Monday, April 30, 2018

Window Coverings Can Make Or Break A Room

Window coverings can make or break a room, and while curtains aren't for everyone, I have found that it's a very individual preference for each house and each person.
Practically speaking, every house, every room has its own unique situation to address when it comes to window coverings.

For instance, here are the Roman shades that came with the house.
I tried to live with them, but lovely as they may be, they weren't very practical.

 When they were up, there was absolutely no privacy.  It's like living in a fishbowl!
Down, they removed all light from the room and it felt like a prison.

Keith is my blind man!  And drapery man!
He is soon retiring after 40 years, so I am maybe one of his last customers.
Here he is with his protege, ready to hang my new woven shades from Presidio Classics.

The new woven shades filter light and add privacy during the day, yet allow me to see outside.

The linen drapes add to  the elegant, yet simple look I was going for.

These are the same shades that I put in our San Francisco house.  

I repeated the same layered look in our master bedroom.
The linen drapes were repurposed from our San Francisco bedroom.

I like how the woven shades are the same color of the grasscloth on the bookshelves.

Now that the new woven shades and linen drapes finally arrived, I feel like this is now my room.
My look, my design.

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N from VA said...

Agree the new woven shades are perfect (more natural and organic---the Roman shades were geometric/very white). Love how your cottage/house looks!

N from VA

gme said...

Beautiful! Great choices.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Beautiful! I did the same with my new house here. We had custom woven shades for all of our windows, then I made the curtains.

RuggedCharms said...

Just perfect Dolores! I always learn from you and your taste is impeccable - never a false note. BTW, as beautiful as your SF abode was, and I loved following your journey there, I always had the sense that your heart really wasn't in it - it was like Cinderella's stepsister trying to put her foot into the shoe that didn't fit and never would. I can't wait to see the continuing evolution of the cottage!

Cynthia Christensen said...

Dolores, I have followed your blog for years and I LOVE ...'your room(s), your look'...your take on a home always makes me feel more comfortable and settled. Simply elegant and luxurious without the nonsense. It pleases my spirit. Thank you. Just by being you, I am learning to be more myself. While my budget is not as grand as yours, the principles you use can be easily translated within my more humble allowance. I am very grateful.


Those rooms are wonderful and the window treatment with those shades turned out fabulous, without having the room get so dark.
Tour cottage is so warm and so pretty Dolores.

Love Design said...

Bedroom...with woven shades going all the way up to drapery rod above window casing looks fabulous!

Maria C said...

Delores, I am thrilled that you got your window treatments back! I loved them in the old house, so I love them now. Yep, this is definitely your look. The other shades were too stylized and it didn't bring enough texture into the room. Love, love, love these!

cotedetexas said...

Love seeing the new home. I need to google your home town to see where it’s located. Seems so beautiful there. Love the shingles. Enjoy!!!!

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