Friday, September 30, 2011

Living Room Reveal: A Whole New Look With A Few Changes

When updating a room, sometimes all that is needed are a few changes, not a total makeover. Such was the case with my friend, Maureen's living room. This linen floral was used for new drapes which brought the new and existing furniture together, creating a whole new look.

Her recent art acquisition with its turquoise weathered frame was my inspiration when I chose the drapery fabric. The painting now looks much better over the fireplace!

The brown in the floral drapes allowed for more brown in the room like two new leather club chairs which replaced existing, dated tapestry chairs. A brown cowhide rug layered over existing seagrass brings in even more brown. A new blue throw and a new blue rug in the entryway (not shown) ties it all together.

The one thing that didn't change was the rose colored damask sofa. With the addition of the new drapes and new pillows, it looks as good as new.

Maureen loves florals like me and is thrilled with this linen fabric.
Ward is thrilled with the leather chairs.
Something feminine and something masculine! Everyone is happy!

Drapery fabric and fabrication: Calico Corners
Leather club chairs: Direct Buy
Vintage oil painting: Hillsborough Antique Faire
Cowhide rug: TJ Maxx
Throw, pillows and entry rug: Pottery Barn
Coffee Table: From moi!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Books, Books and More Books

"I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building more bookshelves." ~Anna Quindlen

Ruthie Sommers
I'm not sure if my children grew up thinking about decorating that way. But they certainly grew up to be readers and collectors of books.

Celerie Kemble - Lonny
Which is both good and bad. Good because they love books, bad because books need a place to live. We have boxes of books in the garage, brought home from college, waiting for their permanent home so they can put them on their own bookshelves--someday.

Bunny Williams
Don't get me wrong, I love having bookshelves full of books. Classics and paperbacks, I'm not concerned how they look so much as that they are there. It's comforting.

Celerie Kemble - Lonny
But lately, I'm feeling like books are taking over my house!
It's also my fault. I am guilty of buying even more books.

That's because I've been finding great deals for "coffee table" books at One Kings Lane, Joss & Main and The Foundary.
Just yesterday, I received the Charlotte Moss, Suzanne Rheinstein and Chris Madden books.

Here are three new books by Michèle Lalande. Talk about eye candy!
Recommended by Bonnie Broten when she was here, I immediately went on Amazon to purchase them.

I just love the way books look stacked on the coffee tables and trunks.

I guess you could say I have a collection going!
I recently purchased Patina by the Giannetti's, and I love it! I also have Fifi O'neil's book, Romantic Prairie Style and Vicki Archer's, My French Life. I have to support my fellow bloggers--right?

So I should be perusing through my latest design books with a cup of coffee this morning, instead of blogging about them.

I'm wondering if there is a 12 step program for book-aholics....

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Unleashing My Inner Plaid

Country Living
With fall officially here, I'm starting to think about Tartan plaid--a lot!

If you've been following my blog for a while, it's no secret that I'm mad for plaid!

And this is the time of year that I appreciate it the most, all the way to Christmas and beyond.

Today, I pulled out my plaid blankets, dishes and pillows, and began decorating for fall and the upcoming holidays.

I put the Ralph Lauren plaid wool blanket and shams back on the bed...

...And pulled out some of my plaid dishes for everyday use.
This pattern will be perfect for coffee and cinnamon toast in the morning!

And this pattern showcases Aaron's desserts beautifully!

New on the kitchen shelf are these recent TJ Maxx finds.
Ralph Lauren plates in the Skylar and Skylar Floral pattern, which is destined to be my next tablescape.

You could say that I'm unleashing my inner plaid right now!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paint It Black, Part Two--My New Chalkboard Refrigerator

I know painting your refrigerator with chalkboard paint is not an original idea, and definitely a trendy one too.
But I thought it could be fun for a while. Fun until it starts getting on my nerves with all the chaotic drawings, quotes and grocery lists!

Yesterday, Bob the Painter installed the newly painted panels, which were original, to the 20 year old Sub-zero. I've had stainless steel panels on the doors for 5 years, and thought this would be a fun change for the kitchen.

I had fun writing a few quotes relating to food that I've been gathering.

My son's friend, Bob got into the spirit and drew some pictures for me.
We didn't know what we were aiming for, but it sure was fun being creative.

It is going to take some getting used to.
Like I said, I'm not sure about the messy feel....

Here's how we did it:
(Luckily I kept the original wood panels in the garage--they came in handy for paint matches.)
Bob the Painter set up an area on the side of the house for the project.

I wanted to only have the inside panels be chalkboard, so Bob taped off the moulding....

...and sprayed the panels with chalkboard spray paint, about 3 coats.

The stainless steel panels were easily removed...

...and voila!
I "seasoned" the chalkboard by rubbing the edge of a piece of chalk all over the black, then wiping it off several times. Now it was ready to draw on.

I think it's going to be fun changing the quotes and drawing new pictures.
Of course, the proverbial grocery list will be a staple!

I can't wait for my two granddaughters to come visit. They will love to draw on grandma's refrigerator! Zoe gets the left side and Reese gets the right side. I might have to move my quotes higher! Oh, and by the way, I would welcome any food or inspirational quotes, so send them my way please!

It's not exactly the glass front Sub-zero that I dream about.
But, I figure that it's only paint, and when it gets on my nerves, I'll paint it or put the stainless steel back on.

So, what do you think?

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Paint It Black

I'm so excited to reveal this week's projects--both of them being transformations with black paint.

It all started when I found this outdoor stripe fabric at the local fabric wholesale house. It was such a deal, but didn't exactly look good on the outdoor wicker furniture.
When in doubt, paint it black!

Before, the set had neutral tan fabric, which after 5 years was looking a little tattered and tired.
The squirrels had even decided to bury their nuts in one of the cushions!

So, David, the upholsterer took the cushions to be recovered...

...While Bob, the Painter spray painted the furniture with good ole black Rustoleum!

This morning, the new cushions were delivered, and I am so pleased!
It's a brand new look! I love how the green stripe cushions look with the black wicker, even the old rust monogrammed pillows are ok.

David also slipcovered the chaise cushions, so it all works together.

I'm having a garden tea for 60 ladies in a few weeks. After years of neglecting my backyard, it is time to make a few improvements!

This afternoon, I sat outside enjoying the new furniture.

Dexter joined me and took up his favorite spot on the sofa...

...while Butter explored the new set-up!

Stay tuned tomorrow for part two of the "Paint It Black" reveal....

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