Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brick House

 Right after my last post, many pallets of brick arrived.
I got so excited to think that the brick would now be layed.
It's been a slow process...

Day one.
The front walk way design is determined.  Herringbone.

Day two. The front walk was bricked, but two weeks later, the stairs still are only three steps completed.

However, the "driveways" in front of the garage doors were layed.
I'm loving my brick!

 In the concrete world we now live in, brick is a welcome relief.

Meanwhile, the brickwork has once again stalled.
Yes, the "driveways" are layed, but no grout.
That was a week ago.


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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Brick Stairway Update

The original stairs to our front door are your typical stairs in the City, especially the Marina.
They are almost always terrazzo.  Ours are terrazzo with weird tile inlays and tile on the landing.
My vision was to brick over the terrazzo using half bricks.  The masons who bid the job said they could do it, but couldn't guarantee their work.
They would however guarantee their work if the terrazzo was ripped out and the stairs rebuilt.

Here is the progression of the stairs from terrazzo to brick.
The entry porch has been demolished and new stucco is going on over the original stucco.

The entry porch.
It will be brick with a narrow flower bed so that I can plant climbing ficus.
A wall fountain will be installed where the mailbox is and eventually the whole inside will be ficus.

It took me three days to look at this!  It looks like my house has been bombed!
The stairs had to be ripped out and rebuilt in order to get my brick stairway.  Notice the original brick on the side.

The front door is at the top, the bottom door is a closet, originally under the front steps.
I plan on making it a wine cellar.  Kind of.

It was a big day when the concrete was poured for the brick.
Concrete was also poured in front of the garage doors and back courtyard which will also be bricked.

A lot of calculating and head scratching at this meeting with the contractors to determine how to build the new stairs.
This is my contractor, Matt.  He has the formula!

This is James who will build the stairs.
He did all the framing inside the house too.

New stairs!
Wait, we can't brick yet?  

No, we must hot mop them to make them water proof, something the original stairs were not.

This was done three weeks ago.
I wait and wait and wait for brick.
Apparently the brick guy is very busy.
Stay tuned...

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Saying Goodbye

 Last Friday, I not only said goodbye to my daughter and family, but also to half my furniture!
Melissa arrived early morning, driving a 26 foot U-haul to pick up the furniture that I promised her.
Saying goodbye to her wasn't easy, but also saying goodbye to this English oak parquet table wasn't either because of all the memories of holiday dinners we enjoyed on it.  It will look fantastic in her new home in Seattle though.
Not so much in my home in San Francisco.

 She also took this coffee table and wicker chairs, along with the cane back dining chairs and my English oak desk.  Oh, and a queen size bed for her guest room.
I threw in the wicker settee too.

Not only am I left with a half-way empty apartment, and a hole in the dining room, I'm left with a hole in my heart as I bravely wave goodbye to her.

Even though I'm sad to see my oldest daughter and her family leave the Bay Area, I know this is the right decision for them.
But it's not easy saying goodbye.
I saved my tears for this moment as I waved and watch her drive away.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Seattle Or Bust, Chapter Two

Sometimes the stars just line up and things just fall in to place, just the way you imagine they should.
Such is the case with this house!
It all happened so fast.  Our daughter and son-in-law sold their home in the Bay Area in three days and bought this home the day they closed escrow.
Sight unseen!

Well, almost sight unseen.  Our son-in-law saw it, but not our daughter.
So she and I flew to Seattle for a fun girl's weekend, and to see what they bought!
Welcome to one of the cutest homes ever!
It is a traditional colonial style house, built in 1967.
As you enter, the staircase greets you with its ebonized railing.  

The formal living room to the left of the entry is a nice size.

It reminds me of the living room in our former house.
In fact, this house is a little "mini-me!"

The dining room is to the right of the entry.
Think of all the future holiday dinners in this room.

 I love the plate rail.
It reminds me of a house we once owned that had the exact same plate rail.
Naturally, I had such a collection of plates on it.  I wonder what my daughter will do with hers?

 Notice the shutters on the windows.
The whole house is shuttered or has window coverings.
What a bonus!

There is a powder room off the entry with gorgeous Calacatta Oro marble on the vanity and charming tongue and groove wainscotting.

The kitchen has gorgeous Calacatta Oro countertops too.  
You've got to be kidding!

Notice the dutch door?  How cute is that?

A little breakfast nook is just big enough for a family of four.

I imagine the granddaughters will be eating their breakfast at this counter every morning before school!

A fabulous commercial range too?
Ok, my daughter and I were pinching ourselves at this point!

The laundry room is just off the kitchen with its gray and white checkered floors.

Also, just off the kitchen is a family room with built-ins...

...and a French door leading to the backyard.

I love how the sellers decorated this room, although I know my daughter is going in another direction.  

Heading upstairs, there are four bedrooms and two baths.
The sellers even agreed to replace the worn runner before they move in, which will be much appreciated.  

The master bedroom has his and hers closets, plus an extra one out of view.

There is a gorgeous spa-like ensuite bathroom with heated floors.

This bedroom will be the guest room.
Perfect for when Grandma and Grandpa visit!

The upstairs bathroom off the hallway for the girls and guests.

This sunny bedroom will be perfect for the oldest granddaughter.  

The sellers used the fourth bedroom as a home office.  It will be converted back to a bedroom for the youngest granddaughter.

 Heading back downstairs, let's head out to the backyard.

The backyard is huge and it backs up to a natural greenbelt, also known as a forest!
All this greenery is eye candy to me!

There's plenty of room for my large outdoor teak dining table and chairs.
And lots of room for the girls to play with their new puppy!

 The landscaping is perfection with mature rhododendrons and maples.
There aren't any drought issues here!

This house is a dream come true for our daughter and her family.
There really isn't much to do except paint a few rooms. (Like that blue guest room!) 
In a few days, they will arrive and begin their new life in Seattle.
I can't wait to fly up and help them get settled!

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