Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sweet Serendipity

 Talk about serendipity!
I bought this new magazine while grocery shopping, brought it home and forgot about it.
Then, a few nights later, I sat down with a glass of wine and started to peruse New Classic Style.

 What a surprise to see our home in Asti featured!
Basically, it's the same article that was in Tuscan Style a few years ago, but this time, the photos are bigger and more dramatic.

 The photographs were taken by John Granan and styled by Bonnie Broten.
Seeing them again brought back so many fond memories of their time spent at our home.

 If only our living room looked like this still!

 John's photography is amazing.
I love how he captured the vineyard views through the arbor.

 Bonnie and John made everything look fabulous.  

I still love how Bonnie styled the mudroom.
It looks as if I just came in with clippers in hand and an armful of summer flowers.

It was such sweet serendipity and a surprise seeing our home again in a magazine.
Thank you New Classic Style for the feature!

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