Monday, April 16, 2012

Treating Ourselves at Bernardus Lodge

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself!
Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley was the perfect place to do so last weekend when Mr. A and I headed south on a spontaneous whim.

We had no idea where we would end up staying when we left Friday night at 7:00.
We ended up in Santa Cruz and got one of the last rooms in town at the Ramada Inn.
On Saturday morning, when Mr. A called Bernardus, I thought, "right, there won't be a room."
But there was! So, we headed south to Carmel.

Nestled in Carmel Valley, it is one of the loveliest inns I've ever stayed in.
The lobby is like one giant living room with sumptuous fabrics, a big fireplace on one side and a library on the other.

The rooms all feature down mattresses, duvets and pillows.
The beds are sinfully luxurious!

Complimentary wine and cheese on the deck!

The grounds are lovely too. At night, the big stone fireplace is ablaze for late night chats.

There is a grass area for croquet, bocce ball and other lawn games.

A pool, of course... well as beautiful fountains.

The garden and grounds are all in bloom right now.

It was a serendipitous kind of weekend.
From not knowing where we were going to finding treasures to take home, it was a pleasant surprise.
Tomorrow I'll share some antique stores we discovered along the way.

For more information about Bernardus Lodge, visit their website here.
Happy Monday to you all!

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Spontaneous weekends always end up being the best! What a lovely place this is!

Lori E said...

We loved Carmel and do plan a return trip. This looks like a very good place to lay our heads.

Pura Vida said...

what a delicious treat for all the senses!

Sonia said...

Love Carmel...just a magical place and so beautiful. Your photos are gorgeous!
Miss Bloomers

Terri~terrileeauthor said...

All that, and roses too???
How lucky are you. Looks like a lovely cozy place to snuggle up with a someone special. Thanks for sharing

Kathysue said...

Aaaah! yes!! The perfect place to be anytime of the week!! Love Carmel!! So glad you and Mr. A got away for a fun little getaway!! xo Kathysue

Sarah said...

What a fun weekend getaway. That's one of my favorite things about CA. Once can get away to fabulous spots for the weekend without a major trip just to get there.

A Toile Tale said...

We stayed there years ago shortly after they re-opened and it was the first time I had ever slept on a feather bed. Believe me, I had one on order before I even started back home. Such luxury. And the wine! And the food! And the service! I'm a huge fan. That and the Ritz at Half Moon Bay were the highlights of our trip. All of my Atlanta beds have feather beds now except for the ones that my little grandsons sleep on. That would potentially be a big mistake!
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What a wonderful place for a getaway...and antiquing, too? Perfect!

Sarah Baker said...

My husband and I went exactly one year ago for our honeymoon! We loved it so much we went back in November. We call it our second home and want to move there! So glad you were able to stay there!

Antique Style said...

So glad you got to go! It was on my daughter's list for possible wedding sites. I enjoyed all the pictures.

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