Monday, April 30, 2018

Window Coverings Can Make Or Break A Room

Window coverings can make or break a room, and while curtains aren't for everyone, I have found that it's a very individual preference for each house and each person.
Practically speaking, every house, every room has its own unique situation to address when it comes to window coverings.

For instance, here are the Roman shades that came with the house.
I tried to live with them, but lovely as they may be, they weren't very practical.

 When they were up, there was absolutely no privacy.  It's like living in a fishbowl!
Down, they removed all light from the room and it felt like a prison.

Keith is my blind man!  And drapery man!
He is soon retiring after 40 years, so I am maybe one of his last customers.
Here he is with his protege, ready to hang my new woven shades from Presidio Classics.

The new woven shades filter light and add privacy during the day, yet allow me to see outside.

The linen drapes add to  the elegant, yet simple look I was going for.

These are the same shades that I put in our San Francisco house.  

I repeated the same layered look in our master bedroom.
The linen drapes were repurposed from our San Francisco bedroom.

I like how the woven shades are the same color of the grasscloth on the bookshelves.

Now that the new woven shades and linen drapes finally arrived, I feel like this is now my room.
My look, my design.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Backyard Reveal

 The backyard project finally came together a month ago with the arrival of the outdoor furniture and rug.

 The wicker sofa and chairs are a little more traditional than a lot of the wicker furniture available.  
More of a Nantucket style.

 In fact, I could even use the furniture inside.  
Especially the chairs as they're wingbacks.  

The tent arrived a week later.
Needless to say, it was not easy to put together, even though the directions said assembly would take a mere 30 minutes.  
Right.  More like two hours!
Even Mr. A got involved!

Here it is all set up and ready for some serious summer relaxation.

Even though this area was fine without the tent, I love how the tent creates a room.

 Sitting out here in the evening is magical!
I can see why the previous owners built this elevated area.

It's been fun shopping for accessories like pillows...

...throws, plants and lanterns.

It's a private retreat to enjoy our morning coffee or a glass of wine when the sun is setting.

Wicker furniture, rug, coffee table and side table from Pottery Barn
Tent from Safavieh, through Amazon 
Pillows and throw from Homegoods
Brass lantern from Pottery Barn a few seasons ago.
Other lanterns from OSH

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