Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Let There Be Light

When most of the chandeliers and sconces were installed last week, I got a big thrill.
They've been boxed up for far too long, so seeing them all lit up is a big deal.
Especially in the master closet where a small crystal chandelier and seven brass picture lights from Pottery Barn illuminate my favorite room in the house!

Also from Pottery Barn, a crystal chandelier for the master bedroom.

In the living room, I had the electrician wire the cathedral ceiling for a chandelier.
I chose this large, airy French style light from Wisteria.
It's the perfect size.

Also in the living room and dining room, there are these sconces, eight altogether from Aiden Grey.
I topped them with a burlap shade to give them more ooomph.

For 15 months, this chandelier has been packed away.
I insisted on taking it from the old house.
Unfortunately, it's too big for the new dining room.  
Ugh, I planned my whole house around this chandelier!
Not really, but kind of....

Downstairs, in the family room, I found these sconces from Rejuvenation.
Notice the grasscloth?  More on that later...

There's a weird hallway downstairs that I'm planning on turning in to a office
Instead of cans, I installed these hanging pendents from Restoration Hardware.

They tie in with the family room sconces and add warm light to this awkward space.

Last, but not least, I found these nautical brass lights for the atrium.  
They're from Pottery Barn and they resemble a ship's porthole.

I love them, even though they don't exactly match the outside lights around the front and side of the house.

Things are moving along quite fast now.   We should be moved in by mid January.
We better be, because I gave my 30 day notice!  

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

A New Look For An Old Door

One of the few things I have opted not to replace is the front door.
Not because I love it!
In fact, I don't like it at all.  It's cheap and so is the hardware. Plus, it's not even the original, which would have been wonderful.  No, the previous owner who "flipped" our house, decided to replace it with a new door.
I wish I had a better photo.  It is probably mahogany, with a rippled glass window.
To make it worse, there's an iron inset between the glass!  Ugh!

Much to my painter's dismay, I asked him to paint the door black.  Really shiny, marine paint-grade black!

I found this entry set to replace the old, cheap one.  It's bronze and will look nice against the black door.

I plan on hanging a woven wood blind on the inside of the door, which will not only give more privacy, but also I won't have to see that funky glass and iron work!

Outside, I'll hang this wreath that I just ordered from OKL.
A nice doormat and I think the first impression will be a good one.
Who knows, down the road, I may find a better door, but for now, I think I can disguise this old one!
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Goals

Are you as surprised as I am that it's December already?  My mind says it's October still!
I woke up this morning with a little panic because this month is going to be huge.
Yes, it's Christmas, but also the remodel is coming to a close and I'm hoping that we can be celebrating Christmas Day in our new home.
So, here are my December Goals:

Robert the Painter painting the beams and walls BM Soft Chamois
First:  Finish painting the interior of the house.  It begins today and should be finished in two weeks.
That puts us at December 15th.

The master shower doors will be framed in marble.
Second:  Finish off the marble installation.  We have it installed here and there, but not everywhere.
The master bath still doesn't have a countertop!
Forget the other bathrooms.  They are just tiled--no marble.
The powder room faucet from California Faucets.
Third:  Plumbing.  Let's get the toilets, faucets and showers hooked up please before we move in!
There's no way I'm using that nasty porta-potty in the yard!

The living room chandelier from Wisteria.
Fourth:  Lighting and electricity.  I can't wait to see the chandeliers, pendents and sconces installed.  They're boxed up and I don't even remember what they look like--or even where they are!

36" Subzero glass front refrigerator!
Fifth:  The appliances can be delivered anytime after the painting.  
I would love to see them sooner, than later.  Especially, this refrigerator!

Sixth:  Begin moving boxes and small furniture and keep schlepping until it's done, even if it takes all night!
Call a mover for the large items and schedule delivery of all the ordered furniture and rugs that are sitting on a truck in limbo, waiting.

Is it possible?  Can it be done?
It's hard enough to get contractors to show up in San Francisco, let alone at Christmas time!
Fingers crossed....
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