Saturday, January 24, 2015

Apothecary Sinks

 Evoking both a vintage and contemporary aesthetic, apothecary sinks add charm to bathrooms with their open framework and marble top.

Equally at home in a powder room when storage isn't a must... 

...but also in a guest bath with a basket of towels underneath at the ready.

The options are endless with this style of sink.
The legs can be custom made in any width and style, but also in chrome, nickel or brass.

Glass cross bars are also an option, as well as glass legs.

I prefer chrome or polished nickel with a cross bar for towels.
I also prefer a lower shelf, preferably out of marble, but glass or metal shelving is also an option.

Pottery Barn sells the perfect apothecary sink for my needs.  
I love the marble sink with its custom look and the marble shelf, perfect for storing towels and products.

 Pottery Barn also offers the same sink as a double.
A nice option for a small master bathroom.

Restoration Hardware sells this industrial double apothecary sink for a new take on an old classic.

Another double sink alternative lets the beautiful marble take center stage.
This is definitely custom built.

In a master bath, two sinks side by side would be an option.

This side by side configuration sports porcelain sinks instead of marble.
I really like the shelf below.

For a custom sink, Palmer Industries is the best source.
They are the leading manufacturer of sink bases and can fabricate any size, shape or finish to accommodate any vanity top whether it be marble like above, granite or porcelain.

Imagine the possibilities for customizing your vanity!

The possibilities are endless!

Whether I end up using the Pottery Barn sink or have one custom made, I am definitely going with apothecary sinks in my downstairs guest baths.
In our powder room, I may go custom and create an apothecary sink like above.
As for the master bath, we have decided that we need cabinets to hide our stuff!

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Curtains in My Tree said...

For a quest bathroom or half bath those apothecary sinks are so pretty .
I agree in the master bathroom I need lots of cabinets to hid stuff.
Whatever you choose it will be perfect

The Tablescaper said...

Looks like you're having fun!

- Alma, The Tablescaper

Sarah said...

Beautiful examples! I have pedestal sinks in both guest baths, but prefer cabinet sinks. I love the look of taking a piece of furniture and repurposing it as a sink. Spied a bamboo desk that would have repurposed perfectly, but it had a sold tag on it. ;-(
Good luck with your decisions.

deb said...

Love the style (particularly the ones with the shelf), but I'll never, ever understanding the two sink phenomena - I really prefer to brush my teeth in the bathroom by myself!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I love this look...very crisp and clean and you are right about the contemporary/retro feel. So classic.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

PS. Also, notice how in the second photo they mixed polished nickel with brass lights? Looks great.

Maria C said...

I adore apothecary sinks, but alas, it's the age old dilemma: Where do you hide stuff? Even in a Powder Room, you need to store a variety of things out of sight. But I do love them, especially the bar in front to hang pretty hand towels - the real ones, with perhaps some embroidered monogram . . .

Kathysue said...

♥♥♥ them all! You can't go wrong. I like the one with the shelf, good opportunity to stack white fluffy towels and you know how I adore a stack of white fluffy towels!

Victoria said...

I chose apothecary sinks for each of my guest baths...Restoration Hardware. One has polished nickel legs and the other has glass legs. I have wide rectangular wicker baskets for "white fluffy" towel storage under each sink. These retro sinks serve the needs of small rooms while looking vintage chic. Have fun choosing yours.

Katherine said...

I've always loved these sinks and had wanted one for our powder room. We ended up with a pedestal sink (American Standard Toto Clayton).
In the master bath we put an old Queen Anne leg chest with marble on top and a sink dropped into it. An antique vitrine holds towels and pretty bath items.

It's nice having something different from the average cabinet.

sarah said...

I would love to know if you had one made. I have quartzite left over from my kitchen remodel, and a bathroom sink would be a great way to use it - I have been searching high and low for just the vanity for an apothecary sink.

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