Thursday, June 27, 2019

Kitchen Island Pendant Choices

I've been struggling with lighting choices for our kitchen island for weeks!
The black granite island is a little over seven feet long and 3 feet wide, so I need two pendants.
This lantern from Ballard Designs is a safe bet.  I know what it will look like because I had it in our City kitchen.
But, I want something a little less safe--a little different.

I fell in love with this pendant by Currey and Company.
The black metal shade is fabulous, and I love that there is a candelabra inside.
The problem is the inside of the shade and candelabra are silver and I want gilded.
At 20 inches diameter, it could be too big.
Also, the price is very high. 

Here is what they look like in a kitchen....

 I discovered this reasonably priced pendant from  Outrageous Interiors.  
It's certainly different!  But is it too different?  Is it too rustic?
I dunno!

Another safe choice from Currey and Company is this 13 inch diameter industrial style pendant.
I like that the inside is gilded and it has that black metal finish that I love.

This light and airy gilded pendant from Aidan Gray checks a lot of boxes.  
It's different, yet traditional.  
I like that the bobeches are distressed wood, but I would replace the metal candles with drip candles.
What do you think?  

I found this pendant at Frontgate.  It's also by Aidan Gray.
It was on sale, so I ordered two of them.  
They remind me of my favorite from Currey and Company, but the shade is paper.
In the photo it looks black, but it's very light gray.  The inside is splattered with gold, not solid which bugs me.  They're also quite big at 20 inches diameter.
Thankfully, they are returnable because I'm not 100% about them.

I've exhausted my search for the perfect pendant and can't seem to fall in love with anything!
I feel like there is a thin line between not wanting something safe and expected and wanting to be different, cutting edge. 

I would love any thoughts, ideas or feedback, please! 

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Cheryl said...

My two favorites are the curry and company industral and aiden gray with bobeches. While I like the one from outrageous interiors, I think it is too much for a kitchen. Whichever one (two) you decide upon, I can't wait to see them in your new kitchen. I'm certain it will be charming.

katie st. claire said...

Love your blog, Delores, & your design aesthetic! Here is my feedback on the lamps! I actually love the 1st one from Ballard - really love it & you know how great they will look. I didn't care for any of the others, except for the 1st Aiden Gray ones - they are beautiful & I think would look wonderful. Not crazy at all about the ones you ordered from Frontgate. I know you will make a great decision as you always do. Looking forward to seeing your new, fabulous kitchen!

Gwendolyn said...

I've been going through the same thing. But, I have a rule for myself - if I don't love it 100%, I don't buy it. I don't have to settle, the right thing will eventually present itself. My personal criteria is that I must love the item and it must be a reasonable price (I have my splurge items as well). My style is a little more old world with a splash of bohemian, which opens up alternative shopping for me - vintage, antique, junk shop finds. You have great style , and you'll know when the perfect lighting presents it's self.

Unknown said...

Go for the smaller currey & co.

Vicar's Wife said...

I vote for the light and airy Aiden. I like the open airiness of the design. Yes, replacing the candles is a great idea. The overall look to me is traditional but not staid. But it will not give you down lighting if that is important to you.

Scribbler said...

I love the last one. Can you gold leaf the inside to make it golder?

Cynthia Christensen said...

Personally, I like the Currey and Company. Maybe they are expensive but they are also a statement piece. If you want the gilded look bring out the gold leaf and brush it on, The Outrageous Interiors pendant shade looks like they didn't have a large enough one. After awhile the light bulbs would annoy me. Especially when they catch my eye on a cold and rainy night. Same thing on the lanterns. I prefer the gilded down light. One thing I am certain, your taste is perfection. Whatever you choose will be beautiful.

95Wildcat said...

They are beautiful choices but my favorite is the industrial Curry and Company. Its smaller and looks more transitional. It seems like it would stand the test of time. My second favorite is the bottom Aiden Gray but you would need to use dressier furniture with it.

95Wildcat said...

Oops! I meant to say the light and airy Aiden Gray as my second choice not the Frontgate one! 😊

TessoftheWest said...

There is not a doubt in my mind that you will find exactly what you are looking for, and maybe even by accident! I don't know what the rest of the lighting is like in your kitchen, but form should definitely follow function in this instance (sometimes it doesn't have to!). For me the most important thing for island lighting is having sufficient down light so that the island is actually illuminated. The candle type lights just don't provide enough working light. Can't wait to see what you decide on and thank you for sharing and asking for input!

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