantly, I love the honey brown leather top and brass nailheads.
They will coordinate nicely with the banquette fabric in the same room.
Now I just have to find two club chairs for the kitchen sitting area in a fabric that will go with it all.

So far, this is as far as I've researched the kitchen occasional chairs because I'm smitten with this chair from Williams-Sonoma!
It will definitely go with the camel check banquette and counter stools.
I don't dare cost it out!
Still looking for alternatives as I have lots of time and I enjoy the hunt!

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Out In The Yard

Guess who was chosen to pop-up at The Yard At Mission Rock, right across from the SF Giant's stadium?
That's right!  Les Méchantes!

You're probably wondering what The Yard At Mission Rock is.
It's a pop-up village featuring shopping, food trucks, a beer garden and just a general gathering spot, put together with repurposed shipping containers.

Les Méchantes will be there for six weeks, selling our own curated collection of SF Made brands, along with our own private label apparel, featuring caftans, capes, jewelry and tee-shirts.

So if you want to find me, you know where to look.
I'll be there seven days a week for next six weeks!
Come hang out at The Yard with us!

You can read more about Les Méchantes and The Yard here, here and here.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Undermount Bathtubs

Ok, so there's no possibility of a tub in our master bathroom, and as much as I would love one there, I've had to come up with an alternative option for the house.  

 So many of you had strong opinions about a tub in the house, or the lack of one.
I listened to them all and realized that I need to find a place for a tub--both for resale value and to give me a place for a long soak.

The two downstairs guest baths were designed for showers.
One of them would have to change to a shower-over-tub, something I'm not fond of.

I came up with the idea of an undermount tub with a marble surround.
It gives the tub added importance and elegance.
Plus, I love the look--think candles lined up on the ledge!

 This is very close to how the guest bedroom bath will look.  Same basketweave floor, same subway on the wall, minus the black detail.  The marble deck surrounding the tub is a little wide, but you get the idea.

I like the wall mounted faucets for showering, with a side tub filler as an option for bathing.
I'm still trying to decide if a glass door is an option.

I'm really excited about this change.  It's a win win because now I can sneak away for a bath, but also the grandkids can now have a tub too when they visit.  

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Finding Respite

It's been a very long time since we've been to Asti.  So last weekend, we headed north for some much needed respite.
As we climbed the hill, it was as if it was the very first time again.
We were so excited to be there!

 The weather was unbelievably warm at almost 80 degrees.
It's definitely an early spring.

 Inside the house, it was quite cool and needed airing out after being closed up all winter.

 I walked around, attacking the cobwebs and dusting everything...

...changing the sheets and looking for any critter invasions.

We were only there for a night but plan to go back soon to plant the garden and do our annual spring cleaning and maintenance.
One night was just enough respite for now...

Thank you for your kind words and condolences.
It really lifted me up.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

My Mother's Final Journey

My Mother's final journey began this last December when she arrived in San Francisco with just a suitcase and her precious little dog.
She had literally closed the door behind her, leaving her home forever in Oregon.  Leaving all her worldly possessions and memories to come to California to live with me in the last months of her life.
Neither of us knew how long she had, only that she was terminal.

On good days, I pushed her in a wheelchair around the Marina and showed her all the sites.
She loved to sit by the Bay and watch the boats and birds.

I knew she was terrified, but only now do I realize how afraid she really was.
She tried so hard to be brave.

She looked to me for "salvation," but in the end, I couldn't save her from the hideous disease that took her life.  All I could do was make sure she was comfortable and surrounded with love and family and dogs.

When things got bad, I called Hospice By The Bay for help.  They were wonderful and with their help, I was able to make my Mother as comfortable as possible as her disease progressed.
Day or night, they were there for us.
I'm eternally grateful.

When things got even worse, I called Compassionate Community Care for assistance.
Helen, Julia, Vinma and Victoria took care of her so I could sleep.
I'm eternally grateful.

Mom passed away peacefully last Wednesday, February 25th at 1:11 pm.
Her journey is over now.
I'm eternally grateful for the gifts she gave us all.
May she rest in peace.

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