Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Reading Room Reveal

This tiny room has been an office since we moved here in 1999. It had a huge desk, file cabinet and the only computer in the house, a giant monolith of a computer. It was where our kids did their homework.

Times have changed. Most people now have laptops and don't need a designated office anymore. Also, things have changed in our home too. Everyone grew up and went off to college!

I decided to reclaim the space as a reading room. For such a small space, it was a huge undertaking.

The ceiling was cracked like an eggshell. I wanted to panel the ceiling with v-groove rustic redwood boards like the original 1906 ceiling in my sunroom. But that would be very expensive.

My painter, Bob came up with the idea of using MDF and ripping them into boards. He cut a groove on either side and then put them up randomly.

Once painted, it is impossible to tell the difference between the real deal and this MDF ceiling.
Here, he is painting all the woodwork in the room. Notice the balcony outside the door.

He painted the room my tried and true "Granfield Pumpkin" by Benjamin Moore.

I took this picture of the balcony the other morning. It has never really been used or staged. It has a wonderful view of the front yard and flowering plum trees across the street.

Here it is tonight at dusk. I already had this outdoor rug and the fanback chairs were brought in from the backyard. A plant and candle on a tray, and voila!

I am claiming this space for myself! This could be my new "blogspot" on warm days...

Looking through the door, into the new reading room.

We bought this chair today at the consignment center. All linen, $89! I couldn't believe it! However, it is a little big for the room. I will make it work though, because it is incredibly comfortable.

Ahhh! A place to sit and read. My favorite thing to do!

This pine bookcase was already in the room.
Right now it is filled with fishing books and high school text books. That will change though!

The chandelier was originally in the hallway and rehung in here. We retrofitted it with a pull chain as there is no switch in the room.

The room is still a work in progress. I have to hang art, rearrange the books and tomorrow pick up the mate to this chair. At $89 each, I couldn't pass it up. So, it will be a reading room for two now!

I was so surprised when I got home tonight to learn that I received an award
from Kim at Savvy Southern Style !
I am so honored! Kim is new to the blogosphere and I have recently discovered her. We have similar tastes and I look forward to seeing what she posts. She has asked that I describe 7 things about myself. Hmmm, I'm going to have to think about that and get back to you in a few days!
Thank you Kim!

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I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday.
Be sure to visit her and see all the other participants and their projects.

I'm also linking up to It's So Very Cheri for It's So Very Creative Monday. There you will find more creative projects and transformations for inspiration.

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Acanthus and Acorn said...

It is so fantastic as is the balcony!!! I am always going to think of you blogging from this location, I just love it. And, the lush grass and boxwoods below...divine.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

What a wonderful room! The view of the flowering plums is gorgeous!

Missy said...

I'm drooling over your balcony! And your ceiling! Very nice, love it all!


Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

What a beuatiful spot. I love how the ceiling turned out.

xinex said...

The room is beautiful now, Delores, but it will be exceptionally gorgeous after you're done with it, for sure. Love the balcony and I love your blooming plums!...Christine

Bunny Jean said...

Those chairs were a great buy! Enjoy your new reading room.

Talk to you soon ;)
Bunny Jean

Jeanette said...

Everything is just lovely. I know you will enjoy your new room.

Martha said...

What a great balcony! And I love that chair -- $89 and there were two of them -- they were a STEAL!!!! A great little reading room -- the best part, however, is that balcony -- what a fun place!

Unknown said...

I love your bargain chair! What a steal. Your room looks great and your little outdoor spot is darling!


Jane said...

Your reading room is beautiful! What a wonderful space and then to have that balcony too!!! I'm trying not to be too envious :-)
Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Oh, I love your reading room. What a great job he did on the ceiling. The chandelier is perfect for that room and I love that wall color, so rich and warm. Great buy on those chairs. Our consignment store here is too high on furniture. The stuff is used and she sales them at closer to new stuff prices. Her accessories are pretty reasonable though. Your home is just beautiful and I would be living on that little porch that you made so homey!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

What a beautiful and cozy reading room! And that balcony is gorgeous too. I think on any given moment, my family would find me there. Beautiful job!!

Maggie said...

You've created two wonderful spaces to sit & dream & blog & read. Your squishy chair looks perfect for curling up with a good book and a hot cup of tea on chillier days and the balcony will be perfect once the warmer weather begins.
Congratulations on your award.

Gypsy Heart said...

Both areas are wonderful! Love the ceiling and the new paint in the reading room. I know it's going to be even more beautiful when you're finished.

Heidi said...

Hi Delores,
That balcony is the first thing I noticed when I opened your site! The chair (which is similar to the one I just made the slipcover for) was the second thing. Your painter was the third. Send him right over here when you're done with him, won't you?!! I am now completely convinced that I have to finish and paint the wood trim at this house. I've been going back and forth about it in parts of the house, but seeing your beautiful home and the white painted woodwork helped me decide! Thank you. Your reading room, with those chairs, the chandy, the book shelf and the little balcony is the perfect spot. I would be in there all the time with my books and a cup of tea. It's really lovely, and I know you'll only improve on it with your finishing touches.
Heidi - Heart and Home

Kathysue said...

I am so excited for you!! This is a perfect spot for reading. I can just see you going around the room and the balcony changing things until it is perfectly YOU! It is wonderful and you have a great start, looking forward to following along with the evoulution, thanks for sharing , Kathysue

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

What a wonderful room! I could snuggle up in that chair and read for hours! Love the balcony, too! Happy week!...Debbie

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You have a beautiful home and grounds, from what I can see here! Love your reading room and the bonus you got with the balcony!

Nouveau Stitch said...

You've inspired me! I have a room designated as the sunroom by the architect. We've never used it for that purpose and I've been at a loss as to how to use it. A reading room is the perfect answer! Thanks for sharing your lovely rooms with us!

Thanks also for stopping by Nouveau Stitch and leaving the kind comment!

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

How awesome to have such a cozy space! Love everything about it!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

WOW! i love both spaces but would truly die for that balcony!

victoria said...

Love the ceiling, the chairs, the balcony and the blog. Showed it to DH and "said see I told you so". He agreed with me, the ceiling, is wonderful. BTW the library post was great too loved the black space-dining/library. I have a black dining already would need to divest the mahogany table and chairs for a round table to make it work. Thanks for sharing.

Kimberly said...

I love it! That is one pretty balcony.

I am your newest follower, and fellow Californian.

Pat@BPM said...

Absolutely beautiful! The chair, the paint color, the balcony, every bit of it! Looking forward to seeing more.

Scribbler said...

What a concept -- a room just dedicated to reading!

I could die happy.


Blue Creek Home said...

Painter Bob is a brilliant man!! That ceiling is gorgeous. I imagine it's not nearly as heavy as wood either. Great idea.
The balcony is so inviting! And oh my - the reading room is perfect.
Love those chairs and the pumpkin walls!

Allison Shops said...

Everything looks wonderful! Congrats on a job well done.

Terry said...

Blue ribbon AND gold medal to painter bob. I live how your beautiful balustrade appears to be part of your reading room, making it appear bigger and more interesting architecturally. I like how this design element works in every direction.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

It looks great! I love your tried and true color and the tip from painter bob is priceless. I would love to do a style maker post on you, would you be up for that? Just e-mail me.

Atticmag said...

What a marvelous perch you have there both in the study and on the terrace. A glass of wine or a cup of coffee and some wifi out there and you're set for sure! Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my new picture wall. -- Jane F.

Carey said...

I just so love this room and the terrace is to die for. The ceiling idea is such a great idea. I envy you. I wish I had an extra room for reading or just for me. You have to post about this room often. I would love to see it often.
Congrats on your award. You deserve it. Thanks for trying to take my button. I had trouble with my blog all day yesterday, but it is fixed today.
I just posted about a book blog party I am hosting. Your new room and book club would be great ideas for posts.

Carey said...

I forgot to add to comment above that I love the new pictures on the side bar. Your house and backyard are so beautiful.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

That balcony is gorgeous! I love the ceiling. I've been wanting to do something similar to our family room ceiling. Your painter is a genius! Love the whole room!


Mary said...

Delores, what a fabulous makeover of that little room! Can I swap my DH Bob for your great painter Bob, ha! ha?!! That ceiling is amazing - what do you mean by 'ripping MDF' to make the boards? Love that look also the paint color on the walls. Great buy on the chair - it looks comfy - and looking out over the balustrade above the beautiful flowering trees makes me think of the South of France!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Wonderful little hideaway! What a deal on those chairs! If it's going to be a reading room, comfortable chairs are really important, no matter how much space they take up. You don't need space for anything other than the two chairs! How wonderful that someone with your vision is married to someone with the vision and skill to make your ideas a reality! Y'all make a great team. Oh, and that pretty little balcony makes this a perfect reading and dreaming room. laurie

Carrie Ann Eddleman said...

Oh, I just love your reading room, absolutely perfect. I cannot believe that chair, it's great and a steal too. The balcony, I could so see spending evenings there sipping wine and chatting about your days.

Anonymous said...

Love your rooms! What color did you paint your master bedroom and foyer? I have the same Ralph Lauren Bedding!

Thanks, Rindy

The Tablescaper said...

You're doing a wonderful job. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Awesome book case.

- The Tablescaper

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love your new reading room! and the sight of the American flag is so beautiful! thank you for sharing! I love your site ... have an ailing husband and it fills some "empty" hours ... thank you.

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