Saturday, August 31, 2019

August In Asti

Once the construction got to be too much, we packed our bags, the cat and dog and headed to Asti for the entire month of August.

The month started out fun and relaxing with family visiting, but then we had our well go dry for a day.  Scary!  It ended up being a broken pipe in the driveway which we had to dig up and repair.
Then came the hot days.  107 degrees hot!

Then deer somehow got on the property and ate all the roses!
Good thing we were there because they would have eventually eaten everything!

Did I mention the rattlesnake?
Yep, right behind one of the chaises by the pool.
Mr. A took care of that, thank goodness!

We've never spent more than 4 days at a time in Asti, so this was a real treat!
I spruced up a few places like the sitting area in the pool house with a new outdoor rug and pillows.

The living room got a refresh as well.
Nothing major, just a few new trays, candles and flowers.

Fresh cut olive branches are always a good idea!

 The dining room also got a refresh.
I found another hide for the table, just like the one at home.
I also brought out my majolica to display on the hutch.
Perfect for fall.

Best of all, we finally replaced the uncomfortable pine ladderback chairs with French linen chairs.
They are a game changer!

Being in Asti the month of August has been both relaxing and productive.
We head home next week to oversee the construction.
Rumor has it our cabinets will be delivered!

Stay tuned...

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Open Concept Plan

I get a kick out of watching the remodeling programs on HGTV.  They're very big on tearing down walls and creating an "open concept."  As if it's that easy!  
I found out that it's not that easy.  We had to get an architect and an engineer involved which cost money and time.  
We also had to move ducting for the furnace and water heater.  
While the Property Brothers and Fixer Upper make it seem like no big deal, it is.

Here is the BEFORE floor plan.

The new floor plan.
As you can see, we carved out space in the hallway for a powder room and located a stacking washer and dryer in a closet.
The hallway bathroom gets a total reconfiguration, along with relocating the door.
This allows me to put an armoire in the hallway where the previous door was.
It will serve as a linen closet, since that went away to make room for the laundry.

A peek into the new powder room.

Just this week, sheetrock was installed, taped and mudded.

The hallway bath is shaping up!

Now everything gets primed and ready for cabinets which will arrive on Tuesday next. 
Things are starting to happen fast!

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