Thursday, November 5, 2015

Club Chairs In The Kitchen? You Betcha!

I love it when websites allow you to design your own furniture like Serena and Lily does.
Just plug in your fabric choice and you get an accurate idea of what your new furniture will look like.
For the kitchen club chairs, I wanted a fabric that would hold up to a lot of wear, plus dogs.
This is where I will drink coffee in the morning, work on my computer and sip a glass of wine in the evening while Mr A cooks one of his specialty dishes!
The Serena and Lily Spruce Chair is the perfect, compact size.

The pattern is fairly simple!  Black and white stripes in a heavy cotton with brass nailheads.
I can add a textural throw and pillows to jazz these chairs up.

The best part is that they are crazy comfortable!
I know I will not regret ordering these chairs for the kitchen!

PS:  I returned the barstools from Serena and Lily.
Back to square one and to be continued...

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Kathysue said...

♥♥♥ them, Ticking is an all time favorite of mine and forever in my home, only blue for me, but I could easily have the black and white too. YOU have nailed it and thanks for the headsup on the comfort meter. We have to get a chair for the den that needs to be comfy, I will check this one out!!! Sorry about the bar stools. You will get her right and when you do, it will be fantastic!!!
Happy Thursday!

Segreto Secrets said...

Hi Doris! Makes such a comfee place to eat!! Miss you!! xo Leslie

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Love the chairs and the idea of having them in the kitchen!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Love these chairs, they look amazing.

Sarah said...

We have leather wing back chairs in our kitchen sitting area. It's one of my favorite spots in our home. Love the black and white stripe fabric. Will check out this site.
Can't wait to see this new abode all finished and furnished.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I love those chairs!!!

Sheila @ Maison de Cinq said...

I think they look great (especially the nail heads:) Can't wait to see them in the room!


Scribbler said...

Nice to catch up with you today. I thought you must have stopped blogging because your blog does not arrive in my email any more. Your new house is really coming along, and I think you will love the idea of a "lounge" in your kitchen. We put a vintage sofa in ours. We are going to try an olive tree or two. They are unusual in Alabama, but I did find one that supposedly does well here.

I will try subscribing again and see what happens.

Fred said...

Hi Delores

We love your excellent taste! Have just moved to south west France and found some old yellow pots today. When we googled what they were later, we discovered they were 19th century confit pots and noticed your interest in adding to your collection.

If you like we would be more than happy to source them for you.

Please contact us privately by email - we have subscribed - cheers Fred

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I will be anxious to see them in place! They are beautiful. Does Mr. A. cook every night? THAT would be a dream for me!!!

Cheryl said...

Yes, glad to see your blog site back. I had the same problem as another reader…Can't wait to see your new home finished!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Be still my heart!
Love these chairs.


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