Thursday, January 23, 2020

My Organized Pantry

 My pantry is a jack of all trades!
 It is a food pantry, a dish pantry and flower arranging pantry, depending on what door you open.

Behind Door #1 is our food storage.
I like to corral extra drinks, pet food and miscellaneous food in baskets to keep everything looking neat and organized.  Cookbooks and small appliances also live in this cupboard.

Baskets make everything look better, don't you agree?

Between Door #1 and Door #2 is a wet bar and wine refrigerator.
The glass bistro shelving is an opportunity to display some of my glassware collection.
The sink also allows me to arrange flowers which brings me to Door #2!

Behind Door #2 are all the vases, flower pots, moss...

...and candles and candlesticks.
I put the candles in a shallow wicker tray so they're easy to see.

Likewise, the glass vases look better when they're all corralled on a tray.
I love bringing home flowers and having everything at my fingertips, as well as the sink close by to help create arrangements.

Behind Door #3 is where I store my dishes.
Not all my dishes, but a large percentage of chargers, majolica and miscellaneous dish ware.
Sets of flatware sit on the floor.

In between Door #3 and 4 is currently a bar cart, but eventually it will be replaced with a desk.

And finally, behind Door # 4 are more dishes and glassware.
This cupboard is still a work in progress, but I made it as neat as possible for this post.

This room has been my salvation!
It served as a temporary kitchen when ours was being remodeled.
But also, it allowed me a place to store so much of what I've collected over the years.
I've said many times, it was a major factor when we bought the house.

I love how it's just off the dining room, as well as the kitchen.
If we ever have a dinner party, the pantry room, wet bar or whatever you want to call it will come in very handy for creating a tablescape.

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