The San Francisco House

The San Francisco House

The house in San Francisco was a huge project!
It began as an adventure when we bought a fixer upper in The City and took the house down to the studs.  I learned so much during the process.
Here's a look at the final reveal just before we sold it:

The entry.

Living room.

But, I'm proud of the remodel and how everything turned out.
It was one of the best experiences working with my contractors and together creating this home.

 We turned the challenge of this oval dining room into an asset with herringbone floor and wallpaper.

Together, we shopped for the beautiful soapstone in the kitchen and designed the cabinets too.

The kitchen.

Love that refrigerator!

The master bedroom.

The master bathroom.

The master closet. 
Ironically, it turned out to be a problem when we sold because buyers wanted a fourth bedroom, which is what this closet was originally.  

 The family room which opens to the courtyard.

That grasscloth was such an obsession.
So much so that I'm considering putting it in the new house too.

 The courtyard.

 Guest room # 1

 Guest room #2

 The laundry room, conveniently located across from the master bedroom.

 The powder room.

 A long, wide hallway that was an awkward space to decorate became an office.

 Off the kitchen, an atrium which has a spiral staircase leading to the roof deck.

 The roof deck.  
We rarely enjoyed this space as it was usually too cold and windy.
We did however, see the Blue Angels a few days before the move from here.

We loved this house!
It had curb appeal, which is hard to find in the City.
The inside was wonderful and designed to our taste, and I certainly enjoyed the remodel process.

What we struggled with was the location.  We learned that we aren't really city people.  We're more suburban people!  
Being surrounded by a garden and trees as opposed to apartments is better for our soul.

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Tender Arts Studio said...

You did an amazing job with it- very beautiful!

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