Monday, May 15, 2017

Inspired By Roses

I owe my love of roses to my mom.
She also loved roses, collecting rose bushes like baseball cards!
Indeed, her rose garden was amazing!

While she preferred red roses, I prefer white, like the Iceberg Rose above.
I have planted these Icebergs in three homes now, in various forms.

I chose the standard version of Icebergs at our previous home's side yard...

...and New Dawn climbers in the back.
I remember how glorious this arbor was with those pale pink roses!

Just like my mom collected rose bushes, I collected rose paintings and featured them on the stairs in our previous home.

They now live in our garage where I appreciate them every time I park the car!
I just can't part with them, nor will I ever.

A few of my favorite paintings found their way inside our new home.
This one is in the laundry room.
The red roses in a basket remind me of my mom.

 When I created this bouquet years ago, I again was inspired by my mom's love of roses.
She often cut from her garden and created bouquets of mixed colored roses.
I remember how she mixed "Double Delight," "Mr. Lincoln," and her favorite, "Tropicana" to name a few in her collection.
Roses inspired her too, and she passed her love of them to me.
Thanks, Mom!

I'm joining A Stroll Thru Life for Inspire Me Tuesday.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Airstream Mania

I once wrote a post about restoring vintage Airstreams.
It was number one on my "Design Bucket List," and although I haven't found one yet to restore, I'm constantly looking for one.

Mr. A and I dream about touring the country after retirement, pulling our Airstream behind us.
I've been seeing a lot more Airstreams on the road lately--people doing exactly what we dream of.

In the meantime, we could stay in one of the new and trendy Airstream hotels that have been cropping up everywhere.
We discovered Caravan Outpost last summer on a trip to Ojai.

Caravan Outpost finds vintage Airstreams and restores them, giving each one its own look and feel.
So far, they have eleven trailers!
This one is called "Perla."

 This one is called "Audrey."

Isn't she cute inside?
I love the ticking upholstery mixed with the tribal blanket.

Another Airstream hotel, Autocamp is closer to home in Guerneville.

Autocamp is nestled amongst the redwoods and close the the Russian River, featuring all new, luxuriously decked out Airstreams.

Imagine waking up here!
Can you tell I'm obsessed?

What is it about these iconic trailers that makes me all giddy?
Is it their sleek and shiny exterior?

Or is it the possibility of what the interior could look like?
Be it Pinterest, Instagram or sites that feature Airstreams, I'm always looking for ideas for their interiors.
There is so much that you can do with them, but I'm particularly fond of a rustic interior like the one above.

One of my favorites is this interior by Ralph Lauren.

Reba McIntire's rustic 1988 Airstream is a heart stopper!

I follow Tin Can Homestead on Instagram--about a couple who restored an Airstream and live in it with their two dogs in Seattle.
Their style is rustic, yet clean and organized.
Notice how they took out the built ins and created their own floorplan.

Recently, we met our new neighbors down the road and up on Pine Mountain in Cloverdale.
They have created a compound of vintage Airstreams for their personal retreat.

They found this one already gutted and paneled in pine.
They hauled it all the way from Seattle and parked it on their property to be used as the "dining car."
A couple of army cots take care of extra guests.

I was hyperventilating when I saw the inside with antique leather Swedish chairs.

Their guest trailer is totally different inside and has a modern, contemporary vibe.

After visiting our neighbors, Mr. A and I were even more inspired.
He even suggested we create a similar caravan of Airstreams on our property for guests.
Not so fast I told him.  We haven't even found one yet, let alone gutted and remodeled it!
I know it will happen someday--down the road.
No pun intended!

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

A New Purpose For The Wet Bar

 Sometimes I ask myself, why I kept the wet bar in the family room when we did the remodel.
Was it because there was one there already?
It seemed logical at the time.  But we've never used the dishwasher and the refrigerator is nice, but not necessary.  

I've always had difficulty staging this space.  
A bar is set up, along with glassware, but it just doesn't work.
My friend asked a question that got me to thinking:
"What if you used this space as a flower arranging and potting space?"

She suggested that I put the bar in the bookshelf on the opposite side of the room.
She also suggested that she come over and do it for me!
All I had to do was gather everything together...

 ...Like the concrete urns outside.
Bring them inside, fill them with orchids and flank them on either side of the sink.
Why didn't I think of that?

 She brought baskets to organize the drawers with tools, moss and gardening supplies.

 Then she started to organize and stage the zinc shelves.

Vases, planters and books were added.

Luckily, I had quite a few books on gardening and flower arranging. 

The more she added, the more the space took on a whole new purpose.

Now when I bring home flowers from the grocery store, or even the flower mart, I can just bring them straight in from the garage to this room.  Everything is at the ready to make my arrangements and centerpieces.
But what about the bar?

It's now across the room in the bookshelf!

I actually like it better!

I found little lamps from Restoration Hardware Baby that are perfect to illuminate the bottles and glassware.
 It's so romantic with them on at night.

Aged brass trays from Pottery Barn are perfect for holding the glassware and carafes and fit perfectly on the narrow shelves.

I'm loving the change in the family room!
A big thanks to my friend, organizer and stager extraordinaire.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Indigo Blue Love

It seems everywhere I look these days, I see lots of blue.
Not just any blue, but indigo blue.

Pottery Barn embraced indigo blue this spring with a new collection of plates and I'm in love!
No, I haven't purchased that platter, but instead just admiring its beauty in the store display.

Looking around the Burlingame Pottery Barn, I see indigo pillows...

...even blue and white buffalo check bedding.
They are definitely on trend!

I ended up buying a shibori indigo blue table cloth.

It's a nice touch for spring, don't you think?
I'm loving indigo blue!
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Terra Cotta Floors In The Kitchen

The latest issue of Traditional Home features a kitchen with antique French terra cotta floors.
I'm kind of crazy for this floor, to say it mildly!

I actually toyed with the idea of terra cotta floors in our San Francisco house.
My idea was to tile the foyer and have it continue into the kitchen.  
Not quite sure why I abandoned this idea, especially after seeing this gorgeous kitchen in Trad Home.

This floor in Elle Decor featured kitchen is another example of a crisp white kitchen, anchored by a terra cotta floor.

Although the Traditional Home and Elle Decor kitchens looks fabulous with all white cabinets and white marble, notice how the floor above looks with charcoal cabinets and soapstone counters in this laundry room, designed by Gerry Smith of Remodelista.

Hexagon tiles are my favorite because the shape reminds me of honeycomb.
The variegated colors, along with the shape, gives the floor an old world feel.

Antique French tiles are the best source in achieving that old world look, but there are knock-offs as well, being produced in Mexico.

Years ago, I saw this home on a kitchen tour and I've never gotten it out of my head!
Perhaps that's when I fell in love with terra cotta tile.

The homeowner, Jamie Kidson preserved the integrity of the original kitchen using vintage tile as well as marble and white subway tile.
I'm still smitten with this room.

I absolutely love this kitchen, featured in Vogue. It looks like it's in a rural French farmhouse with its organic design and feel.
The random placement of rectangle tiles is easy on the eye and goes well with the rustic elements in the kitchen.

I am saving this photo from Country Living to my "Asti Kitchen" pinterest board.
I've been researching ideas and collecting inspiration for a future remodel.
This is the look I'm going for:
Terra cotta floors and black cabinets, soapstone and marble with white subway tile backsplash. 
Whether I choose hexagon or random squares, the floor has to be terra cotta! 

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