Friday, December 7, 2012

The Everyday Holiday Centerpiece

 A reader of vignette design asked me what do I usually put on the dining room table for every day during the holidays:
"I have a question.... what do you put on your dining table and/or kitchen table during Xmas? I don't mean "tablescaping" for a party/dinner, but what sits on your dining table that says "Xmas" all the other days? I am in a dilemma! Have gotten rid of some old Xmas decor so right now my dining table has nothing Christmas-y. I've been looking through Pinterest for ideas, but mainly see tablescapes for dinners..... Thoughts?" ~Sheila

As you can see, there aren't any Christmas themed decorations here. 

The red paisley tablecloth merely hints at Christmas.
Poinsettias, the no-brainer, hard working Christmas flower that lasts all season, is my choice for the faux wicker container.
Eventually, I'll add some fir and magnolia branches to the table as Christmas approaches.

 In our breakfast area, I grouped different containers that hold herbs, succulents, narcissus and fruits for an eclectic, organic look on a vintage grain sack table runner.

The three tiered wooden stand was a recent purchase from OKL.
Oh, I'm going to have fun with this throughout the year!

An everyday holiday centerpiece doesn't have to be floral.
I used pinecone candles on top of a cake stand for a centerpiece a few Christmases ago.
When it came time to "tablescape," I just added mercury glass votives and some leaves from the garden.

And last, but not least, my friend created a lovely table with red roses.
She floated cranberries and green apples inside the vases for a lovely effect.
Adding fir branches all the way down the table with votive candles interspersed completes the look.

The grocery store is a great place to gather your centerpiece materials.
Think roses, seasonal greens and potted poinsettias from the floral department.
Fill in with apples, cranberries or oranges from the produce department.
Use natural greens gathered from outside like pinecones or fir branches for a runner.
And remember, the Christmas tree lot has lots of branches on the ground--for free!

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Pura Vida said...

always always stunning

gme said...

I just absolutely love your dining room!


Gorgeous vignettes, each one! You are so talented. Enjoy this Holiday Season.

Kathysue said...

Beautiful examples and ideas D!! I usually have a large vase with fresh flowers from the Grocery store. I get all of one kind usually white. Simple, inexpensive and pretty. I did a post today on Christmas kitchens!Wait until you see what I put in my white serving bowl,
Happy Friday!
Merry Christmas,

Sheila @ Maison de Cinq said...

Thanks Dolores!! I appreciate you personally answering my question. You have given me some good ideas. I will have to play around this weekend! Maybe I will send you photos when I am done:)


Linda in AZ * said...

*** D, I was SO SURPRISED yesterday when I saw a "vintage PINECONE planter", LIKE YOUR FAB ONE (!), on OKL or J&M (can't remember which!!!).

ANYHOOOO, it said the "original price" was about $1400-ish, and the "sale price" was somewhere around $650-$700, if I remember correctly...

Ever since I saw YOURS, I've been searching for one (preferably TWO, cuz I love that look AND we're building a summer escape from AZ "mountain house", where I'd love to use them~~~ "EUREKA, I found one!"... Alas, and "BOO-HOO", it's too much $ for MY comfort!!!...... CRUMBS!!!

Anyway, thought you'd want to know, m' friend!!!


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Love the pinecone candles in the cake stand...and your three tiered stand. All so cheerful!

Christine at Little Brags said...

love your nook table .... so cozy! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I'm so glad you posted your reader's question. We are always seeing such elaborate tablescapes in blogland (and they are wonderful), but it's nice to get some ideas for everyday too. All of your suggestions are just beautiful!!

C. Dianne Zweig said...

Glad to have found this beautiful blog.I have just added you to my blog roll and hope you might come for a visit and enjoy my blog and add me to yours. Love your holiday spirit.


The enchanted home said...

Everything looks just stunning, love the natural elements...beautiful!

carolyn bradford said...

When I saw the title of this post I definitely did a double take! Love your ideas and so glad your reader asked that question! Everything looks beautiful! Also…every three tiered tray we've ever had in my shop I've always been sorry that I didn't keep one for myself! You will definitely love this!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Your everyday looks are fabulus too!!!EVERYTHING you do is beautiful. Thanks for sharing these images. XO, Pinky

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Delores, everything always looks like a holiday over here. Your holiday table look rich and inviting.
Love that it feels like a 5 star inn over here :)

Thank you for sharing.

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