Monday, October 27, 2014

City Dogs

We aren't the only ones adjusting to city life.  So are the dogs!

Since they can't run in the backyard anymore to get their exercise, we now have to take them to a park or at least one or two walks a day, which is also good for us!

Oscar is fascinated by his new city life.
So many people walking by, so much to see!
He loves to sit on his perch and keep track of it all.

Just down the street is his favorite place to run with Bear off-leash at Marina Green.
I would say the dogs are now officially "City Dogs!"

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Decorating A Rental

It's been a long time since we have lived in a rental.
We bought our first house 27 years ago and I couldn't wait to paint, wallpaper and just decorate my heart out after years of renting, and now here we are again, in a rental!
The question begs, do I try to make our temporary home my own or just not care?
Can we live with an ugly dining room chandelier that we are constantly hitting our head on?

Can I make peace with the blue walls in the kitchen?
Do I plant flowers?

Do I unpack all my books?
The answer is yes, yes and yes.
I'm making peace with the blue kitchen walls but I unpacked the books because they give me comfort.
I'll definitely plant flowers in the pots outside!
The chandelier?  Well, I'm not sure yet!

I highly recommend taking the effort to make your home your own, even if you are renting.
If the landlord is ok with switching out a light fixture, then by all means do it.
Likewise if you are up to the task of painting walls, and the landlord agrees, then have at it.
Hang your favorite pieces of art.
Just know that you will have to fill those holes later and may even have to paint the walls again when you move out.
It just really depends on what you can live with.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Got Tomatoes?

 Got tomatoes?
Well, yes as a matter of fact we do!
Beautiful heirloom tomatoes of yellow, purple and red hues.
This is Caprese season--my favorite way to eat tomatoes.

Insalata Caprese
Slice various colored heirloom tomatoes
Slice mozzarella cheese. I like to use Buffalo Mozzarella
Arrange on a platter, layering tomatoes and cheese
Drizzle with olive oil and a bit of balsamic vinegar
Sprinkle to taste with coarse sea salt and cracked ground pepper
Top with fresh basil, either leaves or diced

You're welcome!
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Monday, October 6, 2014


 I love October!
I think it's my favorite month, particularly because of the grape harvest.

 We picked our grapes finally and I can't believe their beauty.
Huge, heavy clusters of sweet goodness!

Of course Oscar was on had to help!

We filled our harvest basket, and then some.

As we head home from the weekend with our harvest, I'm planning what to do with the fruits of our labor.
The grapes will have to be given away to friends and family this year as there is no time for jelly!
If only I could ship them to you!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vignette Designing In Transition

 While our house was on the market, we have been making do with very little in our San Francisco flat that we're renting.
Every day, I bring more of the things that I love to our flat.

 These are items that didn't go to storage.
Items that make me happy to be around, like my bar cart--the first piece of furniture I purchased for our new home.

  I've been creating little vignettes instead of leaving everything in boxes.
Even if it means layers of clutter.  

 A folding Costco table is a place holder for our dining room table which should be arriving next week.
Notice the chandelier?  I'm thinking of switching it out during our stay.  It's just way too big and dangerous.  Also I hate it!

 It's been over 30 years since we've been renters.  

It will be nice when we get our sofas in the living room as sitting on the wicker settee is getting old!
I'm wondering how to make this flat feel like our home without changing too much.  I'm going for a casual, comfortable and cozy vibe
It's definitely going to be a challenge!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

The End Of An Era

I would be lying if I said seeing this sign for the first time didn't make my heart sink.
To be honest, the whole thing has happened so fast that I hadn't prepared for the final result.
After months of hard work--packing and cleaning, painting and staging, we sold our house last weekend.
Just like that!
The good news is we sold it to the perfect family who will treasure our home and raise their family in it just like we did.
And so, we are happy to pass this home on to them.
It is the end of an era but also the beginning of a new one for us.
Stay tuned as we make the transition to our new life!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Virtual Tour

Seeing the photos the photographer took for the virtual tour made the sale of our home a reality.
There is no turning back now!

I should caption every photo with a personal memory or two.
Like all the Christmas mornings spent in this living room.

Or all the dinners we ate in this room surrounded by family and friends.

The sunroom where we virtually lived!

The kitchen that saw so much activity and was prepared for anything that came its way.

The kitchen dining room saw even more family dinners and most recently, just us two.

Our family room.

The downstairs powder room, tucked under the stairs.
I don't think I ever featured this with its floral paintings.

The laundry room.

A bathroom for overnight guests.

This guest bedroom was where our mothers slept when they came to visit.
Bonnie calls it her room though!

The master bedroom.

Master bath.

Workout room, off the master.
I have no memories here as I never once used any of the equipment!

The upper deck off the master.

This was Alex's bedroom.

This bedroom wore many hats from den to guest bedroom.

This was Aaron's bedroom which became the granddaughter's room when they visit.

The reading room with balcony.

The bathroom that the boys used.
It was the first bathroom I ever remodeled, 15 years ago.

Over the garage is a suite of rooms, an office and two bedrooms.
This was where Ashley lived...

I remodeled the bathroom several years ago.

My favorite "room" is outside under the tent!
Luckily, I can take the tent with us!

Through the arbor...

The hot tub.

So many memories!

This week the kitchen floors are being refinished.
We'll have inspections and then two open houses on Saturday and Sunday.
For more information, visit
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