Wednesday, August 5, 2020

T For Texas

We couldn't imagine over a year ago that someday we would be standing on our own porch in Texas!
We built a modular home on a piece of property next to our daughter and her family!
It has been a year long project that I've managed from afar.

I ordered the modular home last fall and sometime early March, it arrived.
In three pieces!
Yes, it arrived on wheels, but then was put on a custom built foundation.

At this point I was a little panicky.  After all, the reality of Covid had hit with the realization that there would be no flying to Texas to manage this project.

But in a couple of days, the house was put together and then we waited what seemed like forever to finish the outside and trim out the interior.
Two weeks ago, we ended up driving to Texas and arriving literally a day after it was finished.

Here is what the interior looked like when we walked in the door.

Within a week, it looked like this!  
I replaced the drapes and chandelier.
I've held on to this table for years and glad I did.
The chairs were ordered and delivered ahead of time.

Of course the front porch is my favorite part of the house, overlooking a large field.

When I took on this project, it was going to be our place to stay when we visited our daughter and family, and an Airbnb in between. 
We even gave it a name!
Check out the Instagram for more photos and follow along with the design process.

We are headed back to California in a couple of days.
We are going to miss our little Texas farmhouse and our "Texas neighbors" but hopefully we'll be back in the fall.

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