Sunday, March 22, 2015

Out In The Yard

Guess who was chosen to pop-up at The Yard At Mission Rock, right across from the SF Giant's stadium?
That's right!  Les Méchantes!

You're probably wondering what The Yard At Mission Rock is.
It's a pop-up village featuring shopping, food trucks, a beer garden and just a general gathering spot, put together with repurposed shipping containers.

Les Méchantes will be there for six weeks, selling our own curated collection of SF Made brands, along with our own private label apparel, featuring caftans, capes, jewelry and tee-shirts.

So if you want to find me, you know where to look.
I'll be there seven days a week for next six weeks!
Come hang out at The Yard with us!

You can read more about Les Méchantes and The Yard here, here and here.

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Carol S. said...

Wow hope it goes fantastic. Those shirts and the classic Lennon poster are so sharp.

Leslie @ Segreto Secrets said...

This looks incredible! Wish I could shop these fun pop ups!!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

vignette design said...

Hi Leslie,
Heather came by Friday night! Unfortunately, I missed her! Would love for you to shop our pop-up!

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