Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Goals

Are you as surprised as I am that it's December already?  My mind says it's October still!
I woke up this morning with a little panic because this month is going to be huge.
Yes, it's Christmas, but also the remodel is coming to a close and I'm hoping that we can be celebrating Christmas Day in our new home.
So, here are my December Goals:

Robert the Painter painting the beams and walls BM Soft Chamois
First:  Finish painting the interior of the house.  It begins today and should be finished in two weeks.
That puts us at December 15th.

The master shower doors will be framed in marble.
Second:  Finish off the marble installation.  We have it installed here and there, but not everywhere.
The master bath still doesn't have a countertop!
Forget the other bathrooms.  They are just tiled--no marble.
The powder room faucet from California Faucets.
Third:  Plumbing.  Let's get the toilets, faucets and showers hooked up please before we move in!
There's no way I'm using that nasty porta-potty in the yard!

The living room chandelier from Wisteria.
Fourth:  Lighting and electricity.  I can't wait to see the chandeliers, pendents and sconces installed.  They're boxed up and I don't even remember what they look like--or even where they are!

36" Subzero glass front refrigerator!
Fifth:  The appliances can be delivered anytime after the painting.  
I would love to see them sooner, than later.  Especially, this refrigerator!

Sixth:  Begin moving boxes and small furniture and keep schlepping until it's done, even if it takes all night!
Call a mover for the large items and schedule delivery of all the ordered furniture and rugs that are sitting on a truck in limbo, waiting.

Is it possible?  Can it be done?
It's hard enough to get contractors to show up in San Francisco, let alone at Christmas time!
Fingers crossed....
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Carol S. said...

They say reach for the stars, you end on the roof. Reach for the roof, you end on the floor. I hope you reach for the stars and end in the stars...and are in by Christmas!

Kathysue said...

Wishing you lots and lots of Christmas luck, but to be honest if you and your family are together you will have a wonderful Christmas!! Even among boxes, put bows on them and make them a decoration, LOL. Merry Christmas Delores!! I hung my wreath today, it felt so good to do just that one thing! Falalala!♪♪♪

Sheila @ Maison de Cinq said...

Oh Gosh Delores, I sure hope it all comes together! It is going to be gorgeous, I just know it!! Loving that chandelier (similar to my Horchow one in my DR!) And the marble looks so pretty.

Soooo wishing you good luck! Hope it all comes together!!



laney said...

...my fingers are crossed...my prayers are in flight...blessings laney

edbdesigns said...

I have wanted that refrigerator since my Mom got one a few years back. Of course I can't justify the expense until my old fridge dies! A girl can dream.....

Sarah said...

Delores, if anyone could do it, it would be you. I hope all goes as planned. How fun it would be for you and your husband to celebrate Christmas in the new abode. It may not be decorated, but you will be in! ;-)
Best of luck with the final details. May all go smoothly as planned.
Merry Christmas, my friend!

Leslie Sinclair said...

You are one up on me!! I keep thinking its August! It will be beautiful whenever it is finished! Hope to see you soon! xo Leslie Sinclair

Bonnie said...

Hey Delores...I am a "professional mover" since I have had to move
twice this year!!! You will get it done and doesn't have to be
perfect....that will be more fun and have many memories. I have once moved at Christmas time, actually on day before Christmas. I will never forget that day because it was actually fun!!! As long as
you have a bed to sleep in and appliances hooked up in the kitchen,
and probably need at least one toilet....you will be fine. Wish I
was there to help. Call my daughter....she is a pro too. Will work
on weekend I bet!! Love and hugs. B

Cyndy said...

So excited for you! This is going to be an amazing house! It looks awesome already, half finished!

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