Monday, May 12, 2014

I've Got The Blues

I've never been a blue person.  I've always felt that it left me feeling cold.
With the exception of blue denim, I rarely even wear blue!

But lately I've softened my position on blue, especially navy blue.

Nobody does blue as well as Ralph Lauren and he has always inspired me with his crisp navy and white rooms.

I recently fell in love with this blue and white paisley print from Pottery Barn which caused me to rethink my blue issue.

For me, blue should be dramatic if it is to someday end up in my home.
Baby blue won't do.

No, I'll lean towards deep midnight blue, navy blue or cobalt blue.

Perhaps blue will show up on a chair or pillow...

...or a collection of blue and white porcelain may find its way into my home!
One thing is certain, and much to my surprise, I've got a case of the blues!
Are you a blue person?

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Patricia said...

How funny you should post this ! I have never been a blue person, until this last year (and I'm in my late 50's !) It started with a beautiful old rug I purchased (kind of the traditional Persian rug) that had blue in it - I now find myself adding blue and white ginger jars, some blue in some new artwork and I just painted our kitchen gray, which goes so well with all these 'blue' touches! Who Knew ? !

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I never was a blue person either, until this year. Then I started collection blue and white china and even painted my bedroom blue.

Libby said...

I always thought I was one of a rare breed who didn't like blue, but it seems there are many of us out there! It was my Mother's favorite color so I think I may have had my fill growing up. However, we now have our lav in a gorgeous, deep, deep blue BM "Mysterious" and I love it with a passion. And, I am t hinting about redoing our bathroom with blues. Hmm. Guess it's going around. Pottery Barn does have a nice way with blues, of all kinds!

Sarah said...

Well, I'm one who has always favored blue…..the dark rich blues of indigo, cobalt, navy, and midnight. Add in crisp white and I'm very happy. We live with blue accents in most rooms of our home. I'm sitting in blue chair as I type. '-)
Give it a chance, Delores. I think you will soon become fast friends, especially if used as accents.

Unknown said...

Ironic that you posted this today for all morning I have been deciding whether to paint the blue guest room to a cream color. I am not a blue person, however I really like some of the combinations shown in the photos. Oh I am totally confused.

Kathysue said...

As you know so well I am a total blue and white person!! I can see navy slipping in with all of the colors in your home. I could not have a home without blue in it. Kind of like your reds and golds are for you.
From South Carolina,

Sue said...

I am so not a blue person. I admire it in others homes, but it leaves me a little cold. I agree with you that the only shades I could have would be the deep blues of navy or a rich cobalt. I do seem to tolerate blue a little bit in the summer with my red and white, but only a little:-)
I'm a Christmas girl through and through, red and green are my favs, along with yellow.

Victoria said...

I am right there with you never been into blue. I decided however, last year, I wanted to incorporate a bit of British Colonial to my sunroom influenced by Ralph Lauren, Dan Marty, Barclay Butera and Stuart Membery. Then in January Pottery Barn came out with their Indigo promotion
and that fabulous indigo diamond knit throw and I was in.
So like you no blue unless it's dramatic no soft powdery blues for me. Great post wonderful images.


Up a few years ago, I wasn't a blue person either, didn't even had cloths and since I love navy blue for cloths and for around the house I cannot get enough, lol! I love the images you shared. Loved the bed!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! It must be in the water. I have never been a blue person, and lately I have been thinking about adding it in.
Hugs, Gee

Cheryl said...

I have always loved blue and white. My first house had navy carpeting! Since then I moved onto greens, but now I find myself going back to blues (dark blue preferred over light blue) with the exception of Tiffany blue lol!)

Unknown said...

I've never been a blue person until last year. I suddenly began loving blues - especially robin's egg blue. I also like the dark shades but tend more towards the greeny blues right now.

AntiqueChase said...

Grew up in a "blue" house and never thought I would ever embrace it... the blue shag carpet was just too much! But now I find that I LOVE Navy. It's hard to find just the right shade.. Added two navy pillows to my white couch and the room looks so much fresher!

carolyn bradford said...

I feel like you are reading my mind! My design partner and I have always said we were against blue until the past year! Now…I'm dying for it all over my house! LOVED this post! Hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

These Blue rooms are wonderful. I haven't used much blue in any of our homes. Never thought of myself as a blue person, but I do like the navy I am seeing.

Delores...I am seriously considering cheetah print carpet for our stairs.I was at our friend's carpet store today, picking up samples for an area rug. We've been discussing redoing the stairs. When I saw the cheetah samples, I remembered your stairs. When I go back to order my rug, I'm going to bring some of the cheetah samples home. We'll see what develops.:-)

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