Monday, May 19, 2014

Open House

The San Francisco real estate market is unbelievably hot right now.
Even if you want to live in SF, you most likely won't be able to because of the competition and pricing.
That holds true for both home purchases and rentals.
The over-bidding, ridiculous pre-emptive offers and general feeding frenzy would make a very entertaining show on HGTV's House Hunters!
Read about one house that recently sold for 70% over asking here!

 I love going to open houses in The City.
 It's good to get a feel for its many residential neighborhoods should we ever decide to embrace city life someday.
Come along with me while I pretend to be in an episode of HGTV's House Hunters where we will tour three San Francisco open houses, beginning with the house above, or Open House #1.
(Two of the homes have already sold and one is pending.  I purposely left out the price but will be glad to share if you are curious.)

This single family home has a large living room that faces the street and is beautifully staged. 

The dining room is lovely and open to the living room, hallway and kitchen.

The kitchen is interesting...

The master bedroom has a little deck and a small walk-in closet.

But the master bathroom is quite spacious.  However, it's amusing that the bathtub is in the shower and the next door neighbors can see you while you bathe!

From the roof deck, there is a tiny view of the Palace of Fine Arts.
Let's go to another open house nearby, shall we?

Open House #2 is close to a popular street known for restaurants and boutiques, just like Open House #1, but it has more street presence and appeal.
It also has a two car garage.
Parking is a big deal in San Francisco!

The living room is large with a corner fireplace which could prove challenging for furniture arranging.

The oval shaped dining room has beautiful hardwood floors, but where is the chandelier? 
The plaster moldings are beautiful.

The kitchen is quite spacious and newly remodeled. 

There is also a roof deck with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the dome of the Palace.

The master bedroom is large and has a balcony overlooking the street.
It has a small walk-in closet.

The master bathroom is tiny and busy with all the different stone and tile.
Let's head over to another neighborhood for the next open house.

Open House #3 charms immediately with its shingle style that I love so much.
It is also within walking distance to shopping and restaurants, as well as The Presidio. 

The living room is small and faces the street with a balcony that would be fun to accessorize.

The kitchen is a nice size with an eat-in area which opens to the deck.

The dining room also opens to the deck.
The backyard is absolutely gorgeous!

The master bedroom is small, but comes with two lovely built-in closets and a dresser.
Still, it's not enough closet space.
Can you tell that closet space is a big deal in San Francisco!

This house is pretty cute and I could just move right in, especially with the way it is staged.
Staging is a big deal in San Francisco.
It can literally make or break the buyer's impression of the home.

If this was an episode of HGTV's House Hunters, now would be the part where you guess which house the buyer chose.
Is it House Number 1 with the large living room?
House Number 2 with the two car garage?
Or House Number 3 with the beautiful backyard?
Which one would you choose?

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Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

House number 3 for me!

LauraC said...

Definitely number 3!

Sonia said...

Love # 3!

Lori E said...

It would seem to be unanimous #3 without a second thought.

Karol said...

I'd pick #3.

Scribbler said...

Number 3. Looks like I am not alone!

Donnamae said...

No question about it! #3!! It was the backyard that sold me! And I see that I am not alone! ;)

Sarah said...

It would definitely be #3 for me with that pretty open space off the dining room and that the windows look out to trees. I'm also fond of The Presidio area.
Real estate is strong here too, but limited inventory. I heard part of an interview this morning that made reference to the "missing" buyers, meaning the generation of young people that have moved back home with their parents. They commented that the cycle is not good for the economy if the trend continues. The housing market needs the entry level buyer to keep the system of buying up to a larger home in play. Otherwise all the baby boomers who have gradually upgraded aren't going to have a market for their homes when they re ready to sell. It's an interesting concept.

Patricia said...

I would go for #3 too - love the front of the house, as well as everything else !

Bonnie said...

Hi Delores...#3 is the one I would choose for you. Fits your style and has a garden.
In SJose next week. Come over.

Kathysue said...

Easy choice, #3!! Charming!!

Unknown said...

Well number 3 for sure... the secluded back yard . Seems like I am in good company :)

SALLY said...

I'd really like to know prices. We live in Texas and seems prices are much higher in California..

Susan said...

#3 has my vote!

Helen said...

Would have to be number three for me! Great post ....

laney said...

...we are all going to be so crowded in number three!

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

House #3 without a doubt!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

#3 is so ME! I love everything about it. This post is quite depressing for me and proves the old adage,"location, location, location". It took us over a YEAR to sell our house and we came DOWN very far from our original asking price. Sure wish our home had been in SF!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)Thanks for sharing these. Yes, I AM curious about the prices:):)

Art and Sand said...

I would go with #2 - close to cute shops and parking!

My daughter moved back to southern California after 10 years in SF. The move was to an incredible job, but she had trouble letting go of her rent controlled apartment on the corner of Union and Steiner. She debated subletting it in case she ever wanted to move back. Friends moved in and the landlord actually did not raise the rent - only $1500 a month for a wonderful 1 bedroom apartment.

She misses the city, but loves her new job and her 5 minute commute. She worked at IDEO and it took her 40 minutes by bus to get to work on one of the piers.

Alycia Nichols said...

Living in the Midwest, I'm used to TONS of closet space as well as loads of storage space. Having a functioning lower level in addition to the main level and top floor is a must for many here, too. These are all fabulous houses (except for that kitchen in #1 and the master bath in #2), and the staging in them is really, really cool. I'd definitely pick #3 because of the charming style, its proximity to restaurants and shopping, because it had TWO instead of just one closet in the master bedroom plus those cool built-in drawers, and the fact that you could access the deck from either the dining room or kitchen. Wonderful! Just wonderful!

We go on the Parade of Homes in both the Spring and Fall here every year. The offerings are all brand new houses that are up for sale. Some builders only have one or two houses on the tour while others have multiple. Many of the houses are professionally furnished which makes it super fun to get ideas since we have no intention of moving anytime soon. There is a range in pricing, but we always go for the middle-upper to upper priced ones just because it's fun to see how the "other half" lives!!! It's an addiction!

I'm glad you had a good time!

Unknown said...

I choose #3 for you, but green acres is the place for me. My guess is that all three homes fall into that "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" category. This was a fun post, thanks Delores.

Silvia said...

What a fun post!! I like them all but number 3 was my fave..:)

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Honestly have to say none. I lived in SF in 1968-69 and wouldn't want to live there again. My home town is Sonoma and I would rather be there than SF, but it was fun to see how people live there now.

Katherine said...

I like house number three - it seems more 'house' than home. Very cozy and inviting.

Unknown said...

I would choose #3 - it's staged so well and has a little color in it. Also much more personality from the street.

Mary said...

No. 3 to make in unanimous (I think). One or two looks like it was originally 1 units converted to one. No street appeal for me.
No. 3 is inviting and charmingly just the right size to actually live in - not just for entertaining others.

Mary in Oregon

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