Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Succulents In Winter

After last week's rainstorm, I couldn't help notice how beautiful my succulents were with the raindrops beading up on them like diamonds.

But it made me realize that now is the time to prepare them for the winter months ahead.

After a little research, this is what I learned:
If you live in a moderate climate, you can leave succulents outdoors, as long as they are under an eave, or sheltered, protecting them from too much rain.

For colder climates, bring the plants indoors and place in a cool room, but not in direct sunlight.

Do not overwater.
 Succulents don't need a lot of water anyway, but especially during the winter.
Also, they need adequate air circulation.

Don't forget that drainage is key.
Soggy soil will rot their roots.
Keep in mind that some succulents are more winter hardy than others, but with proper care, you should be able to enjoy your succulent plants all year long!

Do you have a suggestion for growing succulents through the winter?
Have you had much success or have you lost your plants anyway?
I welcome your feedback!

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Olive said...

Hi Delores, here in middle Georgia I leave my succulents out in large planters all winter as our winters are mild. If for some reason they get frosted back a little they always come back. I have had one ghost plant since 1985. I give pieces of it away all the time. xo, olive

Kathysue said...

Hi D! I have had a planter without drainage on my outdoor table for two seasons and it is still doing great. It is watered very rarely and it still keeps plugging along. Here is the blog post that shows my planter....

happy Tuesday!
xo Kathysue

Babs said...

Your succulents look really good. Mine suffered this summer here in GA. I found I had to water more that would be expected.Mine stay out all winter since our temps are mild.
Great photos.

Michael Hampton said...

What beautiful photos! I am nuts over succulents right now. Could you tell me where you found the stone vessels that your succulents are in?

Thank you!

Michael Hampton

Sarah said...

I've just started to try growing succulents. Not having good luck. I plan to bring my jade back indoors. It didn't like being outside this summer. Lost several crested euphoria too. Wish I could grow them to look like yours, Delores. Beautiful images with the rain drops.......Sarah

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

So glad you posted about this. I recently bought a couple of succulents and had no idea about what to do in the winter. I guess here in L.A. they should be able to stay out all year? Hope so.

Your photos are beautiful! So cool.

Terri~terrileeauthor said...

I've never wintered over my succulents. I usually only have a few. Your pictures are gorgeous, and you're right, it does look like diamonds.

annie@mostlovelythings said...

Your succulents look gorgeous...beautiful photos. I hope they make it through the winter!

Mr Paul said...

We bring our succulents in to a covered, protected area of the garden each year too. Your planters look lovely Delores very pretty effect with the raindrops.

Melanie said...

I live in northern IL and brought my succulents in awhile ago. I didn't know that they weren't supposed to be in direct sunlight - oops! I do have some of them in a space where they get direct afternoon sunlight. Maybe that's why those particular plants aren't doing so well?! I was just noticing that today. Guess I will move them!

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