Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

 Happy Earth Day!
And what better way to celebrate Earth Day than digging in the dirt!

 Although we didn't get around to planting the vegetable garden, we did get the herb garden planted.
Sweet basil, Italian parsley, oregano...

...and Sage.

The sage is left over from last year and is in full bloom!

And so are the volunteer sweet peas.  
I don't have the heart to pull them out just yet and plant the tomatoes.
No, not with their heavenly scent filling the air.

 I brought them home by the armful!

Thank you Mother Earth for the gift of sweet peas!

We celebrated Earth Day today by planting an herb garden.
Over one billion people and 193 countries participated in Earth Day today.
To read about some of the activities all around the globe, click here.
What did you do for Earth Day?

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Kelley said...

love your sweet peas and your herbs!!!

xxx kelley

bec said...

I'm soooo jealous of those sweet peas, I didn't realise it was earth could this pass by with out me knowing? I did make up for it though on the weekend spending much of the days in the garden planting new plants including a flame tree which I have always wanted.
happy earth day
Bec x

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Don't you just love volunteers in the garden? Lovely!
Have a wonderful day...

Kathysue said...

I was digging in the ground yesterday too. I planted bright pink impatiens in the backyard, I always enjoy a pop of pink with the cobalt blue in my backyard.
Sweet peas are one of my favorite flowers, they look like watercolors. Love them!! Yours are beautiful! Also fun to see your beautiful paisley chairs, so DELORES!!!

Monica said...

I really like your garden it so full of yummy herbs and colors. I am on my 2nd year of growing a couple of items and each year hope to add more as I get better at watering.

coast said...

Beautiful! Love the chairs. Would you mind sharing where you found the fabric?

Melanie said...

I didn't do anything in particular for Earth Day...can't plant anything here in northern IL yet except for pansies (which I've already done) because it's still too cold!

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