Friday, December 14, 2018

The Living Room

I should be blogging about our Christmas decor.  Except we don't have anything yet!
Instead, I'm just going to share our new living room since it's one of the few rooms that feels done.

Luckily, when we moved in, our furniture fit perfectly.
There wasn't much to do here but paint the walls a neutral cream that matched the existing woodwork like I did in the dining room.

Here is the before photo.  
Thank goodness, the floor is in really good shape. although I did have it buffed and a new coat of polyurethane was added.

I considered having bookshelves custom built on either side of the fireplace, mainly because there were built-ins originally, based on the floor patch.

Instead, I ordered two matching bookcases from Restoration Hardware.

We have so many books, so these were clearly a necessity!
I had fun organizing our books and staging the cabinets with favorites objects.

The fireplace mantel is a work in progress.
I had the electrician install the sconces because this room needs all the light it can get.

I can't quite commit to hanging the paintings yet.

This room is constantly evolving.
Adding books, candles, pillows, as well as rearranging here and there.

Here is the room right after we moved in.... it is now.  
I just keep layering!
So glad I saved the draperies from the San Francisco house as they work perfectly in both the living and dining room.

We actually use this room!  It's cozy and that's what we like.
What's next?
I'm currently working on converting the fireplace to gas so we can sit in here by the fire during the winter months.

Hopefully, I'll get around to decking the halls before Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Field Trip to Magnolia Market

 Last week, my daughter and I visited Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.
I've been a fan of Fixer Upper and Chip and Joanna ever since their show debuted on HGTV.
 Magnolia did not disappoint!

Everything is so perfect, from the raised garden beds and potting shed to the food trucks and shopping at the Silos.

The potting shed was filled with the most wonderful clay pots, candles, books, dishtowels and dishes.
I clearly needed to buy another suitcase if I bought everything I loved!

We ordered lunch from one of the food trucks on site.
Nothing like a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup!
Talk about comfort food!

After lunch, we ventured in to the main building to shop.

It was so overwhelming!
Everything is perfectly merchandised and everywhere you look is pure eye candy.

Lots of inspiration here. 
The counters are thick concrete, backsplash is classic subway.  

I think we came at the right time because the whole store was decked out for Christmas.
Love that black shiplap wall!

Outside, people were lounging in stripe beanbag chairs, children playing kick ball and Christmas music was in the air.
What a fun day!

Visiting Magnolia was definitely high on my bucket list.
I can check that box now!

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