Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garage Door Inspiration, Carriage Style

Country Living
My friend Jane needs to replace her garage door. So for the last week, we have been doing the field research: taking note of every garage door that we like or dislike on our morning walk.

Carriage House Door Co.
The door above is exactly the door she wants.
Double row of windows, simple recessed panels.
It is what I would buy too, if I were in the market to replace my door.

Called a carriage style garage door, there are many variations, like this one with black hardware and more panels.
But she is adamant about no hardware and just a simple, clean panel.

Garage doors are so often overlooked, but in my opinion, they can make or break your home's curb appeal.

Especially when your garage is one of the first things you see from the street.
Here in California, that is often the case with homes built on small lots. The garage can be 80% of the facade!

That's when a pergola and a carriage style door can make a major difference.

Amarr Garage Doors
Although this carriage style door is a bit too busy for me, I like how the vines soften the whole effect.

Just look at the difference a carriage style door makes here.
Although, I would have painted the entire door white.

Stained doors are a handsome choice and blend nicely with the shingles on this cottage.
I could also see a white door here too.

Just like here. I love how crisp the carriage doors look with the shingled house.
I also like the hardware. If I were to get new garage doors, I would want hardware.
To me, it's what makes it look like a true old fashioned door.

So here are my garage doors. A double and a single.
What saves it are the pillars and the pergola.
I can't help imagine how much better it all would look with carriage style doors though.

Here is a sketch of how it would look!
With the kitchen remodel still in progress, it won't be happening any time soon though, if ever!
I'll just have to live vicariously through Jane. I promise to show before and after photos!

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Pura Vida said...

I am so in the market for new garage doors also. This was a great post for me. I too, though have to put them on the back burner..just too much other stuff to do yet!

Terri~terrileeauthor said...

even without NEW doors your garage looks lovely with the pergola and pillars. I love the flowering vine.
That's my favorite look.

kim @ whitebarnbasics said...

Wow, you are so right about the garage doors! Did you have the clever idea of the pillar? Btw, you sure have lovely homes to look at on you walks! very inspiring!
(luckily, our garage is detatched and behind the house because it's just an aluminum building!)

Sonny G said...

I love all the samples you posted.
We just got a new door with the double windows at the top. its quite an improvement but I DO want all the black hardware pieces for mine. Maybe I can make this happen in the fall. would also love the pergola section with vines on it.
thanks for sharing with us.

Victoria said...

My former home in upstate NY had garage doors made to look like carriage doors. I put antique French door pulls (looked like a rope with a tassel end) in the center and antiques strap hinges on the sides. I loved the look. I kept an extra set of the handles. Maybe I'll do something similar on my Florida garage door...after my kitchen reno is finished. I love the pergola above your doors.

All That Glitters said...

Hey girl!!! Thank you so much for stopping by and following along with my crazy self! lol! I've been admiring you for a very long time!

I really love the last picture's doors. I'm sure whatever you decide they will looks wonderful! Cause, you have great taste!

Have a great weekend!

Victoria said...

when someone accidentally backed into
my doors a couple of years ago we
replaced ours with carriage doors cannot believe the difference it made.
I have a pergola on my list now love that look.

quintessence said...

Love this style. Wish I could show you the doors from my last house. This style but arched with strap hinges - very charming!!

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Delores, I think this would make a great blog party idea--show us your garage doors! That would certainly inspire some painting and planting. Our doors are on the side of our house but everyone who drives into our house must go over there to turn around, so I have been trying to think of ways to improve the area. I love the idea of the pergola! Thanks for the inspirations. Linda

Dovecote Decor said...

Your before and after perfectly illustrate the point--dramatically.

Karen said...

I'm with you, as a California resident our garage represents most of the front of our house. Next go around I would totally select the doors with your examples and will save some of the best to my garage door file for future reference.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

The carriage doors are so pretty and I LOVE the pergolas over them! I saved some of the pictures for reference for our new house. The garage door will face the street and it iS a carriage style door! I will ask the husband to make me a pergola! Thanks for the inspiration, Delores! XO, Pinky

Nothing But Blue Skies... said...

Love the carriage style doors! Thanks for the inspiration!
Have a fantastic weekend!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Delores
Love these photos. You are so right, they add so much to the curb appeal of a home.
Wish I were in the market for some new ones. There are several shown here I would love to own!

Keep us posted,

Sarah said...

Enjoyed these images. I'd like to change our garage door. Will have to study these. ;-)

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Great post! I wanted a carriage style garage door...but I was afraid my son's basketball would break a window...turns out he just goes to the courts on our little island. Oh well.

Mary Ann Pickett said... garage door looks just like your two car one.

Nancy @ The Headmistress said...

I LOVE, LOVE the pergola and climbing roses. Would LOVE to find an EASY pergola to install over our garage doors!

Mary Anne said...

A great little post!! Garage doors are an overlooked design option that can really make a difference curbside! You beautifully illustrated that point.

Been following you regularily and love your blog! In fact, you are now on my blogroll!!
Mary Anne ox

Unknown said...

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salenayoungs said...

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Kerita said...

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Unknown said...

What I love about a carriage style garage door is that it adds curb appeal to the overall look of your home. It may be just a simple addition to your garage, but it actually creates a big difference. It’s elegant and stylish to look at.

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Anonymous said...

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Joe Wilde Company said...

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jelly andrews said...

Wow! Those garage doors are all great. But I am just fascinated by the hardware installed in garage doors. It is just so amazing how a simple hardware could make a difference in the appearance of a certain garage door.

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