Sunday, February 7, 2016

One Vignette At A Time

 I have a system for settling in after moving in to a new home.
Number one.  Do not live with unpacked boxes in the living area.
For instance, I have many more boxes to unpack, but they're in the garage.  
Instead, I focus on creating vignettes.  

 It gives me a sense of accomplishment to decorate and organize a room, one vignette at a time.
When I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, it motivated me to focus on the bar cart and stage it where before, it was just cluttered after the move.

Each vignette is a work in progress.  The entry looks good right now, but I may move the lamp to another location or find a more suitable place for the framed prints later.  

In the meantime, when we walk into the house, it feels like home.
No boxes to remind me of all the unpacking that's left to do!

In the kitchen, the open shelves are for the most part organized and practical.  
Dinner plates and bowls are within reach, right above the dishwasher.

I try not to think about all the other plates and dishes that I still own, stored somewhere!

There's always room for improvement.
I may or may not rearrange these shelves.

For now, it's all about display, but I've been thinking the lower shelf might be more practical with water glasses within easy reach.

At least the kitchen is pretty much finished.  
I even hung the prints that I purchased two years ago at the Paris Flea Market.
I've known forever that this is where they would live.

The living room seems done, but it's not.
I feel that it's not inviting yet.

 Bear doesn't care.  He loves sleeping in the sun!

And Oscar has claimed the sofa.
I've made a few mistakes in this room, which I'll talk about later.
I need to take this room back from the dogs, but unfortunately, this is where they wait for me when I'm gone.  Think dog hair on the velvet and scratches on those leather chairs....

Instead, I'll focus on creating a vignette for the piano top.
Those photos need to be cohesive with gold frames.
Working on it!

At least the living room smells wonderful, thanks to these Rubrum Lilies.

In the master closet, I finally got some organization done.
I corralled some candles and flowers on the island...

...and created a vignette of my favorite jewelry pieces and photos.
It's all coming together, but I'm taking my time and enjoying being creative again.
I can't wait to reveal more as we finally get more settled.

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