Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank you Kelley!

Kelley from The Polished Pebble nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award!
Uhhh, I'm not so sure about the stylish part, but thank you Kelley for the mention.
Normally, I don't participate in tags or awards, but coming from Kelley, I couldn't say no!
If I could, I would nominate her!

Apparently, there are rules involved here. I must name 7 things about myself, and also nominate 7 of my favorite "stylish" bloggers. No problem naming 7 bloggers as there are so many that I follow and love. But, 7 things about myself? That will be hard....

Seven Boring Things About Myself:

I love dogs! No, I really love dogs! Especially Tibetan Terriers like the TT's above.
Aren't they beautiful? But I digress.....

I love books, and love to read. But you already knew that, right? I told you this would be boring! I'm trying!

I hate to fly. You do not want to sit next to me on an airplane! My loved ones have permanent damage from me squeezing their hands at take-off! Now, I just take a little "happy pill" and I'm alright.

That's only three? Ok, let me think.....

I love music. Especially live music. Especially good old fashioned rock and roll.
The old stuff, the new stuff and everything in between. I think I was a musician in my previous life, even though I can't play an instrument. Oh, but I love to sing!

Three more?

I don't cook. Which is weird, because my family loves to cook. My daughter is a chef and son is soon to be. My husband cooks every night. Don't get me wrong, I help out in the kitchen along side, but can't seem to figure out the whole preparation, timing and creativity with putting a meal on the table. I guess I don't really have to! Don't hate me please! Hey, I can set a mean table though.....!

I'm not very athletic. In fact, exercise is something I struggle with. I come from a family of athletes. My mother was a very accomplished water skier. My brother was a triathlete and pentathlete. My cousin was a famous long distance runner. Me? I am a walker! I walk the dog! And I just tried my very first yoga class. Can we say New Year's resolution?

Ok, this is really out there, but I love vintage pick ups! Someday I'll own one just like this, all polished up and ready to go to the nursery for plants. I'll have the dog with me, rock and roll blasting on the radio while singing at the top of my lungs!

I'm glad to get that over with! Now on to more important matters.
I nominate these 7 blogs for the Stylish Blogger Award because they all embody for me a true sense of style that is uniquely theirs. Talented and creative, here are The 7 Stylish Bloggers:

l love Dore's style. She is an artist and does white like no one else!

Jackie's blog is gorgeous--and she just celebrated a big birthday!

Terri has a knack for finding the most wonderful treasures, then finds just the right place for them.

Julio is my inspiration when it comes to tablescapes. They really should be in a magazine or a book.

I always learn something new from Kathysue! She makes me think!

I want Sharon's life. A beautiful country home in Normandy!

A lovely blog. LeAnn combines photos and music together beautifully.
I am always inspired.

Actually, that was also difficult. Because there are so many blogs that I enjoy and get inspiration from. Just look at my blogroll!

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NanaDiana said...

What a great post. It is always fun to find out things about others. I love those old pickups too and we almost bought a 1953 Chevy a few years ago...and didn't at the last regret I have swallowed down...

The only SUPRISING thing I found out about you is that you don't cook...I had you pegged for a gourmet chef...but see-I think it must have been a secret desire of yours and now..well, are in a way...because you have raised two of them! Hugs- Diana

savvycityfarmer said...

oh girl, you're stylin'alright!

me ... flying ... I don't!

keep up your great flair ...

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Well thank you so much, I just popped over and found this surprise waiting for me. YOu are very kind to have thought of me
I also really want a pick up truck, especially one as beautiful as this!
Have a great weekend

Tamra said...

Not boring at all, and your bucket list proves it!

Burlap Luxe said...

So thankful for this honor, ashamed to except it do to your beautiful words in the giving of it to me.

Your place, and home of interior designs is over the top in beauty, comfort, elegance, and oh so euro chic down to the teaspoon next to your morning cup of tea.

Your villa-style is as if turning the pages of a popular design book of interior designs.
While admiring everything you touch in your home, I admire how you touch hearts.

Stay passionate for all things you share with us, and thank you again for this honor.
your friend.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Delores,
I am feeling really bad that I haven't commented on your posts.....I do find it hard to get around to everybody and, you seem to have gone under the radar !! I apologise and will try to do better !! Just remember that I'm now 60....haha !!
Thank you so much for the lovely award.....I'm really flattered that you think that my blog is worthy and I will respond and do all of the things that go with the might take me a while as I'm still celebrating the big 6-0 !! I wasn't sure whether to tell everyone that I was 60 as I thought that people might not come and visit my blog now!!
Thanks so much for your comments and support and I will try to be a better blogging friend in the future. Lots of love. XXXX

Low Tide High Style said...

Delores, congratulations on your well deserved award! And of course you are stylish my friend, that goes without saying! I loved your list of 7 things and I too want a vintage pick-up. My family owns a 1956 Chevy that I drove in high school but it's in pieces, ready to be restored and we haven't decided who will get it when we settle the estate. Fingers crossed it's me!

Kat :)

Julie Harward said...

I love vintage pickups too! I would love to have a red one and drive all over with my big golden in the back! LOL

Vintage Gal said...

Congrats on the award ~ I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE vintage pickups and I think hubby and I have finally found one for me~! ;-)

Julio Muao said...

A belated happy new year Delores!

Congratulations on your stylish award. Very deserving. And thank you so much for the honor. You have made my week!
I also HATE to fly. Yet, I love to travel..go figure.

LB said...

I popped over to see you because my traffic monitor was showing an unusually high number of readers arriving from Vignette Design. I had just posted on ceramic servingware and figured that was being the queen of the tablescape and all. :)
What a surprise to find this award waiting for me. --Thank you so much for the recognition!
Sending you a big hug from So Cal and best wishes for a wonderful birthday weekend, too! xo ~LeAnn

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Oh, I have found a soul mate...I hate to fly too! In fact I had not flown in over 30 years til last year!!!!!! I got some "happy pills" too and DID IT!!!!!!! And in a few weeks am flying to Fl. again with 3 girlfriends! What pill do you take???? Please let me know. I also was amazed that you don't cook! I thought you would be a gourmet cook, from the GORGEOUS tables you set! I ahve a cooking hubby too, not every night bit more and more and I LOVE IT!!!! After 43 years of cooking I am bored to death with it;):) Have a great weekend, XO, Pinky

fluerdelyis said...

Good to find out more about you.
I have yet to fly.
Pre was a great runner
and a smart person.
Sorry for your loss.

Chris Ann

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Delors, I can just see you riding down the highway in that beaut of a truck, with the dog's ears flapping in the wind, and rock-in-roll blaring on the radio! Fun post, and congratulations on the award. laurie

Online Furniture Stores said...

Wishing you for a good luck.And I am voting for you.Because you did very good and versatile job.

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