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Tuesday Inspiration: Peacock Inspired Design

Peacock Inspired Interiors

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I'm so happy to have Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a must-shop resource for beautiful light fixtures be my guest blogger today. Perfect timing, since I'm knee deep in the photo shoot!


Peacocks are nature's fanciest feathery creation. Their gorgeous blue bodies and incredible tail feathers have inspired design and decor for generations. Be it a color palette of blues, greens and purples or a pattern of peacock feathers, these glorious fowls leave their feathered friends in the dust when it comes to inspiration. The ostrich comes in second for decorative inspiration. We prefer the peacock.

Had to include this photo as inspiration. The white peacock looks right at home in the gardens of the Rococo estate. Peacocks have been coveted for centuries.

Peacock Inspired Interiors

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Peacock feathers adorn everything from pillows to lamp shades to wallpapers. A few peacock accessories can go a long way, so limit your choices.

Peacock Inspired Interiors

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Sometimes peacock inspiration is all about a single rich, teal blue color, like this chair. It is a colorful addition to the neutral space.

Peacock Inspired Interiors

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Not only does this room have fabric featuring peacocks, but the entire space is based on the peacock's colors of deep blues and bright greens. Such lovely green and blue lamps. This is truly a gorgeous space.

Peacock Inspired Interiors

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Love the stylized peacock feathers on this area rug. The beige background keeps it grounded and from feeling too busy. Would look wonderful in a bedroom or living room.

Peacock Inspired Interiors

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Another take on a peacock feather design on a rug. This area rug has a much busier pattern and the feather almost becomes abstract. Hanging a ceiling light right above the area would be perfect to highlight the rug.

Peacock Inspired Interiors

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This peacock inspired pattern has a clean modern feeling to it. At first you might not realize it is based on peacock feathers but once you know, it is easy to see the inspiration.

Peacock Inspired Interiors

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Not only does this living room have a peacock inspired palette of tealy blues, lavenders and golds, it also has the peacock. So impressive, the wall art, lamps and other decorative accessories surrounding him pale into insignificance. Taxidermy is not for everyone. For the rest of us, we'll be inspired by the feathers and colors of the peacock.

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Karena said...

Wonderful post. I love the color peacock blue and who does not love these fabulous birds!!

Be sure to come and enter my Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce.


Art by Karena

Lizabeth said...

Wow an all white peacock! How pretty! We have a garden center that has a few peacocks that wander around and hang out in the greenhouses. They are so stunning to see (but they are loud!) I love the colors of the peacocks and the House of Turquoise seems to embrace that the best!

Victoria said...

Hi, Delores,
Where is the Rococo Estate? I love that first image. The white peacock is beautiful, but the urn and the garden wall behind him is magnificent. I also need the mirror above the ship model in image #6. Lovely images. Have a great day. Best...Victoria

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Such beautiful birds but yes, NOISY! We once had one on our roof!!!! He hung around for a day, came down to our deck then disappeared thaty night. He was gorgeous! XO, Pinky

The enchanted home said...

Love peacocks!! Such beauitful examples.....always been a fan of using this as inspiration.

under spanish moss said...

Love the peacock pillow and the peakcock blue chair. So beautiful!
Angela and Renee

Light Fixtures and Lamps Blog said...


Thanks again for having us!!!

Arcadian Lighting

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