Monday, November 18, 2013

Curly Willow Branches

  Recently, I discovered the beauty of curly willow branches and added them to the olive branches that I cut straight from the olive trees on our property, filling this urn in our living room in the wine country.

I'm always looking for something long lasting to fill the urn and add drama to the living room, which can be a challenge.

Curly willow and olive branches are perfect!

Not only does the greenery brings life to the room, but I don't have to worry about watering.
Curly willow will sprout little green leaves and roots when left in water, but I noticed that after being away for a few weeks, the water evaporated and the branches dried naturally.
I'm loving this large, organic and natural look in Asti for fall so much that I may not replace it for a while!

(Sharing at Savvy Southern Style)

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Unknown said...

I love curly willow, Delores! I planted a couple in my yard many years ago to use cuttings in my decor. So pretty.

sheerserendipity said...

Looks beautiful!

Kathysue said...

Love it D!! Perfect presentations. I have a curly willow tree behind my fence and we cut and pick up limbs all the time and use them in arrangements. In fact I did last year for Christmas in my entry hall with white frosty ornaments hanging off of them. They are so architectural and interesting. Love the mix you used with the olive tree limbs, Beautiful,
Happy Monday,

Meg@OliverandRust said...

love the branches and it was neat to get a bit of different view of this room into the hall. (plus the cute couch puppy lol)

A Toile Tale said...

I have actually planted these rooted branches and provided myself a supply of more branches! I just love them, both fresh and dried. Good post.
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Looks great and I love using curly willow.

*Chic Provence* said...

Nice Delores! wish I had an olive tree or two... this has a nice presence in the room, I love the airy look of olive branches... might have to plant a tree in our garden design... hope you are enjoying our autumn!



ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

So Pretty!!

Babs said...

I really like your olive and curly willow arrangement. Will the olive branches hold their leaves for a while, or will you have to replace them? Love using greenery in the house, especially at Christmas.
xo Babs

Sarah said...

Love the look! I like to use the curly branches. They offer an simple graceful look!

Lisa Odom said...

dog on back of couch = my house :)


Chatfield Court said...

Love the look of the branches and love the table that they sit on. :)


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