Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green

Taking a cue from the Welsh cupboard, I came up with the wild idea to paint my kitchen cabinets green instead of white.
At least I'm leaning in that direction.

It's not easy being green! Or rather it's not easy to find the perfect green color.
Looking at the dining room wallpaper, there are many different greens, all blending together.
That's what I want!

A photo harvested from Pinterest shows the different shades and glazes that I'm thinking about.

Last weekend, I visited a kitchen showroom in Petaluma and found this cabinet for inspiration.
However, the color is a little too light and the distressing is a little too much.

This photo comes close to the combination of materials in my kitchen.
Marble countertops, subway tile and hardwood floors. The color is a little too gray for me.
I like the color, but it doesn't go with all the other greens in my house.

I like the green color in this kitchen from Pinterest, but again, too much distressing.

This kitchen intrigues me.
I like it, but it's too much green. The backsplash should be white and I would paint the inside of the cabinets behind the leaded glass white too.
Love the copper pots with this color!

My friend Lisa's kitchen is a perfect color of green.
Just the right amount of distress and glaze.

Yesterday, Ian the Decorative Finish guy showed up with a sample.
Don't ask me how, but he read my mind. He knew exactly the color I described to him, and he came up with it. When I put the frame that I bought this weekend for a color sample to show him, it was spot on!

It has just enough distressing, just enough color variation and just enough glaze.

Although I haven't ruled out white, green is growing on me!
It would be Stage 3 of the remodel. Stage 2 is coming to a close.
The subway tile is being installed today. The hardwood floor patch is finished.
And the range is being delivered on Friday!
Stay tuned for the semi-final reveal.

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Lori E said...

I love the green you chose. Distressing is an art though. It often looks too obvious, too staged and not natural. Error on the side of caution with it. You can always take more off but you really can't put it back on easily.

Tardevil said...

Green is my favorite color, but I didn't think I'd like it on all of the kitchen cabinets until you posted the pictures. I totally agree with all of your opinions/comments on the photos. The shade/amount of stressing you picked is just perfect, and you have convinced me that a blue-ish green kitchen would be gorgeous! I say go for it!

gme said...

Oh, I am so jealous! I love green and would love to have cabinets like that. I agree with Lori though, go easy on the distressing. A little of that goes a long way.

Karena said...

The green you are wanting will be perfect Delores. I would have a lot of crisp white to offset the saturated color!

Art by Karena

Mary Ann Pickett said...

This is exciting! Copper does look good with that color.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...


Kim said...

Delores I love it! There a lot of white out there, I say go green!! It's so gorgeous and I'm sure you're gonna just love it.

Susie said...

Greens are not easy. So please show us the finished project. I like some of the greens if they are not too dark. Smiles, Susie

Debbie said...

Oh, I absolutely love it. I'm just getting the courage to paint mine WHITE, and now you have me thinking outside the box. I love that welsh cupboard, BTW.

adela said...

Cálido y acogedor. Enhorabuena

Nothing But Blue Skies... said...

Looks like it will be stunning! Can't wait for the reveal!

The enchanted home said...

Very exciting. One thing I will say about green...my sister in law took the green plunge a few years ago and while its a beautiful kitchen, she didn't take into consideration the light she gets, so first thing its nice and bright but by middle of the day, it takes on a rather dark almost gray feeling tone, unless she has ALL her lights on, she says in retrospect she would have gone several shades lighter because of this, or would have offset it with lighter counters. Just something to throw out there, but I am sure you are considering it from all angles. Love your inspriations!

Rooms by Ann said...

You kitchen is going to be even more gorgeous, I feel you can never go wrong with green, to me it's a color that goes with everything. Thanks for posting

Terri~terrileeauthor said...

Wow, talk about 'outside the box'.
I love the idea. Would you leave your island black?
I can't wait to see your final reveal. I have always LOVED your current kitchen. But I am sure your remodel will be just as gorgeous and I can fall in love all over again.

Anonymous said...

Go with green. Everybody does white but green is such a beautiful colour. I really love that dark green kitchen but I agree it would be nice to include some more white. Love your blog :)

Heather said...

I love green, but I painted my living room green and hated it afterwards. It's taken me three years to figure out why: I can't accessorize with green anymore! I love the green your painter chose and I think a little distressing will look great! Afterall, it's only paint!

On Crooked Creek said...

I adore your friend, Lisa's green, too! And I'd say your guy, Ian is spot on! There appears to be more color coming to kitchens lately. It's a look that I am very comfortable with. I, too, like color. Thanks for this lovely post. A semi~reveal...I can hardly wait!

Karen said...

Trust your instincts...you have lovely taste and as long as you love the color and believe you can live with it for the long haul, you'll be happy. Can't wait to see the reveal.
Karen at Garden, Home and Party dot com

Rhonda said...

I love your Welsh cabinet, your Majolica, your dining room wallpaper, the prints on the wall! I love your house!!! It's funny -- our houses have similar things in them; I'm always intrigued when you post something that I have in my house! My decorator has suggested painting my island green and leaving the rest of the kitchen a creamy white. A big decision that I'm mulling over! So I know what you've been going through. (And my daughter got married over the holidays, too!)

Linda in AZ * said...

*** LOVE the GREEN idea, Delores... and I adore the Petaluma sample, as well as yours... I DO have one thought you might want to consider~~~ "LIGHT"... natural and night-time... The green should be FAAAABULOUS during the day if you have enough natural light, but I'm "just thinkin' out loud for you", you MAY have to really think about it as the day wears on (or at least the value of the green). I personally only like to USE lamps n' such, and I believe that's YOUR way too, but it's just something you MAY want/need to consider, m' friend!!! (Then again, you're a pro at all this & have probably already considered this, so maybe I should just "shut up"! Grins!)...



Linda in AZ *

Kathysue said...

How exciting!! Having my own green kitchen you know I highly recommend a green kitchen. I love mine so much and have never regretted painting it green and I have had it this way for close to 10 years now. Green is a neutral in my home as I know it is also in yours. Wish you could come and see my green in person. It looks like your green has more of a blue base in it than mine, but love love it for YOU!!! It will be warm and inviting. It does change throughout the day ,but I love it all times of the day. Copper and baskets look amazing with green so you are on the right track!! Can't wait to see what you finally go with!! xo Kathysue

Gerrie said...

Just love your friends cabinets! And, the shade of green. Do you know who manufactured the cabs/

Sue Murphy said...

A few years ago I did a clients kitchen with the most yummy shade of green on some of her cabinets, then others were cream and the island was natural wood. The house was a turn of the century victorian and the cabinets were built to look like furniture. I am sending you off some pictures.

Karen said...

The green would be lovely - I decided on green for my cabinets (a couple years back - they STILL aren't painted:) but I've also seen a few kitchens done in a Raspberry color that looked gorgeous with the green. Good luck!

Diana @ Your Day Simplified said...

I love that green! And you are so right about the white subway tiles and the backs of the glass cabinets being painted white! Go for it! Maybe start with the cabinets on the outside of the kitchen and if you love it continue into the middle ( I am assuming you have an island).

jburk said...

Green is good! I did green cabinets in our cabin kitchen and I love it! Where is your dining room wallpaper from? I love it!

The Devine Life said...

Green is one one of may favorite colors. Great choice for a kitchen.

Mary Anne said...

Good Morning Delores:

I love what you are doing to your kitchen. I guess I would describe it as a gray/green. It appears very soft and easy to live with. Soft gray and white accents. Also, I think that copper would be good with it as well. Good Luck!
Love your blog!!

Sarah said...

Love your color choice, and I'm a bit green with envy when I look at your dresser filled with the honey pots. ~ Sarah

French Kissed said...

I think you will love the green...especially the serene green you chose. I did my island in green 7 years ago and I still love it. Will you leave your island black?


Victoria said...

It's a lovely shade of green. I am sure whatever you choose will be fabulous. I am looking forward to seeing the progress.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing:)

the girl is craftee said...

I hope you go with green, Delores. I love this option and I love your friend's kitchen.

Heather said...

I just found your blog while looking for green decorating inspiration. I just painted several rooms in our new home in a saturated green and was concerned it was "too much" since our furniture has not yet arrived to get the full effect. After seeing your decor I feel much better. Love the idea of the green cabinets in your kitchen. I am loving the welsh cupboard with the green inside and am thinking of doing the same in an old hutch that will go in my kitchen filled with transferware. Thanks for the inspiration.

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