Sunday, August 29, 2010

Displaying Family Photographs

There is nothing like having family photographs displayed in your home to give it your own personality. For me, it's comforting having photos of my loved ones around me.

It's also an inexpensive way to decorate. For just a few dollars and a couple of favorite photographs, your nightstand can be a transformed into a personal reflection of your life.
Just remember to have your frames relate to each other and the other objects on your table top.

For instance, always group photographs together with similar frames. Here, the black and white photos complement the sterling and crystal frames on a shelf in my master bathroom.

The three frames on the table in our living room in Asti are all similar. Three pictures of our children with their first fish in rustic frames make a cohesive grouping.

A photo vignette on the wine table in our Asti kitchen.

Domino Magazine
Another idea for displaying family photos is to use the large wall on a stairwell to create a gallery. The key here is to have all the frames relate to each other.

This table top vignette looks fabulous because all the photos are black and white in the same sterling frame. It's also interesting to mix old photos with new ones.

Martha Stewart
This is a cute way to display like photos on a wall. Linking them together with ribbon ties all the photographs together.

A ledge is one of my favorite ideas for displaying photographs. I especially love this room.
The old pine hutch on the wall makes a wonderful display for family photos, or various objects d'art.

Architectural Digest
The piano is another venue for displaying photos, like this piano in John McCain's home. Personally, I think this piano might have just a few too many photos! This would never work in our house! I can only imagine the domino effect when #2 Son Alex decides to play "Phantom of the Opera!"

Our own piano in our living room with a lot less photos!
  • Don't hesitate to mix old photos with new ones.
  • Grouping photos on a wall in the hall or stairwell is a great venue for a family photo gallery.
  • Make sure all your frames relate to one another in groupings.
  • There is also the proverbial refrigerator for a fun collection of candid shots!
How do you display your family photographs?
Do you have a special wall or table?
Or are they displayed throughout your home?

Be sure to check out my photo journal at Mise-en-Scène. I plan to post
a photo a day for 365 days!

Also check out Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday where there are lots
of ideas for tabletop vignettes and displays. I'll be participating too.

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savvycityfarmer said...

comforting is the word!

everyone is so cute!
and your choice of frames ... that MAKES the picture

hugs honeeee

NanaDiana said...

Okay-the wall mounted shelving unit is my own favorite! And I love the picture of your little fishing girl holding up her catch. Her expression is priceless! And...the grand piano..uh..just a bit overdone for my taste! Theirs-not yours! You have hit just the right note there-did I cleverly tie that together, or what?;>) Diana

Kathy said...

I am at such a loss with what to do with the ~millions~ of frames I have collected over the years they sit in boxes....I do have a few on my piano though like yours but the added fabric is the idea I neeeded to make me love it, I've always known there was something missing...I will steal that from you...thanks

Anonymous said...

This is just wonderful and you have given me inspiration for a few walls that need help.

I have photos just about everywhere, but, I think my favorite place is where I sit right now, at my desk, with the wonderful bookshelves my husband designed and built for me. In among my books sit my family and friends; outdoorsy books are looked upon by my dad, fishing gear and hat in a simple frame, my friends and I in elaborate hats at our local garden walk, old photos poised next to children's books and games. Of course, our new grandchild has managed to slip in at every empty space . . .

Loved this!

Karen said...

I enjoyed looking and gaining ideas for displaying photos.
Thanks for sharing,

Anita Diaz said...

Delores, I love using photos especially old black and white ones! Right now I don't have any on the piano, but I have had all B&Ws in silver frames then had color ones in gold-toned frames. I love the gallery wall concept too. I have done that in houses with stairs, and even in a hallway here. Lovely post! Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway! I am sure you would do a fabulous tablescape with the rooster plates! I'm anxious to borrow my mom's "Friendly Village" to attempt re-creating the one you did last year. That one table has influenced several of mine this year!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Delores,

Indeed, photos arrangements of your loved ones are more or less the 'soul' of your nest! It is important but one should NOT overdo...

Sunny greetings from Georgia,


The Blackwood Cottage said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Your own frames are my favorite, I like the bookend in the first photo too! Hugs from St. Louis,

Olive said...

Delores, I especially like the ones on the wall going up the stair case. I always like back and white photos. Excellent post. hugs♣olive

Kifus said...

Interesting post Delores! To me, homes without personal photos around are quite soul-less.
Hope you have a great week!

Sarah said...

I love to use personal photos in frames in various places in our home. I often have a grouping on a tray or atop a stack of books.
I agree about the piano. Less is better, especially if one needs to lift the top. My husband, the one who plays in our home, doesn't allow me to put anything on the piano. OK with me as long as he keeps playing. LOL
~ Sarah

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

I always have a hard time with photos, these are such wonderful ideas and suggestions. I think the frames relating to each other is where I miss the mark. Thanks for sharing and thanks also for linking to TTT. Beautiful vignettes. Hugs, Marty

Heidi said...

Hi Delores,
I use family photos everywhere, too. It's fun to collect just the right frames for them. Lately I've started to stick with black frames, and display them on ledges in the hallway and on top of the antique, upright grand piano. I have stacks stored away in cabinets, I just don't have the display space that I'd like for them, and some my girls have forbidden me to display!!
Your home is so pretty, I love seeing parts of it revealed in each post!
Heidi - Heart and Home

Heidi said...

PS. Also, it helps a lot when the people displayed in those frames are good looking!! You have a gorgeous family!

Lori E said...

I love that one too. The one with the hutch on the wall. Absolutely my taste.
I have framed most of ours in pewter frames. So many to choose from.

Katy Noelle said...

Dear Delores,

Not only your groupings, but, your photos themselve, are sooooo beautiful! Aren't personal photos fascinating?

We have a plan to work frames up our stairwell. I think the project is a ways off, though.

La Dolfina said...

Great post.
Loved your trio of frames with your children's first catch!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Delores, I also love seeing my family photos everyday. Your photos look wonderful in the vignettes. I have the same lamp as the one on your wine it. Hugs, Sherry

Mary said...

Love your own photo displays. Agree the other piano must be bending at the knees under such a load - and how about all that required dusting!!!!!! Your display is much better.

Delores, any ideas for framing/displaying some of my animal shots from Africa please? I have nothing in my home to tie them to - so have a problem. Only place might be at the bottom of the stairwell which is a blank wall. I'm thinking perhaps half a dozen of my best shots, 8X10 - framed in plain black as my small foyer is painted in the darkest hematite gray - and the stairwell wall is a neutral creamy beige. You always have such great ideas and your taste is impeccable!

Thanks dear, Mary.

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