Saturday, February 18, 2012

Les Bacs à Oranger

I'm in love with the pottery from Anduze, France.
Particularly the orange bins, or bacs à oranger.

Essentially, they are iron framed boxes with terracotta panels that hold citrus trees and topiaries. These date back to the 17th century, original to Versailles!

The purpose of these planters is so the trees can easily be removed for the winter.
I love the ones made in La Madeleine with the crest on the fronts, especially in this majolica green color.

Although, this plain sided one would work too.
They are hard to find. And very expensive, so I'll just have to admire them online.

Before Pierre Deux went out of business, they carried bacs à oranger in three sizes and several colors. I waited for them to go on sale, but that never happened!

Wouldn't they be gorgeous flanking the front door?

For sources and more information, visit Authentic Provence, or Poterie de la Madeleine.

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Today's Treasure by Jen said...

Love Anduze pots. I carry them at the shop but haven't seen the Versailles tubs in a long time. There is nothing like flanking a front entrance with Anduze and citrus. Just beautiful... ~Jen

Sarah said...

I've long admired Anduze pots, but don't have any here. They would be fabulous flanking your front entrance.
Enjoy your weekend. ~ sarah

The enchanted home said...

I love them, especially the last one, for your house! Stunning!!

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

I have seen them improvised using pressed tin tiles for the sides (over strong wood I assume). Versailles tubs with a US twist?

Barefoot in Blue Jeans said...

Love those planters and I love the idea of putting citrus in them. Our orange tree is sooo big and it's annoying. HMMMM...something to think about.

Marielle said...

Loved today's post. We've despaired for many years that we can't bring home the lovely, patina-rich pots and planters that are ubiquitous in Provence. I'veI bookmarked this post so we can refer to it during our next visit to France (May).

My blogs: Shop My Basement and When Life Sends You Lemons

Kathysue said...

Oh My!! Something new to want!! Oh no!! I will have to admire yours when you find one that works for you!! So beautiful D!! I hope you find yours!! xo Kathysue
PS are you enjoying your new stove?

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

That last one is GORGEOUS!!! I wish I could grow a citrus tree. Hope your weekend is going well. XO, Pinky

Pura Vida said...


Pura Vida said...

So glad you're following me...your blog inspires the creative side of me often! My blog is pretty random.

Privet and Holly said...

Visiting YOU is
like feeling the
sunshine on my
shoulders and
smelling lavender-
tinged breezes.
I absolutely LOVE
these sweet Anduze
pots and am adding
them to my wish
list. Hope you are
enjoying a wonderful

xx Suzanne

Tanya Anurag said...

I am afraid this is not related to this post but can you please tell me more about the first picture in your blog's banner, where you have put onions in water. I tried to do it once but the greens did not shoot out and I had through the onions away.

Anonymous said...

Pretty! I definitely love anything related to topiaries.

designchic said...

They are the colors!!

Lee said...

These are great. I would love to find an affordable source as they would be purrfect for our house. Let's all try searching these out and share our sources!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I love your admiration for "Anduze" pots. They are gorgeous....the people mix the natural pigments with the is so wonderful to watch!

Here is the reality. Search all you want!
There is not one single even close copy of a real Anduze pot.
They are made by hand in Anduze, France (in Provence); We went there!
The colors are mined out of the earth there. The terra cotta is mined out of the earth, there.

They are gorgeous and divine; made by hand in the same way they have been made for centuries.

Never will be on sale; not anywhere!

Just buy one at a time; as you can afford; you will never regret it. Find a seller near you; shipping is an expense.

Anduze is a charming town...and what fun it was to see these people making what their families have been making for the exact same way.

It was thrilling!
I cannot imagine there will be any discounting.....go for terra-cotta instead if you cannot afford. Terra cotta is an honest and wonderful substance for pots; also mined out of the ground! Here!!

No such thing as a fake Anduze pot! And you would love the people who make them!

Today's Treasure by Jen said...

Hi Delores, Just wanted to send you a quick note that I happened upon the Anduze tubs you are looking for.
They are here in southern california at Roger's Gardens which is in Corona del Mar (Newport Beach area). They had several of the green and maybe a couple of the terra cotta. If you are still in the market it may be worth a trip. Just FYI
All the best, ~Jen

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