Monday, December 2, 2019

New Kitchen Reveal

Our kitchen was finally completed in November and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out!
I have to say, I was a little nervous with the black backsplash choice, but in the end, I wouldn't change a thing. 

 The countertops and backsplash are honed granite which mimics soapstone.  I designed the curved stone behind the stove to highlight the copper pots.  

 The grasscloth wallcovering was always the plan.  I've had it for a long time and luckily there was more than enough to wrap the entire kitchen and family room walls.
I especially love how it works with the backsplash.

 At the opposite end of the room, we hung the tv on the wall with the pine buffet anchoring it.
Gray herringbone chairs flank the buffet.  

A soft leather sofa faces the tv.

I had the electrician install the library lights not knowing what would end up on the walls.
I found these botanical prints to fill up the big wall which was too shallow to put a piece of furniture on it. 

The new French doors will be dressed with white linen drapes offering both privacy and respite from the afternoon sun.

I remember a day when all metals had to match.  It's still being done, but I chose to mix the metals.  There's the polished nickel hardware and faucet mixed with the gilded island pendants and sconces.  Brass library lights, bronze door hardware, and don't forget the copper pots!  It all works.

It's hard to believe this project is finished! 

Cabinets:  Brookhaven
Cabinet hardware:  RH
Sink:  Kohler
Faucet:  Newport Brass
Stove:  Wolf
Dishwasher:  Bosch
Refrigerator:  Fisher & Paykel
Microwave:  Sharp
Countertops and backsplash:  Honed "mist" granite
Wallcovering:  Jeffrey Phillips grasscloth
Sofa and chairs:  Pottery Barn
Bar cart:  Serena and Lily
Pendants and sconces:  Aiden Gray
Library lights:  RH
Botanicals:  OKA

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Friday, September 27, 2019

It's Starting To Look Like A Kitchen!

 How happy am I that the cabinets were installed last week?
Absolutely thrilled! 

Not only were they installed, but the crown moulding also went in.
The countertops were templated and are waiting for the black granite.

What's that on the side of the cabinet you ask?
After much indecision, I decided to put sconces on the cabinet sides, instead of over the window.

The range hood also went in.
Kind of like the nose on the face, it just completes that wall.
Except for the backsplash...

Here is my backsplash inspiration.
I know, it's a lot of black, but I'm obsessed with this idea.
The stone will only go under the cabinets, but under the hood, it will transition like this.
I plan on hanging a pot rack just under the hood and hang copper pots.

Things are really moving along fast now.
The floors are scheduled for next week!
Stay tuned....

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Saturday, August 31, 2019

August In Asti

Once the construction got to be too much, we packed our bags, the cat and dog and headed to Asti for the entire month of August.

The month started out fun and relaxing with family visiting, but then we had our well go dry for a day.  Scary!  It ended up being a broken pipe in the driveway which we had to dig up and repair.
Then came the hot days.  107 degrees hot!

Then deer somehow got on the property and ate all the roses!
Good thing we were there because they would have eventually eaten everything!

Did I mention the rattlesnake?
Yep, right behind one of the chaises by the pool.
Mr. A took care of that, thank goodness!

We've never spent more than 4 days at a time in Asti, so this was a real treat!
I spruced up a few places like the sitting area in the pool house with a new outdoor rug and pillows.

The living room got a refresh as well.
Nothing major, just a few new trays, candles and flowers.

Fresh cut olive branches are always a good idea!

 The dining room also got a refresh.
I found another hide for the table, just like the one at home.
I also brought out my majolica to display on the hutch.
Perfect for fall.

Best of all, we finally replaced the uncomfortable pine ladderback chairs with French linen chairs.
They are a game changer!

Being in Asti the month of August has been both relaxing and productive.
We head home next week to oversee the construction.
Rumor has it our cabinets will be delivered!

Stay tuned...

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Open Concept Plan

I get a kick out of watching the remodeling programs on HGTV.  They're very big on tearing down walls and creating an "open concept."  As if it's that easy!  
I found out that it's not that easy.  We had to get an architect and an engineer involved which cost money and time.  
We also had to move ducting for the furnace and water heater.  
While the Property Brothers and Fixer Upper make it seem like no big deal, it is.

Here is the BEFORE floor plan.

The new floor plan.
As you can see, we carved out space in the hallway for a powder room and located a stacking washer and dryer in a closet.
The hallway bathroom gets a total reconfiguration, along with relocating the door.
This allows me to put an armoire in the hallway where the previous door was.
It will serve as a linen closet, since that went away to make room for the laundry.

A peek into the new powder room.

Just this week, sheetrock was installed, taped and mudded.

The hallway bath is shaping up!

Now everything gets primed and ready for cabinets which will arrive on Tuesday next. 
Things are starting to happen fast!

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Powder Room Inspiration

When I came across this gorgeous powder room on Instagram, I almost had a heart attack!
It just takes my breath away.  Ok, I'm being dramatic, but you have to admit, it's beautiful!
It's designed by Heather Chaddack.

That wallpaper though!
It's called "Raphael" by Sandberg, and I'm in love!
Unless I find something else that I love more, this is going on the walls!

I ordered this vanity from RH, which is similar to my inspiration photo.
At first I was vacillating between polished nickel and brass legs, but ended up with the nickel.

Oh look!  I already have the mirror!  
It will be perfect over the vanity.  

To complete the look, I chose these sconces which will compliment the mirror beautifully.
I cannot wait for this little jewel box of a powder room!
Thank you Heather Chadduck for the inspiration!

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Kitchen Island Pendant Choices

I've been struggling with lighting choices for our kitchen island for weeks!
The black granite island is a little over seven feet long and 3 feet wide, so I need two pendants.
This lantern from Ballard Designs is a safe bet.  I know what it will look like because I had it in our City kitchen.
But, I want something a little less safe--a little different.

I fell in love with this pendant by Currey and Company.
The black metal shade is fabulous, and I love that there is a candelabra inside.
The problem is the inside of the shade and candelabra are silver and I want gilded.
At 20 inches diameter, it could be too big.
Also, the price is very high. 

Here is what they look like in a kitchen....

 I discovered this reasonably priced pendant from  Outrageous Interiors.  
It's certainly different!  But is it too different?  Is it too rustic?
I dunno!

Another safe choice from Currey and Company is this 13 inch diameter industrial style pendant.
I like that the inside is gilded and it has that black metal finish that I love.

This light and airy gilded pendant from Aidan Gray checks a lot of boxes.  
It's different, yet traditional.  
I like that the bobeches are distressed wood, but I would replace the metal candles with drip candles.
What do you think?  

I found this pendant at Frontgate.  It's also by Aidan Gray.
It was on sale, so I ordered two of them.  
They remind me of my favorite from Currey and Company, but the shade is paper.
In the photo it looks black, but it's very light gray.  The inside is splattered with gold, not solid which bugs me.  They're also quite big at 20 inches diameter.
Thankfully, they are returnable because I'm not 100% about them.

I've exhausted my search for the perfect pendant and can't seem to fall in love with anything!
I feel like there is a thin line between not wanting something safe and expected and wanting to be different, cutting edge. 

I would love any thoughts, ideas or feedback, please! 

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Before Pinterest

Before the Internet, before Pinterest, there were only magazines for inspiration.  
I had a subscription to most of them:  House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Country Living, etc.
I would tear out favorite pages and put them in plastic sleeves to save.  I had lots of binders, full of inspiration!  They've all disappeared except one.
It's titled "Romantic Homes" which is where this page came from.  
I still love this garden room with its floral wallpaper and chair.  And that floor!
I think for the most part, this room would still be on trend today, minus the wallpaper.
Not sure who the designer was.  Does anyone remember?

Another page I obsessed over!
A bedroom designed by Betsy Speert with that wonderful paisley duvet and delicious green walls.
Check out the bears on each post of the bed.  It was definitely a time of embellishment.
What still stands today?  Maybe the duvet?

Other than the many floral patterned pillows and red rug, this garden room could still be on trend with the mirrored coffee table and black lacquer chairs.  Woven blinds would replace the cafe curtains.

This room and magazine feature had a great influence on me.  A young couple decorated their home in Ralph Lauren fabrics.  Lots of plaid and florals.  Those fabrics are still around today.  I think I still have a pillow in that floral somewhere.  
Notice the sisal rug.  It was at the beginning of that trend which still is around today.

 Here's another page I've held on to all these years.
The cabinet with stacks of white towels, the faux bamboo desk and slipper chair upholstered in Ralph Lauren's "Charlotte" floral still makes my heart skip a beat.

I remember how much I loved this room with its leopard chairs mixed with florals and green stripe wallpaper.  I loved everything about this room!
That ceiling though!

 A close up of the table shows the green majolica dishes I've been collecting for years.

These pages are just a few examples of what inspired me back in the day.  It took a lot of time to gather and collect when I was a young mother who enjoyed decorating my home on a budget.  

These days, I search Pinterest and Instagram for ideas. 
When not looking online for inspiration, I have my collection of design books.
And I'm happy there are still magazines to tear pages out and pin to my virtual board!

Check out my Pinterest and Instagram to see my projects, as well as what inspires me.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wet Bar Reveal

 The wet bar is done!  Well, almost.  Eventually, we will add glass shelves when the hardware arrives.
But for now, it's as good as done.

 What's nice about this little room, is that while the kitchen is gutted, this is now our mini kitchen.
All of the dishes went into the cupboards, along with the pantry items.
Having running water is a plus!

 The rattan bar cart replaced the desk and now holds the microwave and toaster.

Here is the before photo...

 ...and the during photo.

 The entire room was sanded and painted a glossy finish.  

 Then, a honed black granite counter went in.
I chose a brass sink and faucet in a living finish.

Our contractor built a cabinet for under the sink that looks like it was always there.
Luckily, the area to the right is a perfect size for a wine fridge.
New hardware from RH.

I do love this room that I called "the dish room" when we first moved in.

Then it was the office for a while.  

Now it's a Butler's Pantry, holding all my dishes and crystal with a wet bar!
Stay tuned for the glass shelves addition....

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