Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Birds

Like a scene straight out of "The Birds," this bird has been dive bombing me every time I set foot in my backyard!
He barely misses my head, and I'm truly afraid!

This is his "wife" who also doesn't hesitate to dive bomb me or the dogs!

She has a nest in one of our Crepe Myrtles--not very high up either.
I can see her little babies from my bathroom window with their mouths open, waiting for their food.

As soon as they grow up and leave the nest, I'll add it to my collection.

Fast forward...
The baby birds did indeed fly away and I am now the proud owner of their nest.
It's a work of art, worthy of being under a glass dome!

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Lori E said...

I guess they wanted to make sure you didn't walk off with their nest before they were done with it. Maybe you have a reputation amongst the birds.

Gina said...

Dear Delores, Don't give up. We have thousands, yes thousands of birds in our trees by the house. They are a nuisance. However, I love most of them except for the swallows. They are extremely aggressive and will band together to attack our dogs and us.
At one time we counted more than a dozen nests around our homestead. We now remove the nests before they are completed. The swallows have found a new property down the road. They still visit us and hunt for insects above our pond.

Pat@BPM said...

That shot of the nest under the dome is gorgeous, Delores.

We had a 60 foot front porch at the farm. Barn Swallows built nests all along the porch. They loved to dive bomb us. I walked every morning, making the circle around the drive and down the lane and back several times. Each time I approached the house, there were the Barn Swallows protecting their nests!

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

We also had "attack robins" this year in our porch umbrella! They come every year but this year they were extremely aggressive. As soon as the babies flew we took down the nest but it was too messed up this time for me to save. A week later they came back, looking for it, as I understand they often have 2-3 families in one summer! I hope yours don't find out you have their beautiful nest, or they will be looking for an open window! :) Linda

Anonymous said...

Lori's comment (the 1st one above) had me laughing so hard. That nest is too cute!

Rose Erdstein said...

Delores as you know I live in a small town in Florida and we have owls that live in burrows underground. They are active at night and love to eat the eggs of the black birds ( geckos ) that live in the trees. The owls are a protected
and they are good for the environment of Florida because they eat snakes too.
I love your pics of the bird family!

Kelley said...

so funny! I had a pair of little finches (Victor and Victoria)in a cage which I made the mistake of hanging out side on the porch one afternoon. Poor Victor or Victoria became dinner for a bluejay and was never seen again. It's a bird eat bird world!

xo Kelley

Melanie said...

Robins are very protective of their nests and babies - I've been witness to that, too! The nest looks beautiful under a cloche. :-)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos!!

johnson said...

Beautiful bird pictures you took. Seen was a cool day

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